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  1. Nah he was a bit shit looking. One thing the movie did absolutely spot on. Also nerdily irritated by This doesn't speak to the quality of the show at all, just my OCD.
  2. If VR hits critical mass, MS will license or buy a suitable PC technology. That's where most of the VR development is and given their current strategy is to allow play on multiple devices, makes perfect sense. They'd be able to roll it out quickly if needed. I think it's several iterations off something truly mass market though.
  3. Mostly enjoyed this season but the pace was absolutely turbo charged in comparison with the previous seasons. That meant some weird pacing for some sections and some weird needs to move people about quick, but when it worked it was very good. I liked
  4. I wanted something with an 8-bit arcade feel, and lo! I have managed it. Because it's a bit shit and grossly unfajr DigDown 5GF-16K-TBG
  5. Maybe I'm being charitable, but my reading of that was it was more about magical power. Felurian seemed more like a force of nature, her magic based on instinct; the initial encounter at least more about Kvothe's innate potential. I found the next thing he picked up more annoying. Seems like there's way too much left to happen in one more ook though, and I'll not be surprised if there's some annoying twist that cuts out half the story.
  6. I can't wait for the gender flipped Granny Weatherwax. Vetinari sort of eludes to Italian City States, Roman Emperors and Machiavelli. Sure you can make a female version and make have the same characteristics, but you are somewhat missing the point. I was going to say I dislike gender swapping characters, but that's not true. I thought Starbuck in BSG was great. But I didn't really care about the original. Partly it's just immensely hard letting go of the character in your head you've had for an age. But part of it is I think it works best when you are constructing a significantly different thing than what went before. But I don't want that. I'd just like a good, straight adaption of the books.
  7. Apparently Showtime has passed on this: https://www.tor.com/2019/09/16/showtime-is-no-longer-developing-the-kingkiller-chronicle-tv-show/ You'd assume with Miranda backing it some streaming platform will pick it up. Read the books recently, this seems to be the only thread for duscussion. As annoying as Kvothe being a bit too good at a few too many things is, I think people are maybe a little too hard here. Kvothe, despite repeated assertions he's telling the truth, is an unreliable narrator. And we're not yet sure what sting will be in book 3. He also has a key overriding flaw; most of the tension I had when reading was derived from the sense of foreboding that he was going to do something really fucking stupid, probably out of anger. I think that was probably deliberate on the part of the author. I think the thing that irritated me most that he had to keep finding ways to make him poor despite having about five different ways of making a lot of money. Preferred the Brendan Sanderson's books on my recent mini fantasy binge, but will definitely read the third one if it ever turns up.
  8. After a run of making levels that ha e 0%-15% clear rates (though on fairly small samples) , I tried to make a level that it was really hard to die in, a single gap as a bonus challenge for a 50 coin, Koopa Troopas only, multiple power ups about. 26% clear rate. I think I've been watching too many videos of Kaizo levels.
  9. kensei

    Unable to kill

    There's a bit at the end of Knights of the Old Republic (can't remember 1 or 2, both maybe? ) where But general plebs, not so much. Haven't really played any realistic shooters for about ten years, though.
  10. Or, cheating. If true, they should be stripped of their titles.
  11. This is the fundamental problem with every Terminator since T2.
  12. Carbonite almost makes sense. Boba Fett capturing Han Solo would be a famous bounty. The bit where I think it falls over is - carbomite freezing facilities aren't just going to be about everywhere, unless there are now shop dealers offering them as standard.
  13. I present to thee: Brexit, the Level JK7-FSR-DLF
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