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  1. Allow me to come a different angle. If you go back in the thread, you'll see me saying things almost word for word you are. This is the absolute hardest bit of the game because of the nature of the arenas, the type of bosses and the amount of health and power you've got. Genuinely gets easier. Make sure you are always getting the jump on minibosses to take out the first health bar. Sometimes you can aggro them and come back if you can't do it right away. Doing two is madness. You can use the prosthetic very effectively to make things easier, particularly for the minibosses. I took out the Purple Ninja and the resovoir general with judicious use of Oil and the flame barrel. Don't just use the prosthetic either - pellets, sugars, ash et al all help. If you can't parry (though note sometimes mashing parrying is a half decent tactic as you'll get a few), block. That sword is better than a DS heavy shield. You can still find openings. You can always chip bosses out. This is typically much much longer than getting in their face, but it's perfectly viable for many bosses. Don't be afraid to run away if you are under pressure, sometimes distances means the bosses only do a subset of their moves, which can be helpful. Unfortunately I think the next two bosses you do are the least likely to fall to this strategy. Though I'd zero upgrades doing LB, which didn't help. Waterfall strike or whatever you call it is a great option for short openings. Fast and you get two strikes instead of one. I always found strats for bosses on YouTube rather than working them out myself. It'd have been a million goes otherwise. But seriously, through this next section it gets easier. You get ninjitsu and more prosthetics and upgrades to them. You'll start to fill your skill tree. You get more health and power, and while the enemies get more powerful to keep pace, its neat never as bad as it is now. There are some great areas and bosses ahead. If I could beat this game as useless as I am, you can too.
  2. There are at least 2 other GoT shows being pitched. I think there were 5 at one point. A sequel is still possible. I get the point about prequels but this is so far in the past I think it is much less of an issue. The Seven Kingdoms don't exist. The Wall doesn't exist until the very end. Valyria doesn't exist. Some of the Houses exist but the people there are literally mythic figures. The Children of the Forest were key players. The actual Long Night in the stories is meant to have lasted a generation, and impacted everywhere. Baddies win for a bit. That's an okay premise. Most stories end with the good guys winning and the baddies pushed back, so knowing that is no great shakes. They might balls it - epic Zombie Horde runs amok for years until desparate alliance pushed them back sounds really expensive. But I don't think it's automatically bad, and I'm just looking forward to it as ankther big fantasy story.
  3. This utterly breaks the game. There's videos on YouTube where people have no limits on Spirit Emblems. You can spam Phantom Kunais to take anyone out. It's not the only prosethic that can be abused that way either, plus it gives you infinite mortal blade, puppets and sugars. Most prosthetics are situationally useful. Sabimuru makes very tricky sections in Fountainhead Palace a cakewalk, for example. I think that's deliberate, though I'm not sure it works. The firecrackers and the umbrella are almost always useful, and a giant crutch if you aren't gonna git gud. The latter in particular is incredibly powerful when combined with Projected Force. What you probably want is more prosethics to be more generally useful, so you can come up with different tactics.
  4. kensei

    Which Dark Souls?

    Sekiro really suffered from a lack of this.
  5. kensei

    Which Dark Souls?

    People keep saying this, but as per up thread, I really disagree. Post Anor Londo you have Dukes Archives, Tomb of the Giants, New Londo and Lost Izalith. Of those, only really Lost Izalith is a bit crap, and even then one of the more interesting quest lines goes there. Duke's is both one of the prettier and more unsettling bits of the game, and Tomb of Giants gimmick makes it oppressive. New Londo has the Dark Wraiths, fun and challenging to fight, though the run to it is annoying. All the bits are good for lore if you are into it. And by now we can consider the DLC as part of the game in the round - it's hard to buy it without it now - and it is truly excellent, right from stepping in the portal. Ultra aggressive bosses weren't overused at the time too, and it had even more impact. TL;DR Dark Souls is the game of forever.
  6. kensei

    Which Dark Souls?

    Demons is good, and I think if anything the lore of that one might edge even Dark Souls, but it's unrefined in comparison, is even more esoteric - Jesus the upgrade paths - there's still no option other than a PS3 to play it. Plus the servers are down. It is an excellent game.though and has peaks to match nearly anything else in the series. I've a soft spot for DS2, despite it being a mess. I racked 100s of hours on it, at least as many as DS ducking about. The DLC is excellent too. But nothing beats the original DS. Even subsequent game has highlighted how well put together that world is, just a perfectly linked little model, which constantly throws up little secrets and hidden depth. No.other From.game, not even Bloodborne gets near it. They all essentially go for a spike and wheel arrangement in comparison. I can see why From simplified the world traversal. But the back and from, intimately knowing areas is what absolutely makes Dark Souls.
  7. Stage 3? You're so vlose - again I'd recommend Tyrannicons guide. You just abuse the umbrella and projected force. I recommend the Purple one for the added divine confetti. Make sure sure you've Ceremonial Tanto'd and healed before the fight, but you can still create an opening for both if needed. Sugars might help too. Put distance between you and him. He'll do one of two things 1. Run toward you and fire his gun. Release the umbrella trigger projected force on the four shot. Hell walk into it. 2. Run toward you and do a jump attack with the spear, follow up with gunshots then another jump attack. Absorb the first two, move left on the last the release. Run away and repeat. Works for stages 3 and 4. Camera can screw you, still a little tricky, but orders of magnitude easier than a lot of hard reads.
  8. kensei

    Which Dark Souls?

    Dark Souls. It has by far the best out together world, characters and lore. Ignore people saying DS3, they are wrong.
  9. Medium-long distance. He has massive tell for one of his attacks This is your cue to run toward him. Hit twice, firecracker, hit five times. Watch for him falling on you. Run away. Repeat. Tyrannicon has a video on YouTube if you need to see the distance.
  10. I would like this game to include Darknuts, which should be Lynel level hard.
  11. I doubt they'd catch the lightening in the bottle twice. They'd have to make a Dark Souls to BOTW's Demons Souls. Its more likely to be Dark Souls 2 (or even 3, which for all is brilliance isn't as good as the original). I'd much rather see them mix it up and try to capture a bit more shock of the new. It's like the EAD Tokyo - whatever they do will be brilliant.
  12. SD3... isn't that good. Absolutely beautiful, but the branching stories are themselves pretty linear, mostly dungeon crawling and the combat is balls compared to Secret of Mana. Basically every boss turns into a straight DPS race - there's not a lot of strategy. It has some decent ideas and I'm hoping Trials of Mana actually fixes it.
  13. Trick with Guardian Ape is to stay at medium distance and punish his long range attacks. If he jumps at you, run towards and underneath him and get several hits in. Dodge his jumping grab by circling and get a couple more in. Watch out for the opportunity to grapple in and get a few hits there too. Keep moving. Phase 2 pay his 3 hit combi - if you can do the flurry too good luck to you, then when he's prone use the spear -double tap. Repeat.I Will take longer but much easier than going to to toe.
  14. There is zero chance that is legal and any attempt to essentially pressure someone out after will run straight into a constructive dismissal suit. There is (was? ) also the EU working time directive, which they can't force you to waive and European courts would beat the shit out of any company proven of trying. Also, the capacity for your developers to utterly fuck you - if not this time, at the time of maximum damage if you abuse them is pretty unparalleled if you let yourself get single point sensitive. They are relying on people not being prepared to deal with the stress and hassle, and of course there are a bunch of ways you can career limit people that are easier to avoid legal trouble with. But someone will eventually take them on and win.
  15. Ignoring the debate on the quality / suitability of Animal Crossing, have you followed Nintendo much, yourself?
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