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  1. damn she is tough! i am only level 7 but bought a quality staff with +30 fire and +30 frost damage jumped up somewhere she couldn't hit me then zapped the her!
  2. ok well has anyone been in the basement of the imperial palace, theres some odd shit down there notably a giant egg timer called the 'sands of time' which you can activate it appears to do something but then doesn't....anyone if it actually does? majic
  3. and me climbing to the top of the hotel we were staying at -
  4. hehe me too! WINN yeah its cool, i like it as you get the empire state in the skyline looking the other way
  5. some random pics from recent trip to NYC
  6. anyone heard of a track flako dawg - hustlin? i heard it out, found it here http://www.soundclick.com/genres/chartsSub...Hop&subgenre=96, then the next day it was taken off! now i can't find it anywhere (legal or otherwise)
  7. thats shit what the hell did he get shot over i wonder.....
  8. well f*ck me screw the damn horse then!
  9. whats this fast travel? i have been riding everywhere???
  10. noone has found maps for the individual cities have they? i know you can view them in game but a printed version would be good. the combat has really improved from morrowind i reckon...
  11. 360 damn that worked ! however odd thing is when i turn into pal60 oeverything vibrates in a wierd way - its always done this in every game, could be my tv, thing is a proper scart lead might fix it
  12. hey this may sound odd but how many proper cut scenes are there? like ar the beggining? as the sound skips in mine i'm wondering how much of an annoying problem this will be
  13. anyone had any sound problems on oblivion, basically skipping during any cut scenes?
  14. anyone had sound skipping problems during cutscenes?? like regular stop in the sound, but only on cutscenes??
  15. majic

    DSLR Advice

    i bought a d70s just before christmas, got some nice shots from it, it was either that or the 20D but i decided i couldnt justify the extra £££. my mates who are photography mad and sell their pics all use nikons...got mine as a kit with the 18-70mm EX lense which gets great reviews, i would link you to the place i bought mine as they were teh CHEAP, but they went bust...
  16. i love the nun 2nd nun pic, and that one ^ timdp
  17. hmmm my brick gets pretty warm, warming than the xbox itself, mind you i guess its best that gets hot than the xbox....played for 5 hours today and no problems so, fingers crossed its not going to f*ck up
  18. yup i just got it, really fun, the graphics are shaaarp
  19. well got a premium pack today, all ok apart from it froze once during hexic...which i though was odd as it must be a tiny game compared to PD0 which is running ok, well played it for a 2.5hr stint then another 1.5 hr stint. ran halo 2 which was ok but then again i didnt play it for long. it sounds like a lot of these problems are software related, so can MS release patches for this?
  20. mmmm macro goodness i love macro shots hehe i love the expression on her face
  21. cheers isle of wight, looking over towards the mainland where the 'others' live...
  22. price_hack i love the flower one uriel thats quality too
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