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  1. Well, we can put Skrull invasion down for 2020 now as well because I can't find any other explanation for Patrick Bamford. Tough enough run of games coming up. Hopefully we can keep it going.
  2. There are already translated Roms - can't see that part being a big deal. The emulators are already QoL improvements with save states. Love Fire Emblem but meh. The first one has been remade multiple times and was hoping we'd hear about the follow up to Three Houses by now.
  3. Has literally everyone forgot defending is a thing?
  4. I think if MS want a relationship with Nintendo, they'd have to pitch a Nintendo XCloud to me. That's likely the future, and Nintendo will need an offering. Shared architecture underneath and then maybe cross company stuff becomes possible.
  5. They'll need to start winning matches. The pressure going into the World Cup qualifiers will be immense otherwise. More attractive football and limited points would see Kenny out fairly rapidly. Michael Obafemi must be a bit miffed at being left out given how crap the rest of the front line appears to be.
  6. 4K seems like a complete waste of power to me. I'd rather have a lower resolution and bigger worlds with more stuff in them.
  7. On the one hand, I am utter horrified by the way the Glazers were allowed to buy Man Utd and asset strip it using Man Utd's own money. They were a well run club. On the other, I am eternally grateful to the Glazers for screwing the club up to the point they've missed on CL on a few occasions and live on a knife edge as worse. <Principal Skinner>I am a small, petty man. Wait... do you think they could change the rules so they can do Liverpool too?
  8. Why stop at 6 clubs. Why not go to the logical endpoint and concentrate power in one club. In addition to the revenue generated by playing football, bonus money can be generated by a regular Hunger Games style competition where football executives tear themselves apart in order to ensure the odds are ever in their favour.
  9. The lack of a long jump is an absolute pain, and sets Sunshine as the odd one out in every 3d Mario. Nor is fiddling about trying to line stuff up with FLUDD - how most players will experience Sunshine, really all that fast. Odyssey has absolutely unparalleled handling and an open world, and managed to avoid being an absolute bollocks. I really don't get the Sunshine love. It was filled with jank then, and it's filled with jank now. Galaxy and its sequel are so much better it hurts, albeit that they are doing something different. But the existence of Odyessy really sh
  10. The only saving grace is that an Northern Ireland - Republic of Ireland playoff would have been absolutely toxic.
  11. Think one of the worries is fans congregating at the grounds.
  12. I have an S coming, primarily to be a Gamepass machine. I'll probably pick up a few other things here and there, but mostly Nintendo games will eat my real money and time. No backwards compatiblity in place, no populated gamepass, nothing for me to play, no sale at launch. I think people forget how dire console launches can be in terms of decent games. Release window brilliance, then sometimes a year gets written off.
  13. I enjoy the pointing and shaking - it's quite tactile and in way only really good Wii games managed. Just sweeping over starbits while Mario is pushed from planet pod to planetoid adds something vs just waiting. Galaxy is a game that generally does let up and discards ideas that other games would build themselves around in half a level. Galaxy is : collect some star bits to get to a short at forming section to go to a base and whoops we've changed the gravity and now your firing out of the base from a cannon and the base explodes just because and top it off with a bosses before yo
  14. You need to sideload the APK but you just login and it works. I had it going last night. My Internet connection is pretty dire but it managed to be playable, if not exactly smooth.
  15. Because of course, the endless attempts at taking Genshiro down on the roof, where you have a cramped area where you can't employ such tactics to him down and spend the guts of a week dying and dying and dying and dying and just not being able to get the timing and button presses down was a hell of a lot of crack. Helped especially by the alert symbol being the same regardless of attack, so muscle memory would also do the item for the last attack dodged. In comparison the last boss went down in maybe an hour tops, and had a tangible curve of getting better with each attempt. When
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