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  1. Think whoever wins it will likely have to go through New Zealand. I know the whole we've never been past a quarter final thing, but Schmidt doesn't care about that, he wants to win it. Given form we're heavy underdogs and if Bad Ireland turns up we are in for an absolute hiding, but if Good Ireland turns up we've a chance. We've at least done it before now.
  2. Added a few levels to the sheet. They are mostly just sketches of ideas. I wish I had the time and talent to do any of them justice, but Mario Maker just shows making stuff that isn't hot garbage is really, really hard.
  3. Skyward Sword is not only great in its own right, it's an absolutely critical stepping stone to BOTW from the stamina guage to moving a lot more puzzles out of dungeons and into the overworld. It's miles better than Twilight Princess.
  4. FFS Ireland. Old enough to remember when Joe Schmidt that turned us into New Zealand but meaner. As good as Japan were - and they were very good - the game turned on some a few bad mistakes from Ireland. Awful lineout in a perfect position at the start of the second half. The accidental offside that led directly to their try. You could argue about pressure but the play was madness given the way the game was going.
  5. Was about to post if you are only picking one Mario game in the time frame, it should have been Galaxy. And Odyessy is amazing.
  6. D1. Dark Souls Five run through, in excess of 500 hours easily, time watching let's plays and lore videos. It's everything. D2. Breath of the Wild I got a new laptop and tried running it via emulation out of curiosity. I wound up playing two hours. All consuming on the Switch for about 6 months. D3. Super Mario Odyssey Just perfect bitesize little chunks of Mario. With hats. D4. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Everyone forgets about it but even the leftover ideas of Galaxy are better than 99% of other games. D5. Bloodborne Closest any of the other From games have got to the world building of DS. I can see why some would prefer the combat, but I prefer the slower pace of DS. D6. Skyward Sword And what? Loved the tactile nature of the controls, and there are so many precursors to BoTW in it. Plus time stones need to come back. D7. Persona 5 It's so long and there's so much wrong with it but the story remains gripping for most of the 100+ hours and the music is so damn good. D8. Dark Souls 2 Despite it being an objectively worse game than 3, I rinsed it multiple times and only did DS3 once. D9. Super Mario Maker Nod over 2 because its better suited to the Wii U. A million troll levels, what else do you want? D10. Binding of Isaac It was free on PS+ and then I knocked a million hours into it. I had much less time for games this decade. I've missed most of the big releases people will mention here, and by and large spent all the time playing variations on the same three games.
  7. I know there's Financial Fair Play rules, I know money is a bit tight, but surely we could have found some way to bankroll a proven goalscorer at this level? Poor finishing cost us promotion last season.
  8. kensei


    Even if they do manage it, it's Kerry. Can we just not award Sam this year?
  9. How about we just you know, not get personal in any way shape or form? That'd be great. I just don't think it fits tonally with TFA. It doesn't contradict anything, but it doesn't feel that's what they were setting up for. Why she's waiting and so focused on that? Why is Luke's lightsaber calling to her and showing visions of Luke's history? Why does she hear Obi Wan whispering? It's like there's enough there to tease a reveal, but not enough there for the rug pull to be effective. So I don't get the emotionally satisfying bit. Like most of the film, it left me flat. Then again, the clicking mirror cave thing left me like Krusty after Soviet Itchy and Scratchy so I may just be uncultured.
  10. It doesn't really fit. She looks at a star ship as it leaves. She's waiting for them to come back and can't leave until they do; the heavy implication is that someone has told her they'll come back. And TFA has built it up to be a mystery box so you expect something interesting inside. So it didn't feel like it really lined up to me, and it didn't feel emotional satisfying or true to me at all. It was just another 'Ha ha ha, fucked your expectations' moment in a film that fucked your expectations so hard and so repeatedly that by the end of the film you expected them to do it just because. The one moment that might have sold it, was Kylo offering Rey his hand. Have her take it and cut to credits. Boom. That would have been a genuinely shocking ending, and I might have bought the Reys parentage story. As it is, my guess is they back it out in some 'It's history, it rhynes' daft way.
  11. Lies about heritage are also consistent with other films. Did anyone want Palaptine back? Really?
  12. I dont think they were sidelined. It's just Finn got the same arc he got in TFA, and Poe's was painfully one dimensional. And also mostly largely to undermine the standard Star Wars trope of maverick plans. I don't think they'll revert those. But all signs so far point to the Rey and Kylo show.
  13. They've undone Palaptine being, you know, dead, so I'd say Reys heritage is certainly up for discussion. I don't mind her being a nobody. In fact I quite like it on principle. It was just delivered in a narratively unsatisfying fashion and it made the whole thread pointless. It also didn't really align with TFA*. * "I need to go back I'm waiting on people coming" seems like it requires epic level delusion on Reys part to fit.
  14. She's not going to the Dark Side. Even the shittiest modern trailer is not going to give away a twist like for a film of this size. Something looks off about that visually scene too, too much CG? And the light saber movement is stupid. Literally all I want for this is that there isn't some grey Jedi / Unite the force plot. Kylo done killed Han Solo, Rey had her 'I'm a Jedi now' floating rocks moment last time. Just give me a good old goodies vs baddies story. With rapid Palaptine because you killed the new bad guy last time.
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