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  1. Vent-Axia


    So, we got a juicer for our wedding, and I've been juicing like mad lately. Has anyone got some tasty juice recipes to share?
  2. I'm always disappointed by the lack of pictures in this thread!
  3. I remember watching Hulk and being surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I expected it to be a lot shitter than it was, given the reaction it had received. But then people dissed the Spiderman and first 2 X-Men movies, and they were a lot of fun.
  4. I'd happily do Jennie. That is all.
  5. I've got that lens too. My tip for doing macro stuff with it would be "get a tripod". There's no way you can hold it still enough for decent macro shots without one (well, I can't anyway - but then I am a bit wimpy).
  6. Vent-Axia


    It's nice. Criticism: An icon with scissors on it means "cut", I saw it and thought "what's it going to cut". I then saw it said "book an appointment" - a scissors icon doesn't say "book an appointment" to me (and I'm not sure what icon would, but scissors already mean something else).
  7. I'm afraid your site is incompatible with the necessary firefox settings for viewing the Female Form thread.
  8. I've never played GTA3 or Halo, but they were the games that sprang to mind from the thread title. I guess it must be because people go on about them so much (though neither has remotely interested me).
  9. I don't agree that "less = more", but only because that applies that more = better, which it doesn't. Less = less, and less = better! proof: Good: Bad: halo.gif gta.jpg some_other_3D_game.png
  10. As he was having a funeral, I'm guessing his major problem is that he's dead. Other than that, I think he had a brain tumour or something (probably a side effect of the head transplant). Also, whilst on the subject of Home and Away: how come everyone who gets pregnant in Summer Bay has complications which mean they, and the child, might die during childbirth? I think they need to send Mulder in to investigate.
  11. corrected And Cartoon Network, you fool!
  12. The mediaguradian article seems not to be on the linked page. There's more about it here though. Seems a bit pants to me. It's unlikely they'll be switching me to the service, unless they're negotiating with Elgato to have this work with the DTT EyeTV products. Still, I only really use it for occasionally watching Cartoon Network, so no great loss.
  13. He plays an annoying little cunt in every film he's in. I can no longer watch any Tom Cruise films (which is a shame, as I used to quite like Rainman and Cocktail).
  14. Tom Cruise. His character in any film - they're all the same.
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