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  1. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    That'd make an even better time frame for religious fanatics to take over an exhausted Klingon Empire, find a fuck off coffin ship, get a small fleet and start attacking the Federation, no? Maybe if the Federation was in a bad state too - and already more militarised due to the Dominion War - it might have even have put its core values under strain? Discovery's setup is actually really good and they completely fucked it.
  2. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    It didn't need a new race. The Klingon Empire being in decline for a long time was a staple of the TNG era, and having religious fanatics cause a civil war and ultimately a more xenophobic attitude would have been entirely plausible. Given the Klingons were historically a Russia stand in, you could have moved the pieces around to get to something like the modern day relationship. Post Voyager you could also have run with the destruction of Romulus (assuming no licensing issues with the prequels), peaked in how the Cardissans dealt with losing the Dominion War and boom! the TNG era status quo is upended and lots to work with. DS9 era writers would have just chewed that shit up.
  3. kensei

    Star Trek Discovery

    This show started with a plot that could easily have been done 5 minutes after Voyager, and been used to completely upend the status quo.
  4. Bielsa has worked minor miracles getting essentially the same squad from kast year where they are. But we are going to just miss out and go to the playoffs, and we are fucked in the playoffs.
  5. Leeds fucking bottling it as usual. Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.
  6. @Escaped I don't think it's because characters are popular or not, I just think it's a natural consequence of the story. GRRMs original GoT pitch is kicking about the Internet and when he was written he called out characters that he intended to survive at the time. As you move into the High Fantasy end game, there's just less scope. That said, Season 7 was definitely the weakest. I reckon GRRM will have a few surprises up his sleeve for Winds and Dream; the TV show hurts without the source material. They probably should have offed a few more then anyway, the number of deaths we are likely to get means impact is going to be lost.
  7. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I think your mileage on this game will really come down to how you feel on the above. I am a little bit above my tolerance for it, but I'm too stubborn to give up so will hang around here being a moany bastard until either me or the game breaks
  8. Something that popped in to my head: where the fuck was Ghost? Did Ghost die and I miss it? Given the imporrance of the Direwolves to the start of the story, it's weird he's just gone.
  9. He's dicked about for the guts of ten years before actually getting to the wall what's another couple of hours making a people spiral?
  10. With tongue sticking out ridiculously.
  11. I'm not as hot in TFA as a lot of people here, but that seemed fine at the time when I naively thought there was a trilogy with a plan mapped out that would dole out at least some of that information at opportune moments. Not necessarily it all, but enough to feel satisfying. I think a lot of the criticisms will ultimately by aimed at the whole trilogy, and the messy way it's been done. But hey, maybe IX will be mind blowing. I live in hope.
  12. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I do wonder to what extent its "I'm so much better at this" vs "I am now noticeably more powerful". I can basically wreck enemies from the first few areas and I am terrible, terrible at this game. What I do have is two strength upgrades, a few that boost posture damage and a numberof prosethics to use in a pinch. I don't have to be perfect - I'll stagger enemies with a few defections and a hit or two. I have got better but that's doing the heavy lifting. Blue Samurai's however are still incredibly dangerous. I need a lot more deflections, blocks and hits in order to get them over.
  13. No, I want the reasons behind that explored via their current relationship. I want to know more about Kylo, I want to know more about Snoke. I never seen proper Dark side training so hiwdoes that go? How's it different from what Luke did. I want to know how the fuck he built a new Empire because when I left it, everythkng was fine and Ewoks were dancing. Mostly, I Snoke to be what I want all baddies to be: a genuine threat. He was closer to comic relief. The prequels were shit, so all possible variations of the same story outlines will be shit, is another terrible argument.
  14. kensei

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    @Davros sock drawer Dark Souls and Bloodborne got much of their difficulty from the areas themselves. Enemy encounters tended to be tough, there were traps about, and you got the tension of needing the next bonfire. Bosses could be tough, but typically a lot of it was working out strategy. Execution is less of a problem - you've a limited number of attacks and patience woukd get you through. I feel the difficulty here is of a different sort. It's not hard to make it theough areas - mobs and even individual enemies can be deadly, depending on how powered up you are, but you can stealth around and annihilate almost all of them in one strike. You can traverse a lot faster, and youve a lot more verticality. There are so many bonfires shortcuts are almost pointless. You can speed through areas you barely know. It's rare you have that Sens fortress where the fuck is the bonfire feeling. Bosses, on the other hand, feel more like a brick wall. The combat is a lot more technical, and the posture mechanic used for both you on the enemies makes it a much much harder process to chip them down.You cant spam health items. You have to learn the patterns and you have to parry or you'll basically never do it. Execution matters. You might know what you need to do, but thay doesn't mean you can do it. Even after the 40th time. I'm struggling and finding that a bit 8-bit in design. But I like the world and the non bosses bits are great fun. I want to beat, but reckon it'll take me an age.
  15. There's still a number of people of Arya's list, though weve not heard about it for a while. Didn't Melisandre say they'd meet again too? I'll be amazed if they tie up all the loose ends.

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