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  1. Think you have to look at miles on the clock and not just age with Rooney. Not as many players start as young as he did. I think he's a bit like Beckham : overrated when he was in his prime, underrated thereafter. Neither won as many medals as they did without being very good players and a lot of the complaints are they aren't the player in people's heads.
  2. If you aren't going to bother to advance the plot, and are going to do episodes that are a homage to a 1950s sitcom instead - then you kind of need to be funny. Especially as some of those older sitcoms are actually funny. If it's just world building, a single episode is more than enough.
  3. Meh. Bar It just wasn't funny enough to. Hold my interest, and two whole episodes without really very much over arching plot is a lot. Hoping it picks up a bit.
  4. Will it "fall apart"? No, the underlying mechanics are fun. But I think you are really underselling the importance of the meticulous balancing. One of the patches made Capra easier. It did this by moving the dogs back a little in the room so they wouldn't rush you that fast. That's how sensitive the game is to enemy placement and balancing. If you've not experienced the panic of holding a shitload of souls with really low health, or indeed the crushing despair of losing them, you've not really experienced the game. It is what it is and it is what From wante
  5. If you add difficulty modes to Souls - or sliders, or profiles - you mess up the following things: - You either break the invasion and summons mechanics or you split the player base into separate pools - You expose all of the games secrets at a much faster clip and a large part of the early success of Souls was due to the shared nature of the experience as the community worked things out. This was less of an issue in Jedi Fallen Order, because unless you liked ponchos there wasn't a lot of stuff. The multiplayer and community people are integra
  6. I think the board would back now but its all about value and whether they'd fit the squad. We'd assumed we'd be picking Championship players but we went out an got German and Spanish international centre backs (who then immediately got injured). Raphina looks good for £17 million, reckon it'd need to be more like that. Looking at the team sheet today the defense really is make shift. So maybe things will pick up when Llorente and Koch come back.
  7. Was thinking maybe we'd sneak a result after after a couple of decent wins but Spurs is another reminder of exactly how much more lethal the top Premiership teams are. We still had a lot of chances. He's had a good season but longer term I think we'll need to upgrade Bamford as much as the defense.
  8. The game already has an accessibility option
  9. Great I can go back to saying "Ooooh Elden Ring" at random intervals for a month.
  10. Plus someone suggested bonfire placement. The bonfire placement in Dark Souls 1 is highly tuned and very linked to the Estus system (Kindling BTW is another difficulty slider). Pissed off running back to the Four Kings? From very much wanted you to feel pissed off running back to the Four Kings. Basically every other game has screwed the bonfire - Estus combo. Too close, too many, need to farm health items, warp everywhere. It's am important part of the design that needs some skill to get right.
  11. Souls games are definitely works of art: driven by a singular vision and presented without compromise. It doesn't matter if they are still good if you tweak the damage values; many works of art would still be great if you changed up some of the colours. But they are presented as is. Mutazaki does not care if you finish Dark Souls. It's meant to be hard to evoke certain emotions, and From can't individually tune it for every player. It just is, and that's it. You are neither better or worse as a person for liking it, completing it, mastering it or hating
  12. 100% https://www.leeds-live.co.uk/sport/leeds-united/leeds-tim-sherwood-tweet-newcastle-19477484.amp Wait no, that's bollocks
  13. Leeds did not run out of steam the season before last. They choked, and they choked hard. There was zero drop off in the physical stats towards the end of that season. The premiership is also 8 games shorter than the Championship. That tweet 100% fits with the club's social media persona and they tagged Amazon Prime and not the pundit in question. Had it have been a random B list male commentator no one would have batted and eyelid. No one should bat an eyelid here.
  14. Raphina looks a signing. To clarify my earlier comment: Bielsa is going to murder Meslier.
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