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  1. Episode 5 Overall, quite fun and the fuss is overblown. But I'd like more He man in the second half
  2. Episode 3 Think Evil Lyn is probably the MVP so far.
  3. I agree but sometimes people just need to get over their initial annoyance / disappointment to assess something fairly. The broad arc of this would have worked as well for Adam as for Teela though - split sword, disillusionment, voyage of self discovery etc. I wonder if people would have been clamouring for He Man as much if the focus was there. Also to whoever said Evil Lyn is off- pretty sure it's Lena Headley here and she's great.
  4. @yakumo all criticism is ultimately subjective and art is influenced by the real world. People see what they want to see. I don't think that's the issue with the Critical Drinker. It's that he is frequently talking bollocks and hitting all the annoying right wing talking points in between more interesting stuff.
  5. I didn't really get that, but accept maybe it's what they are going for. Or maybe she felt it was another lie as that was her initial beef. But I don't think it really played right. Even the initial outburst Just didn't quite scan for me. But as a storytelling device, it's extremely efficient.
  6. Two Tuvix's doesn't escape the moral dilemma. Imagine the baby has a twin so you murder it instead.
  7. Fable hasn't popped for me either. Also is it just me, or is there a load of weird lag in the game?
  8. Both reactions felt a bit mechanical to move people around the board more than anything, but it's not something that hasn't been used 100 times before. I had more of an issue with the some the reactions in episode 2 in comparison to the stakes, which is a literal universe ending threat. When the stakes are that high, it makes the characters seem petty if they start refusing for any reason. I really wish they'd lower the stakes for these things.
  9. Well you ever just fuck off "Based on what has been reported, which seems accurate from what people have said on this very fucking forum, can see why people would be disappointed there's not enough He Man. But I'll watch and see." Is that suitably caveated enough where I can drop a minor opinion on a 80s cartoon on a bloody video game forum. Jesus Christ.
  10. I read it as "that's not the original show". In context - people arguing the franchise is Masters of the Universe and that the show has other main characters to which I pointed out that the original show was focused on He Man from the title. I just assumed you were telling me I was wrong on that and was perfectly happy to accept I was. Natural language is ambiguous and people make mistakes. I'm not sure that post helps, really. Anyway, I very much enjoyed He Man and Skeletor hamming it up in the first episode, but I don't think 10 episodes of it would hold up. So I can see why they need an arc. I don't really want to spend any more time arguing this, really all I've said is "I can see why people are disappointed there isn't more He Man in it".
  11. Seriously? I have really clear memories of an announcer going "He-Man and the Masters of the Univerrrrse". Every day and all. People are pretty literal. They don't want a show about He Man, they want one with He Man in for their nostalgia fest. It's perfectly possible to do a good story with that. Review bombing or whatever other nonsense - like honestly, are you still 8 - but it's okay to just want a show with He Man in it.
  12. The original show was called He Man and the Masters of the Universe. Its okay for people to be disappointed when He Man isn't in it much. Oh give over. I've no issue with characters being unlikeable but people complain about it all the time regardless of show or gender. From the two I've seen, some of it doesn't work because they set the stakes too high.
  13. Watched the first two. The first one was fun, mostly would like more Hamil hamming it up. Second one was alright, though while Triclops appearance was fun his dialogue was, ugh. However Also:
  14. So he's far more interesting when he's doing things like "Here's how I would fix that script" or "Here is a film I really like", though they still have bullshit in them. The former - yes I am interested in how someone who writes stories for a living might restructure a film he dislikes. Even if at the end of it I still think meh. I am can't get very far down the rabbit hole, because once it gets too ranty I get bored and tend to go and watch something more interesting, like comparisons of 8-bit conversion of arcade games or something.
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