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  1. UEFA need to make good on their threat. If they've any sense the Premier League and FA will discipline the clubs. The whole premise relies on everyone else sucking it up. This risks being politicised too. Apropos of nothing: Super League? Fucking Arsenal?
  2. Love Earthbound. Could not get on with Undertale at all. Like the conceit of the battles but just didn't click with me.
  3. Away kit needs to be an offensive shade of yellow.
  4. 90+4 mins: Leeds United have had two shots. Manchester City have had 29. The thing that most delights me is I'd absolutely hate to be on the other end of that and would be raging for a day.
  5. James McCkean posted an Instagram picture of himself smiling in an Ireland top, after Michael O'Neil criticised him getting injured on Ireland duty. A significant section of twitter going mental for it being some slight to Prince Philip. He lives completely rent free in some people's heads.
  6. My point us: Celeste makes it clear what the intended difficulty is and Fallen Order doesn't. I didn't say I didn't like the story is Celeste. I said it was slight. It's not the same type of story driven experience Fallen Order is. Had the option not been on Fallen Order, I'd have knocked the additional hour or two in to finish it in any case. I think there's just a fundamental philosophical difference here that neither side really gets the other. I am fine with a mountain being there even if I can't climb it.
  7. Artorias is one of those fights that feels incredibly pressured the first few goes. But after you learn to read it Artorias almost seems slow because the openings are obvious. Pretty sure I never beat Manus without help, though did whack Kalmeet in the bum on my own.
  8. I thought Celeste was a game that out stayed its welcome in a number of axis. I know that fits with the themes of the game, but it was a few levels too long and it had boss sections where I literally said "What, more? Fuck off" out loud. I enjoyed the prototype hidden on it more. But I got through the main quest. At no point did I ever consider using the assist features. The game makes very clear the default difficulty is intended, design difficulty. People go wild over the story, but it's slight and the focus is on the platforming. What's the point in tuning it down? You are dest
  9. Well, at least we avoided defeat and we've only another 8 games until we turn it around.
  10. I have been playing games continuously since the Commodore 64. I can remember 2D machines slowing down or flickering because they hit their sprite limit. I played and loved N64 games that occasionally hit single digit framerates. As such, I have a wide tolerance for this stuff. I'd not really fancy going back to the worst of the N64 particularly on modern TVs but while I can notice framerates it just doesn't bother me. Stutters or poor frame pacing can be annoying but I played through the Hyrule Warriors demo and Sekiro and didn't really care. Second, games have a fee
  11. N64 Perfect Dark is running at somewhere between 8 and 15 FPS most of the time so we're not exactly talking about a 30/60 difference here. Not that I'd recommend playing it any other way, but the Xbox version is far too twitchy. I don't think they corrected for the slowness of the N64 or the different dead zones on the pad. One of the guys from Factor 5 reckoned they could managed PD on the N64 at significantly higher framerates and that's performance is in good part due to it being a modified Goldeneye engine.
  12. Also the argument about playing resources only goes so far. NI have even more scant resources than us, but they pulled players where they could and fashioned a system around them. There's no talk of playing like Pep. Irish managers have tended to be fairly sniffy about Scottish Premiership players, but NI have made good use of those playing the SPL. The job of the first team manager needs to be qualification. That drives income for the association to reinvest and it generates moments that inspire the next generation and engages the country. Beating Italy in the Euros does that. Pl
  13. @Fry Crayola McClean is not part of the diaspora and would be apocalyptic at even the hint of the suggestion. The domestic league is only part of it but to grow it needs facilities and for facilities you need money and growth so it's a bit of catch 22. An All Ireland league might help a little, or even better in the longer term a Hiberno-Scots or Celtic one. It's needs some serious joined up thinking and it's not just Delaney and the FAI - there's a lot of politicking in the Schoolboy FAI and right down the club culture in the country. The FAI also need to be encoura
  14. We are on a horrendous run - you don't be unlucky that long. I am as for anyone rebuilding Irish soccer to play decent football as anyone. But it needs a long term plan from underage up and taking in the domestic league. Kenny is a media driven fix. We've had a succession of them, usually players that are the magic answer to being shit. It's all nonsense.
  15. He's got to go. And an apology is owed to Mick McCarthy.
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