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  1. It's possible for changes to an established story to be both commendably brave, and subjectively bad at the same time.
  2. I loved the original FF7 story but you know what could've improved on it?
  3. Oh I think you might be right! Thanks!
  4. It would appear not. Does anyone know what the numbers over the ability window in the equipment section represent?
  5. Been hitting rocks all evening and got nothing but centipedes
  6. Yeah I guess it'll be similar to binary right? Each extra bit doubles the number of possible values. Anyway that's really fascinating to know, thankyou!
  7. Agreed. The "puzzle games" categories in mobile storefronts makes me despair.
  8. Are there any picross games that involve massive grids? Like 50+ cells wide or perhaps more? Most of the ones I've played have rarely ever gone over 20. Perhaps they start to become impossible to solve logically beyond that size?
  9. haha, yeah I said something similar further down that thread. However I think "puzzle games" does cover a broad array of diverse subgenres, that are wholly unlike each other yet unmistakably involve "puzzle" gameplay. I'm absolutely loving, for example, the "information game" genre that's becoming popular. Games like Her Story, Obra Dinn, and to a degree, Outer Wilds, where the puzzle is the acquisiton and use of in-world knowledge to progress further.
  10. Also, there's a bunch of recommendations and discussion in this thread
  11. I've recently been enjoying Inbento. Came out recently on Switch, but has been out for a while on phones.
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