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  1. doesnt he write some of the episodes?
  2. focal length 2.8 shutter speed 1/60 my other pics are here if anyone is interested http://www.shakethis.co.uk/photos.htm some random ones and some from my travels
  3. man that was quality!, i think spooks has got better and better and the seasons go on
  4. and when they get an email a giant envelope always fills the screen
  5. majic

    Put Here

    how bird flu spreads http://www.sunmeadow.plus.com/news.htm
  6. there is no local shop! although you are right i found a couple of places http://www.graphotism.com/shopList2.asp?cat=paint seems to be the best so far but still works out as £3 a can inc del. i checked out their website but they only seem to really expensive buntlack
  7. worth a try thought! anyone know the cheapest place to get half decent paint on the net?
  8. taken at milford sounds in new zealand
  9. i thought it was based on a book by Lincoln Preston?
  10. true true maybe they will have a late night version, like hollyoaks
  11. just finished watching arlington road - really enjoyed it, ending was a genuine surprise, also a bit depressing
  12. arlington road looks interesting, although i've never much liked tim robbins, still i'll be watching, and if you haven't already seen it the untouchables is exCellent
  13. so, you get to see her nekkid then well worth £4.50 in that case i love the dunst
  14. thanks to das tapen for the latest mix cd, some great tracks on there, and loads i haven't heard of which is great as i am learning thanks
  15. Hey got the mix cd in the post woowo thanks guys its great, especially liked - mobb deep - shook ones pt.II viktor vaughn - saliva souls of mischief - 93 til infinity lord finesse - check me out baby pah gza - shadowboxing oc - times up and the covers quality too majic
  16. hey i've been following these threads from the beginning and have picked up some really good stuff so thanks and the mix tape is a great idea.. cal i would really like to see some of your graf, i am as interested in that, as i am in hip-hop, there are plenty of free image hosting sites about thanks majic
  17. Fucking channel 4, i can't believe that was the last one till september but that was a cracking episode
  18. so whats that thing that makes people do stuff without knowing it?? he said the name of it...some suggestion idiomone or something
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