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  1. The Romulan Star Empire is massive. Fair enough they lost their home system and capital to a Supernova which would be disruptive, but that shouldnt have precipated a general collapse. You'd imagine the scheming Romulan would have plans for similar scenarios. There'd need to be a combination of factors to get there - internal unrest (possible given previous events seen in TNG), external threats (fair enough, we don't know what is happening at their far borders, and the Dominion War would have had an effect) and the Supernova. Perhaps there is a interesting story there. But the show is completely schizophrenic as to their portrayal.
  2. The PS5 won't overturn a 20% TFLOPS difference because of higher clocks, but it will make a difference that probably gives you a bit back. It all depends on workload. Against that, the fact it will throttle matters too. More testing needed if you want a smooth experience. It's not just the speed of the SSD either, they've seem to have spent a fairly insane amount of their engineering budget to ensure there are no bottlenecks. They suggested that it might free up more system memory as less needs to be stored there and that seemed plausible. Games can also lose frames due to I/O blocks. Maybe it let's you be a bit freer in world design, but if so it's more like to be seen in exclusives. Seems very likely that Xbox will have the tippet toppest frame rates and resolutions. No one should kid themselves on that. But it's a little more complicated than Xbox One vs PS4. Those were very similar machines. These appear to have differing design philosophies. So there'll probably be a bit more variation in and between games. Digital Foundry might have a bit more to do.
  3. Mobile Internet was the only viable option the last time I renewed. About 20MB with a hard limit of 750GB a month. Could be worse but large updates break my heart.
  4. My guess is that is the I/O is really that seamless, there'll be indie games that will build around some sort of fast asset change gimmick as well as the big budget ones. I'd prize zero loading times over another 5FPS and better resolution though. Though my real prize is not have to wait an hour with system and game downloads when I boot something up. This gen is appalling and my broadband is shit.
  5. Th Switch happened, shed loads of people don't care if you half the franerate and drop the resolution to a quarter. From that, my best guess is : Xbox titles will look better in a Pro vs One X and win all the Digital Foundry comparisons but I don't know how much people will care. The only caveat is if the Xbox ray tracing solution is a lot better, you might get something more noticeable. However if the SSD really a couple of times faster (or even an order of magnitude faster) than the Xbox version the PS5 will be a more pleasant experience with regards loading and update and will have some titles the Xbox just can't do. People always underestimate the importance of I/O on performance but with some workloads it's the dominating factor. There'll be games built around how fast you can stream stuff.
  6. No, it's meaningless. To quote Nintendo on the N64 Looking back, Takeda said "When we made Nintendo 64, we thought it was logical that if you want to make advanced games, it becomes technically more difficult. We were wrong. We now understand it's the cruising speed that matters, not the momentary flash of peak power". There have been so many theoritically powerful consoles that have been somewhat hamstrung by flaws - PS3 was another. Hell, even the SNES had an inexplicably weak CPU. Thing is, looks like MS have a really balanced machine. Sony would have to being doing something architecturally interesting for Amdhal's Law (or the Universal Law of Computational Scalability) to really matter. But everything announced is the same sort of parts. So I'd be sceptical.
  7. Ecclestone is the best regen of the new series by miles. About 2 minutes at the end finished with "Rose, before I go, you were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And do you know what... So was I!" Perfect tone. All the rest have been various levels of overwrought with the need for a big speech because a regen is now An Event.
  8. @Mr Ben It's going to be so, so much worse than that.
  9. The season with Pearl was his third. I liked that one, but I think I prefer Capaldi's actual second season with all the two parters. There's no stories I think are particularly weak, unlike most series. Except maybe Hell Bent. Tennant looks insanely young in his first series. But what got me was Day of The Doctor was 7 years ago.
  10. Season 5 is the only one that really nails Moffat's version of Doctor Who as a "dark fairy tale". Both parts of the finale are great, IMO.
  11. The Pandorica Opens / The Big Bang was a two part series finale This is the same thing comic books suffer with. Nothing matters. And if nothing matters, why should anyone care? The problem is too much Sci Fi is addicted to the big reveal that upends the table. They want the Empire Strikes Back or Planet of the Apes moment. But those have diminishing returns. And the problem with recons, rather than remakes, is that recontextualises everything before. It's hard to forget stuff. Anyway, I don't think you can ignore this one, especially after a series or two of Chibnall doubling down.
  12. The NAs and EDAs had some good stories and a lot of really, really bad ideas. RTD rightly did not go near any of that when he did the reboot.
  13. Oh God I just saw Michael Burnham as a Doctor with Tilly as a companion. Why bother with any continuity or structure. Let's just have a series of 12 completely unrelated stories with completely unrelated characters. Hell, fuck it, why not apply this to actual episodes. We can just change everything completely from scene to scene. It'd be avant garde. Done right, "lore" or wider continuity builds your world and provides the foundations of your stories. Respecting stuff that happens before and the rules of the world is what gives your stories verisimilitude and impact. Changing it shouldn't be impossible, but you should be fucking careful with it. And basically every Sci Fi series I've watched recently just does not give a fuck. This is comic book levels of shit. This is Star Trek: Discovery levels of shit. The best thing is that Moffat had cleaned more or less all this shit up and left a relatively clean slate. The Doctor could have just been a wanderer for a while again.
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