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  1. thanks to das tapen for the latest mix cd, some great tracks on there, and loads i haven't heard of which is great as i am learning thanks
  2. Hey got the mix cd in the post woowo thanks guys its great, especially liked - mobb deep - shook ones pt.II viktor vaughn - saliva souls of mischief - 93 til infinity lord finesse - check me out baby pah gza - shadowboxing oc - times up and the covers quality too majic
  3. hey i've been following these threads from the beginning and have picked up some really good stuff so thanks and the mix tape is a great idea.. cal i would really like to see some of your graf, i am as interested in that, as i am in hip-hop, there are plenty of free image hosting sites about thanks majic
  4. Fucking channel 4, i can't believe that was the last one till september but that was a cracking episode
  5. so whats that thing that makes people do stuff without knowing it?? he said the name of it...some suggestion idiomone or something
  6. that was a good ending, but it really was a bit sad, i mean its been like a TV constant in my life and now its finished
  7. Anyone else here use Houdini? I use it because thats what my uni teaches but i get the feeling that a lot of the modelling could be accomplished a lot easier in Maya. Houdini is very good for particle effects though...
  8. i agree despin up till the last 30mins, it was watchable, however the small amount of respect i had for it quickly disappeared towards the end, it all went to shit; people seemed to do random things with the local people going out to hunt them down.
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