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  1. damn straight, i'd just prefer nas to make more illmatic style tracks....as for plan b's beats yeah they are...different, but hes got skill at telling a story and his album is pretty varied. edit: i know this really isn't the best place to get info on hip hop producers but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hip-Hop_Is_Dead i am wikipedia's bitch Jay-Z (Executive producer) Nas DJ Premier Just Blaze Kanye West Dr. Dre Timbaland Salaam Remi sounds good to me
  2. talking of new york rap, i have a few cormega tracks which i really like fallen soldiers, glory days, verbal graffiti, any recommendations on his best album?
  3. thats gay, plan b album was out yesterday, what do y'all thing of him then>?
  4. they sacked benzino didn't they. why has HHC become shit and, Big Smoke, whats that like?
  5. what hip hop magazines are there? the only one i know about is the source, and thats in the US....what can you get over here?
  6. what a bunch of wank, that bar is thinner and nowhere near as 'velvety' as the wispa
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5095436.stm
  8. 1. 93… Til Infinity - Souls of Mischief 2. Bonita Applebum (12 Why Edit) - A Tribe Called Quest 3. Who Am I (What's My Name)? - Snoop Dogg 4. Good ol love - Masta Ace 5. Summertime - Fresh Prince 6. Take You There - Pete Rock & CL Smooth 7. I Like It [i Wanna Be Where You Are] - Grand Puba 8. Let Me Ride - Dr Dre 9. Fakin' the Funk - Main Source 10. Be - Common 11. Butterfly Concerto - Taskforce 12. Claimin' Respect - Boulevard Connection 13.Boom - royce da 5'9 14. Off The Books - Beatnuts Feat Big Pun 15.Ohhh - De La Soul 16. Seasons - Cunninlynguists 17. The Big Idea (ft. Lewis Parker) - Yungun 18. It Was a Good Day - Ice Cube 19. The Sun - Ghostface Killah featuring Raekwon, RZA & Slick Rick 20. Dilated Peoples - Under The Sun 21. Large Pro - In the Sun 22. Non Phixion - The Freshfest 23. Jam - A Tribe Called Quest 24. Organized Konfusion - 3-2-1 25. The Message - Grandmaster Flash and the Furios Five? (reminds me of hot weather anyway, watching style wars with 'the message' playing in the background, hot sunny day in 80's NY)
  9. i like that...i like AZ's sound, any recommendations on AZ's best stuff?
  10. i can't see it on fopp...can on amazon thought for 10.99 which is still cheap i guess
  11. w00t thats the one! cheers dizogg, i really like it Akala, any of his other stuff good/worth checking out?
  12. just on the off-chance someone was listening to the zane lowe show on radio 1 last night - the first track he played was a hip hop track, sounded like a british rapper, going by the name of shakespeare(sp), the beat was from a recent dance track which i recognise but couldn't name, and the name of the track was something like 'mix it up a bit'.... I can't find any info anywhere about him/track... J
  13. zelda, only one i have played is the wind waker, which was great and makes me wish i had played the rest....metal gear solid, never owned anything sony so have missed that, any MMORPG i think i would really likem them as well, wish i had tried phantasy star online as i had a dreamcast... edit - sorry but the guy needs to go OUTSIDE!
  14. as i'm cheap i watched the prodigy from across the river (i live on the island) and they ruled! got in free saturday night to see foofighters which was fun...how were coldplay?
  15. yeah they seem to have second hands copies, but not direct from amazon.. no worries i will go search
  16. cheers, Take A Look Around it is then, i'll get Mama Said Knock You Out as well as its cheap on amazon! edit: (due to lazyness) where can i get Take A Look Around?
  17. hey been using that pandora thing, came up with some interesting stuff. Anyhow i realise this is subjective but could anyone recommend the best stuff to listen to by - Non Phixion, Masta Ace, and LL Cool J? I have just random tracks of theirs which i enjoy but don't wanna go by an album if 'teh shitest one they have ever done' etc
  18. yeah too right! I was thinking of something to recommend but then I released this is where I get my recommendations!
  19. this thread has provided some quality lunch time reading today !
  20. i'm much the same, i've been lurking on these threads, checked dizoggs forum now and again too so thanks for the recommendations. Bought 'beauty and the beat' on the weekend, some funky shit!
  21. o cool ok well i lost strength, so i guess some good 'ol praying will get it back
  22. am i right in saying that when you loose them they stay gone...no way of getting them back quickly?? i got some damn disease lost loads of my strength
  23. majic

    Next, Next-Gen

    PS4 will have grafix sooo amazing that we will have to buy special glasses to view it (obv not included in the standard pack)
  24. majic


    i enjoyed turok 3 actually even though it went a bit ... different to the original (haven't played number 2)
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