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  1. Surely the defense is as much of a problem? We are constantly being picked off and conceding on the tiny number of chances other teams get. I'm pretty sure there have been cases where teams have scored their nly shot on goal. If we do go up, we're gonna need new players at both ends.
  2. Birds of Prey was just a pretty boring film, despite some very decent actors in it. You can see what they were going for, but it just seemed flat when it needed to be a bit manic.
  3. Someone is going to make "New: Goldeneye" at some point and absolutely smash up the sales charts. Halo came out and the model died a death but they are completely different styles of games.
  4. Ah not Ellis. Planetary is such a great piece of work it needs to be left untainted. Edit: that's a shit first reaction. Hopefully the women involved get the justice they've been denied to this point.
  5. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    I was just about to post I would like a Direct. Stuff like Pokemon Snap and Paper Mario coming out in dribs and drabs is an anti climax.
  6. I don't believe they did those things to male it more accessible. I think they did them to show how they could still produce bastard level difficulty with them. Sekiro is the most unforgiving and uncompromising modern From game by a distance.
  7. I use the back route a lot too. But the drakes are a ballache even into late game. I've never settled on which is actually the best way to go.
  8. I think the game just becomes too big at that point to keep it all hanging together. The run from Fire link to New Londo without a bonfire is tedious enough. You can warp to limited spots too, which helps force you to learn areas. Didn't the later games essentially let you do any bonfire, as well?
  9. The final third of Dark Souls does dip, but it gets a far worse wrap than it needs. Given how the map is designed and how it expands, warping is absolutely the right choice at that point. The game manages to remain oppressive right to the end. The Tomb of the Giants might be an arse, but the smothering darkness and giant skeletons can still panic you. The Archives is pretty and has interesting lore, and while the Crystal Caves don't work, they are very short. New Londo is another area that gets at you, with no bonfires and Darkwraithes that can be a proper handful the first time through. Only Lost Izalith feels really unfinished. You've two great bosses in the Four Kings and Seath, too. I'm 180 on it. The other games DLC often feel like they are tacked on, no matter how good they are. AoTC feels like an organic extension of the game; it rewards investment in the main game and ups the ante even when you thought that wasn't possible. I find it more satisfying as a result.
  10. Oh God, no! By the time the DLC came out, you'd rinsed DS to death. So you think: this is going to be a cakewalk. And you go into the warp and straight into a level of aggression on a boss you've never seen before. You maybe don't get the impact if you've played later games first, but it was fucking amazing. And if you go back to that area later... Then there is the fact you finally get to see and fight Artorias, save Sif (and that callback ) and the cool way you are actually working your way through Dark root backwards. It's magnificent and it's more rewarding if you've sunk a month of your life into DS. The answer is DS1. The world building in Bloodborne comes close, but nothing has matched the world structure. I got stuck in DS3 for half an hour because I couldn't figure out the game expected you to warp from an early bonfire. Its like From aren't clear what made DS so brilliant. Nothing tots up in the same way. That's even after doing Demon's first , which is a brilliant game in its own right, but definitely a V1 gameplay wise..
  11. The thing stopping me from getting this is it's making me wonder if there is a Switch port (and potentially other consoles) incoming.
  12. Aaaand done. This really feels like a prototype of Persona 5. It lacks the polish of that game, though I was relieved it was a mere 40 hours including side stories. Story was silly and filled with anime archetypes, but no worse for it. The battle system is fun, but feels like it needs some further tweaks to really nail it. It's essentially a Persona battle system, but the focus is on changing attacks via sessions to the point that anything else is almost useful given the HP most enemies have. Which winds up making a lot of stuff redundant; even Megidoloan is under powered in comparison to a max chain. And then things like Mamori's shield skills become a liability, because she'll jump I front of attacks she's weak to and its easy to get wiped out in that scenario. When it clicks its great though. Fire Emblem stuff is lightly handled but amazing how seamlessly they can fit - if you'd no clue FE existed, the plot would still come off like a standard anime / JRPG. Shame it probably hasn't sold enough to get a sequel, it would take much to really nail down the formula.
  13. Playing this, enjoying this. Not quite Persona 5 good, but a fun enough spin on the Persona formula. Except... What the fuck kind of monster creates a game that does not autosave these days, especially one where even normal random encounters can risk your death in two turns. Caught twice by this and its exceedingly annoying. A properly run button would be nice too. I really miss it after P5 as just scooting about as Joker has a feel nice feel to it. This is a bit stiff.
  14. It wasn't just the jump in graphics in the arcades, it was the choice. SNES or MD games were expensive - you only maybe got a few a year, maybe you played through more with your friends. But you walked into the arcade and there were 50, 100 games to choose from, probably ranging from 8 but graphics to full 3D. There was also magic in watch some people - free too. I remember in a campsite on holiday watching someone do Wardner front to back. Must have cost a fortune to get that good. Or watching someone knock out all comers in Street Fighter or MKII. No YouTube, No Evo. That dude was probably the best you'd ever see. MAME gives a healthy dose of retrospect on exactly how shitty a lot of arcade games where. But when it was good, it was very very good, and it was axing at the time.
  15. Early N64, which is weird as early 3d hasn't t aged particularly well. But I remember Game having Mario 64 on a big screen before the N64 game out and being blown away, particularly when Metal Mario. I genuinely thought games couldn't look better than Lylat Wars (as twas then) when it came out. It was slike being in a Sci Fi movie. And the rumble! There's been graphics that's impressed me since, but nothing quite like that leap.
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