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  1. Watching Barrymore in CBB is exactly the same as watching Chris Evans on OFI Sunday. And if anyone wonders what those 'horrific anal injuries' Stuart Lubbock suffered might have looked like - and I know you all do - just cut out a picture Pete Burns' lips and paste them the middle of an image of an arse.
  2. He probably noticed how Derek Laud went from being perceived as a fox hunter with an alleged 'dodgy' past to being the People's Tory after appearing on BB.
  3. Having given it three listens I've come to the following conclusion: The first half is great, up there with their best work. The second half is shit and a waste of time. I won't bother listening past the seventh track again, but I think the first half makes it worth getting.
  4. It's more of the good old 'build 'em up, knock 'em down syndrome'. Music journalists have Arctic Monkeys to rave over for the next year or so, so The Strokes need to be seen as inferior has-beens. I mean, come on, they've been going for six years now, you can't expect critics to suck their cocks anymore. The same will happen with Franz Ferdinand's next album no matter how good it is, even though last year's 5-star-rated album was a disappointment and most certainly did suffer from 'Be Here Now' syndrome. Only pay attention to critics if you want to know what will earn you the most kudos any given week.
  5. She did a good job of hiding it in this programme. In her defence, I can only believe the producers asked her to act like a dizzy blonde. I kept wondering where I had heard he voice before. I assumed it was Radio 4, but now I think it's from commentating on one of those crappy midnight poker programmes (which I find curiously watchable) on Five or Bravo. I find her voice very agreeable, and her face is pleasant, she just needs to find a programme which doesn't require her to present like a dunce.
  6. I clicked on this thread fully expecting every post to contain the words Barrymore and pool. Let's try and go through the whole of the rest of the thread without making another joke about it. You can't possibly say anything that hasn't already been said on every other forum already.
  7. It's being said by people who could give a shit that the finished album tracks aren't as good as the demos. Don't tell me they got Mick Jones in as producer?
  8. I've just started playing this today. Is my copy faulty or does the game occasionally make a short pause after you've won a point? Apart from that it's great fun.
  9. Potential WOTW spoiler below for those who didn't bother to see it at the cinema or on DVD but would hate to have the shitty ending ruined for them (idiots). . . . . . Robbie should have got it in War of the Worlds instead of us having to put up with that trite ending. Unless the moral is, when you are faced with danger, kids, run straight into the heart of it and everything will end up fine. Maybe even take some video footage of it on your mobile and post your idiocy on the net. Standing in front of alien war machines beats standing in front of an oncoming train any day of the week.
  10. Looking through the remainder of my Radio Times it's only downhill from here. It's been like this for three or four years, though. Christmas TV has deteriorated because of declining ratings, not vice versa, and the top show this year, Eastenders, only got something like 10 million viewers. People have better things to do now, either in front of their TVs or away from them, and the schedulers have accepted this. The big Christmas movie used to be at the centre of Christmas Day TV, but now everyone has already seen whatever BBC and ITV have to offer as many times as they have any desire to. Anyway, despite 10 million viewers being nothing special, it's quite a turnaround for Eastenders after it's annus horriblius. I've enjoyed listening to the radio this Christmas.
  11. I don't know about that, this was the third time I've seen it and I had to switch off due to boredom. I could happily watch A.I. many more times, though.
  12. No, I just don't listen often to the latest Oasis album because it's a pale imitation of their former glories. And the same can be said of the new Richard Ashcroft single. It's songwriting at its most pathetic and as cynical as anything Simon Cowel will put out in 2006.
  13. I like Kylie but... what can you say? It's impossible to listen to this without thinking Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne are going to give their verdict on it after she's finished.
  14. I've done a Scrooge today and entered into the Christmas spirit. Goodwill to all men and all that, for one day at least. Anyway, back to the song in question. I still think it's outdated shit. Happy holidays
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