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  1. People have said F-Zero ready, but F-Zero. Dropping the last racer is the obvious one, but I think you could potentially do it better with the health / boost bar. Every lap the health bar gets shorter. Remove the recovery pads, and only allow it to be refilled by good play - fastesy lap, hitting boost pads, maintaining speed etc. Maybe feed in the car setup to allow different configurations to allow some strategy. At the start, a dense field would mean you could take out players like FZero Xs battle mode, but as the field thins it becomes about not making a mistake. Then either narrow the track or keep pushing the speed until someone cracks. Tracks would need designed around it, but it could be insanely good.
  2. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd rather they'd make a full fat Wave Race or F-Zero to be honest. Particularly the latter - the world needs 30+ player online Grand Prix.
  3. kensei

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    On leveling: artificially restricting leveling items to regulate progress. Dark Souls 1 was incredibly open, you could get enough titanite and souls to get absurdly OP within about 15 minutes once you knew what you were doing. It was a reward for experimentation, mad suicide runs and repeated playthroughs. If someone wants to look at up online on their first go, fine. The game remains plenty difficult for the newcomer. DS2 and 3 restricted where and when you could get titanite a lot more. Its much more controlled to regulate the difficulty. It's one of those things where you wonder if the devs truly understand what made their game great in the first place. But lots of games do variations on this. Your upgrade isnt really an upgrade, it's just what you need to keep you level with an increase in enemy HP. Loses all sense of reward.
  4. kensei

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I gave up on Skyrim after a Dragon talked and translated Dragon language in the most po faced way possible. I just couldn't take it seriously.
  5. I suspect this started life as a 3DS follow up to A Link Between Worlds, but they've shifted it as the 3DS winds down.
  6. kensei

    Football Thread 2018/19

    We are always lucky to get anyone through the granny rule. It's this that really wrankles me though https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5538343/Declan-Rice-says-no-chance-England-switch-Ireland-debut.html My basic position now is to despise any shirt kisser at any level for being full if shit.
  7. kensei

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Daemon X Machina and Town are due this year before they announce anything else. I wish they'd add NES Remix to the Online service. Plus we never got a SNES Remix, which they must have at least prototyped.
  8. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    Has a point, there.
  9. Even Labo has done a million and a half, and it probably has another few packs in it. How many games even break a million?
  10. The compliant was they didnt do new IP. But just because you don't enjoy the new franchises they put in place, doesn't mean they dont count. A "Switch Sports" would likely do good business for them if they so chose. And the fact that Nintendo can do Metroid and "rhythm action trash" at the same time is part of their greatness IMO.
  11. Not as much as usual, but they did update neat every franchise. 2D and 3D Metroid, FFS. Xenoblade. The craft materials spins on various franchises Miis. Still in use. The "Sports", "Play", "Music" genres might be sleeping but they were huge and will be back in some form eventually. Rhythm Heaven started as DS, but it dates from the era. There are a few one offs kicking about too. I love the Wii, and the Nintendo of say, Wario Ware as much as the Nintendo of Breath of the Wild. It's like if the Beatles didnt disband and went on to invent punk. Mostly people complaining mean "I didnt.like the new stuff Nintendo put out". That's ok, but they were constantly innovating in the period.
  12. Form has been patchy since Christmas and we've been riding our luck. That was damaging. Hopefully Bamford being back might net us a few more goals. There's still plenty of time for us to screw up even the playoffs, which is worrying me.
  13. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Though should add England were very good here.
  14. kensei

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Nailed it. This result is brought to you by every shit take about how we've moved past choking at big moments thanks to uncle Joe. Straight under pressure to defeat a very decent Scotland side too.
  15. They should trust treat the Xbox One like the Switch and target 30FPs with variable resolutions and whatever other tricks.you need. If you are type of person that really cares about resolution and frame rate you've already got a One X or PS4 Pro by now. The Switch is demonstrating that lots of people just don't care as long as it's reasonably stable, I think.

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