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  1. DJ suggests the same people makes weapons for both sides, which was stupid and not how the military industrial complex works. Yoda knew she had taken the books before he burned it and thus like everything else in the film was completely fucking pointless and too clever by half. You get the whole film's problems in that moment.
  2. As with women's rugby, I have a pretty hard time when teams that are professional or essentially professional absolutely trash amateur teams with a tiny fraction of the resources and then get lauded for it. This occasionally happens in men's football, but the global nature of the game means players earn a living all over, the number of absolute mismatches is limited and there's a reasonable case it produces money that supports football in those countries. That doesn't apply to the women's game, and it absolutely hurts it. How it ended up here is a sunk cost, it needs to develop the entire game. It's only going to do that by generating meaningful matches between competitive teams because there's no point pretending it's anywhere near the level of the top of the men's game. Most of the men's game isn't anywhere near the level of the top of the men's game. It needs some sort of long term planning and better distribution of funds. What we will get is the same as the men's game: endless concentration on a small number of countries and clubs.
  3. After watching for the full 90 for a long time, we need Bamford back quick and hopefully that's enough. We are completely lacking the edge we had last season and Palace looked dangerous on the break. Draw would have been fair, but that's a massive three points. Absolute 100% penalty though, what on Earth was the defender thinking?
  4. Hamill is the nicest man on the internet. I have no doubt the regrets saying anything that might have hurt Rian Johnson. But his feelings the time were obvious. And once again the only options were not "what had been done before" and "what we got in The Last Jedi". People really do not appreciate "Galaxy" scale. In fairness, Star Wars does not appreciate Galaxy scale. If you add up all the Jedi and Sith seen on screen, even those in the background and all the force users who are not Jedi or Sith, it would be a fraction of a fraction of a percent of the Earth's population. On a Galactic scale it's zero. Also it's never been a male thing since at least Return of the Jedi. Prequel era had a ton of female Jedi, including a key and well loved character in the main TV series. Bizarre point. Anyway, The Last Jedi was bad on its own terms. Tarkin was not a figure of fun. The Empire was oppressive and scary. Yet the Last Jedi decides to undercut it's replace with incredibly misplaced humour. Canto Blight is boring and dire. It ultimately pulls every punch. A brave film ends with Rey taking Kylo's hand at the end. Who is Obi Wan's da? This was a point that was never a thing. Ironically it pushed TROS to do this even worse after the backlash.
  5. Wii Sports was an amazing slice of hand. I had lots of great times with it. Even just cutting grass by waving the controller in Zelda. It's just so nice and tactile. But this attitude is why we can't have nice things.
  6. Oh god, it is just a shit version of 33. I'll never be able to see it as anything else.
  7. It was very, very clear Hamill did not agree with any of the character choices made in TLJ. He's a pro though and his performance is one of the better things about the film. Regardless of what a few film podcasts say, just saying "The Last Jedi" remains a remarkably fast way to start an argument. Like it less the more I think about it. But would have been very interested in a Rian Johnson trilogy divorced from anyone else's movies.
  8. They could just unblock community emulators from the store.
  9. I think the withering of motion controls has been a loss. What's left are good things like gyro controls and the odd motion controlled Switch game, but overall it's went backwards. The Wii implementation and its imitators had limitations and was overused in the wrong places but when it worked it was magical. I think eventually someone will circle back for a V2 and V3 and it'll work for a lot more games. It might pair well with VR too. I think the last gen was the worst one of all. It merely continued and refined the previous generations games and they weren't always better. Hoping more form this one - the massive reduction in loading times certainly helps.
  10. I really didn't get on with this and preferred part one. I was not expecting that at all. Additionally if you are gonna MVP was Also I don't think He Man ever picked someone up by the legs and spun they round and round before throwing him once which has to take several points off this.
  11. I think it wasn't helped by the fact I'd just changed classes and that impact my skills and gear so the battles took a bit longer than normal. But it just seemed to never end. The dungeons bits are an okay change of pace but you already get a lot of battles just wandering amount the map. The early shorter ones were much better.
  12. This is my first Yakuza and it's a weird, weird game. However it's weirdest choice appears to be a completely momentum sapping sewer crawl. It's like they wanted to make Persona, but shit.
  13. Well you could read it that way, or you could read as Miyamoto's view 13 years ago. Nintendo may not internally develop mature rated games, but they occasionally publish them - Bayonetta 2 springs immediately to mind. Given Nintendo produced Breath of The Wild after never producing a single open world game ever, I'm pretty confident they could produce a rather good M rated game if they put their mind to it. And given the issue with Sega's content is less the presentation and story elements but the fundamental game mechanics I think it's obvious where Nintendo could apply their skills. All hypothetical, obviously. But I think a Nintendo stuck in a N64 or Wii U like rut would have a lot more breadth of they'd Sega's IP to mine.
  14. That says why Miyamoto isn't a good pairing. However it also says that other designers in Nintendo might be. Also that's 2008. Nintendo have changed since, and there's a new generation of designers. Splatoon is not a million miles away from a Sega aesthetic, for example.
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