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  1. On the writing: Kojima is Garth Merenghi
  2. First impressions: It's Shadow of the Colossus without a horse. And there's only one colossus, whose name is America.
  3. Well Elder Scrolls comes with a legacy, and thus there's some expectation which can be either met or not met. Starfield will be whatever it will be. It's like ME: Andromeda and Anthem. Anthem may have been arguably worse, but Andromeda also had the added effect of killing the ME franchise.
  4. I think if Cuphead had come out 20 years ago, no-one would bat an eye at this or consider it any more than a homage, which makes this the game dev equivalent of a controversial "too soon" joke.
  5. It's kind of a shame that revealing the final section of the map, that's like an 8th of the whole world, turns out to be a crappy rapids minigame that I used once and forgot about.
  6. Yeah I had no idea what that riddle referred to. It's not even the same room. I only worked it out from the noise that only played after clearing a certain room. post dungeon 4:
  7. Everything about that apart from the word "shit" sounds awesome. Why do you think it looks shit?
  8. Any reviews yet? My one concern is that it'll be super short.
  9. As someone who's worked with a few voice acting studios both in america and UK, it depends on the studio you use. For some of them it's down to available casting talent, for others it's who's directing them. I'll admit the most consistent level of quality has been a uk studio though
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