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  1. @petrolgirls Could you design them. To be scalable though, if you were going from.l the ground up? For example, via utilising algorithms that are best effort, disabling sections of the code at compile time to reduce overhead, or swapping particular modules etc. Maybe even offloading some of the compute to the cloud. Just wondering if different approaches would open the door if, say Ms has decided that's the target.
  2. Sekiro actually has at least two different ways to make it harder for the craic built in. The normal game is what From considers easy mode.
  3. Durp
  4. Literally could not have got through the game without it. The umbrella + projected force trivialise several enemies from mid to late game. Firecrackers are indespensible for interrupting enemies and can actually stun lock some enemies, including bosses (along with fist full of Ash). Shuriken are very useful for clearing annoying but low health enemies such as dogs or archers. Other prosethetcis are much more situational but still useful. The flame vent is strong against some enemies particularly in combination with oil and note burn status prevents posture recovery. Sabimaru is extremely strong against certain enemies and makes an entire late section of the game much easier. The whistle has a 3 emblem cost for a reason. Not only does it let you pick off enemies, Souls style, it drives animals nuts and makes them attack enemies. The axe spin can wreck shit if you have the time to do it, particularly if it's sparking. The fan is shit, though. While following the Tyrannicon strategy is probably easier, do it whatever way works for you and ignore all this sort of git gud nonsense.
  5. kensei


    It's still Federer unless Djokovic gets well ahead and a new challenger arises that he is competitive with. The head to heads are muddied by Federer being older and Nadal on clay. Federer being competitive now is amazing. It's also worth bearing in mind if it wasnt for him running up against a young Nadal he'd have multiple French Opens, multiple calendar slams and be completely out of sight. The mere fact he got knocked off his perch and found a way back to rack up some more slam wins is amazing.
  6. kensei


    I'm pretty sure there was point were 'No man over 30-something has ever won a slam'. As brilliant as they are, I do wonder if it's the changes to the courts and technology that's really done it. More focus on endurance over pure power and reaction.
  7. I've been poking through the new courses just for the crack. It's amazing how many people start their levels with a straight up murder machine.
  8. I can see Bielsa gone by November after failing to repeat the magic of last season. Seriously, this season is going to be miles harder that teams are prepared for us, we ballsed up the last third of last season and I'm absolutely bricking it.
  9. kensei


    I think a large part in the increase in marathon matches is due to the courts not being fast enough. I recall in the 1990s all the talk was of things being too quick and not being able to see the ball. But now it feels like between the courts and the superfit players, shots that should be winners aren't winning.
  10. I think the fundamental handling stays the same based on NSMB, it's not 'accurate' to the original. The moveset changes based on theme though so no wall jump in SMB, you can spin jump in SMW etc, and the run style changes e.g. P meter in SMB, boosts in NSMBW so there's still variation.
  11. I think the only fair assumption at this point is he's an actual ninja.
  12. Ah, image was too small on mobile. Of course.
  13. I wish Luigi didn't offer me an assist in every fucking course when I fuck up. Just did one which was constant wall jumps. 3 stars, I fucking dread whatever Nintendo have in store at 4 stars. Its not wall jumping individually is hard, it's doing it a lot without fucking up that's hard.
  14. There's a BT way of doing stages 3 and 4. However I fully expect your next post to be beating him without taking a hit.
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