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  1. @jonamok I'm putting the hint to the puzzle you're stuck on here. For reference, your question: I spoke to the designer of that level, and this is what he said Hope that helps!
  2. There are a lot of people who have their pc game library almost entirely on steam, and want to keep it that way.
  3. Oof, those later puzzles get really hard to describe don't they! And they're equally hard to describe the solution from memory. I know which puzzle you're talking about, but I wasn't the designer on that particular puzzle. I'll speak to the designer tomorrow and see if I can work out some clear enough hints (by the way, the quest has a really handy recording/screenshotting function in the home menu)
  4. Yep Keanu won E3. And Sony.
  5. The only things you can pick up are highlighted with a blue beam and have a white ring indicating its grab point when you're close. However...
  6. Regarding the first question: Regarding the **:
  7. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm happy to answer any questions about the game.
  8. Yes you can return to areas to complete moon puzzles. If an item has disappeared, that means you've already solved every puzzle it's involved with,which should give you a hint at which objects to use for remaining puzzles.
  9. Wroth

    Ugly sequels

    Nidhogg The non-Insomniac Spyro sequels The non-NaughtyDog Crash sequels
  10. We actually had a demo lined up, but in the months leading up to launch, there was a lot of work needed to do on the full game, and unfortunately the demo was one of the things on the cutting board. Maybe when things die down a bit and we have some time to go back to it, we can assess the idea of putting it out.
  11. Yeah if you ever see the image begin to "smear" for a couple of frames, like an oil painting that someone's just run a brush over, that's the "space warp" tech, shifting an old image to try to make up for lost frames.
  12. Why not get one for yourself and let her try it?
  13. VR's been amazing for years, and this week it just got a hell of a lot more accessible and affordable, but sure, you go ahead and keep waiting.
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