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  1. kensei

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    I read the problem with N64 games having crappy textures wasn't really to do with carts, since once you stripped out all the FMVs and audio files most PlayStation or Saturn games were actually tiny. The problem was a tiny texture cache and high latency bandwidth that crippled it. They sort of got to grips with it by the end of its life, which is how stuff like Conker's, Perfect Dark, Turok 3, the Star Wars games etc got made which were amazing for their time. I loved the N64 in the 90s - we burned so much time on massive multilayer sessions - but I find the "look" can be a bit distracting in more realistic games going back. The Nintendo stuff is generally good though, being a but more abstract and cleaner.
  2. All the elements are there to make something great too. There's a war on. He has the weight of expectation of being the strongest Jedi on him. Power to win the fight is very tempting, especially if he's scarred by what he's seen. He was slave and then a monk, so he's already accustomed to discipline and authority. You have Palatine whispering in his ear about how his hands are tied by the Jedi and the Senate, and you have a theme of betrayal by outsiders. Padme can be his link back to the Light, but you can introduce ideas of betrayal there too. The Dark Side becomes essentially a fascist ideology amid the rising of an fascist state. Walk the audience there and make them complicit in the corruption. Make actions just seem the right side of reasonable until, shit, he's tearing up the Jedi Temple and denouncing traitors. I genuinely wish they'd have dumped the prequels and started again because the premise has awesome possibilities in it, blocked by the mess we got.
  3. I enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know, though.
  4. This was a good video on the problem with TPM
  5. Cracking goals in the Derby - Leeds match. Thought better teams would punish us at the back but, my we look threatening going forward.
  6. Apparently the turning point was his son being born prematurely. That seems like a reasonable trigger vs 'He's greedy'. If anything, I'd say being overtly religious is going to alienate a fair bit of his audience, and risk losing money. You don't have to like him or his views. But I have no idea why you wouldn't take him at face value. In the end he signed the letter asking for Gunn to be reinstated.
  7. So the assumption is that he "sold out" for money rather than had sincere beliefs he's living out? You don't have to agree with him. But other than potentially voting for Trump, I don't see what he's done to earn anyone's ire. You can disagree with people without labelling them assholes, and I'd guess the world would be in a better state now if that was the norm.
  8. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    It's not usually that. It's more "Metroid... vania? Well we perfected Metroid before Symphony of the Night was even a twinkle in Konami's eye with Super. We had a few goes iterating on it after that, what else do you think think we should do with it?" Well that and it doesn't crap out money quite as fast as other a Nintendo franchises.
  9. Nah. The thing Biesla needs most is time to put his ideas in place and build a squad capable of executing it. Have it percolate the whole club down to the youth teams. The one thing Leeds will not give him is time. He needs two seasons unless things just click. We'll be lucky to give him six games.
  10. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    Also it's amazing how good Prime 1 *still* looks. The art design on it is god tier.
  11. kensei

    Nintendo Switch

    Prime 2 was great. Completely uncompromising in its design. Dark Aether is genuinely hostile for most of the game. Prime 3 was good. But while there are some fantastic areas - particularly Skytown, but it's disjointed in the same manner as say, Skyward Sword. Both games would be better on hardware with a bit more oomph and a more seamless experience.
  12. His employer hired him in the first place with all those things in the open. I believe he'd been round one run through of this too? If you've done that, you've accepted the redemption arc. It's one thing that this came to light from nowhere - you're definitely on shake ground, especially in the US - but this is absolute madness.
  13. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    The second half where it got decent!?
  14. kensei

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    Bit generic, but not really seeing what makes it particularly awful. Momoa looks like he might carry it.
  15. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    To those going "This looks good", you watched all of last season, right?

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