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  1. The Crystallians shatter after a while and you can hit for a lot more damage, even if you are not using strike. You can visually see the damage. I assume Strike hastens the process.
  2. I think the switch of IP helps clean up the lore somewhat. Dark Souls was mysterious; the sequels felt the need to run with a lot of stuff that just made it more naff. Just filtering out the temptation of go back to something being a little piece of Manus or here is the lost God from DS1 or something similar is worthwhile in itself. I think From have done their best work from a blank page, even if the ideas are coming from the same well.
  3. I have a special bow that adds poison. It upgrades via somber path, so you need different stones. The only better regular bow I've seen so far is a composite bow, but it needed higher dex so stuck with the longbow. Merchant somewhere in the lakes for composite bow.
  4. The main upgrade path is just insane. It's possible to go through an entire mining dungeon and not get sufficient stones to upgrade the last jump. You can get entirely stuck on a level then jump about 4 because you'd been building stones are the wrong level. Worse, the buying of stones is gate locked behind a dungeons. A worthy reward but there's no guarantee you're going to get them or get them in the right order in an open world. And the game does not even subtly teach you. Then the somber weapons are right there, just going to +10 on one stone a level and the game warps you a few times allowing you to get stuff early. Or just power past on your horse. You could get massively overpowered in Dark Souls in about half an hour when you knew what you were doing. I expect it's the same here, rendering all this stuff pointless. DS was a lot more lenient on this - it had to be because of the armour upgrades. They've made it worse since by insisting on hating that'll be broken open anyway.
  5. Anyway, From have broken me a bit so I need to rework my playstyle a little. My limited FP was almost entirely used on barricade shield. I have a few miracles but primarily they were for cure poision or an estus conferring shield. I can't settle on a weapon art I like for my big ass sword. Sweeps almost always mean taking a trade which I dislike and some enemies appeared to be poise breaking me anyway. Warcry has a useful strength enhancement, but it screws the moveset a bit. I don't need the Earthquake one - Colossal Swords are good enough at clearing mobs quickly for zero FP cost thank you very much. Hoarfrost would have some use even after the mega nerf, but it messes the scaling.
  6. Change to another high dex weapon now they've reduced upgrade costs. The variation of weapons is the variation on combos. Alternatively you've the choice of dual welding katanas and exploring the weapon arts. Swap the bow out for a special one - I'm rocking the auto posion one at the minute. I was initially on a Zweihander but switched to a Troll Golden Sword as it has the original DS1 Zwei moveset - R1 horizontal sweep, R2 vertical slam. Suitable for all situations. But trying to keep the Zwei competitive in case I need range or the narrow poke for corridors and I have a few Somber weapons on the go for situational uses - Tree Sentinel Halberd for its holy damage, and the Spinning disc thing for bleed. I have also just found a big ass club which I am tempted to also upgrade for the strike damage if it is now cheap enough. The expense of some of this and the difficulty of getting some classes of stones is irritating as though, and From have made this same mistake of making it harder than need be to trial weapons in the last 3 games. Not got to the patch yet, hoping it really is better.
  7. I feel the servant girl warping me directly to Volcano Manor misled me somewhat as to their manifesto, which is much clearer if you take the trek up the mountain.
  8. In fairness to From, any time they add new damage types the balance tends to be off. Lightening damage was notably broken in early Dark Souls patches along with several weapons and the Dark Wood Grain ring allow flipping in full Havel's Armour. It's really nothing new. Was hoping I'd get another couple of weeks to get through the game though!
  9. Grass Crest Shield was 95% reduction. This is a significant nerf on that and enemies in this hit a lot, lot harder. To be honest my stamina bar is so big I'm not certain how much I need the buff. You'd get less ultra Greatsword swings for a full bar in DS1, and I can roll for days here.
  10. Belfast is in Ireland. The suggestion it isn't also causes political unrest. Is there another patron Saint for Northern Ireland I've missed here anyway? More puzzling was "Which if these Cathedrals are in the UK?"
  11. YouTube has been throwing me a lot of Discovery clips recently for some reason. So I watched one. Burnham emoting with someone clearly superior to her in the chain of command. People, I cannot stress this enough. Do not watch any Discovery in any form.
  12. They've nerfed damage output but he's apparently still a tank and will still spam equipped items. Survivability is probably the most important thing for a summon for me. Probably moves it to be being more in line with other Ashes. The biggest advantage for a Melee build is that it uses health rather than FP, unlike other strong summons.
  13. Well, time to dual weld Colossal Swords
  14. They also reduced smithing stone cost and drop rate. Anyways current death ratio 1% ran out of estus and took a hit 3% one shotted 8% tried to heal and took a hit 8% Crucible Knight 87% rolled, jumped, slipped turning my horse or otherwise went off a cliff.
  15. They nerfed Barricade Shield too. From, never change. They could do with tweaking the Colossal Swords a bit. They are all about stunlock, poise break and maximising your chances but they are exceedingly slow in this compar d to some very fast enemies. That leads to situations where you've read the move correctly but your response or even guard counter is too slow to hit before the enemy starts a new attack. Not another hit in a combo, a whole new attack string. Plus there is a bunch where your attack neither breaks poise nor has enough poise to tank the hit and trade. To be comparable to say DS, they need sped up a hair or have a touch more poise. Maybe they assume you'll rely on ashes to distract, which is certainly what I'm doing.
  16. Nerfing Mimic is a bit much. It's not available in PvP and it's not that good in comparison to other summons.
  17. Leg it past them and run straight to the ladder. A summons can distract if needed. The room is a death pit, particularly with melee. Whoever suggest Hoarfrost Stomp, take a bow. The implied level needed region it opens suggests the boss was not meant to be anywhere near that hard. The Crucible Knight was still a dick the second time around, even after I'd made sure it was just me vs him very quickly. Six stones for an upgrade remains unreasonable.
  18. That's late game. Mid game has always been a problem for Souls upgrades. A single +4 stones costs 3600 runes and that's a lot of grinding. For one weapon. Even late game if you want to trial multiple weapons, it's a lot of hassle. THe somber stones system is substantially less painful, but they wanted to have you upgrade your weapon nearly the whole game. They could have allowed a "respec" get your stones back with an item option. I don't think From's ever cracked this. Dark Souls was probably best - stones were relatively easy to get if you knew where to look, only "key" upgrades couldn't be done at a bonfire. They've made it variations of worse every time imo
  19. The loads of "proper dungeons" are not like Zelda dungeons. There's the odd very light puzzle, usually environmental. I think it's an apples to pears comparison.
  20. It was much easier in Dark Souls. There were several areas you could grind the necessary stones quickly, you could break down bigger stones to small ones and you didn't need something like 96 stones to get a max weapon. It is the games fault. First making it hugely time consuming a design choice. But From have dicked about with weapon upgrades systems and never got it right IMO. At least this is not Demon's million stone low percentage farming nightmare. But it's not balanced well gating difficulty vs allowing experimentation. A fully powered weapon takes about 100 stones and an insane number of souls. I don't know why they didn't just use the somber system for everything. The backup weapon I do have is a somber one. Anyway the point is "I think a mode where weapons broke like BOTW would be interesting and give a survival horror twist" is all I'm saying. Rather than just NG+ there's definite potential for remix modes that would change up the game significantly.
  21. I love love love twatting things with my Zweihander. Or my slightly too short troll sword that appears to have the DS1 Colossal Sword moveset. First time through, why wouldn't I play with the way that makes me happiest? This game is literally too large for me to do twice. I did a few variations in DS1 and DS2 but I just don't have the time anymore. The game has to design it in if it's wants me to do it. And I've just had to spend a few hours farming to get my new giant sword up to be a usable option at this point in the game. I'm not doing it again for several different options. From just haven't designed even trialling new weapons to be easy.
  22. Genuinely, yes. I am shocked From have never done it. Earlier games had weapon degradation but it was a nuisance and not a factor. I'm now on my fourth? fifth? game with a big ole sword the size of me smashing away. I would benefit from being pushed outside of my comfort zone. All Souls games are falling down with weapons of all sorts. At a minimum, it'd be a very interesting remix mode.
  23. There's nothing the size of Stormveil in other Zelda games either and a traditional dungeon of that size would not be fun either. My point is that the Divine Beast weren't because Nintendo could have had traditional dungeons built into the world. They'll probably do it for BOTW2. It was a design choice. Zelda has always been a mix of open exploration and structured gameplay right from the very first one. Souls does not have the same sort of puzzle gameplay. There's a little light puzzling but nothing on the scale. That has knock on consequences for the design of the game. BOTW is already massive and would not be improved by trebling the size of the map.
  24. I looked up what the armour values mean. It's a straight percentage reduction of damage. The game calculates the damage, then reduces it by the armour value percentage. So it's not insignificant. Total up all your heavy armour and you'll probably get maybe a 30% reduction, early game at least. However the difference from medium armour is only going to be maybe 10%. There are other benefits like poise. You'll need both. I've never upped health much since my first DS run. But I've had to here. Too many one shots post the Academy. However knight still needs high END and you can sacrifice some health for it.
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