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    watched this last night, i really enjoyed it, whoever said the dialog was quiet i agree! and also i got bit lost/confused at point but then i am a bit slow not quite sure what i am trying to say there....
  2. yeah man that shit was harsh :'(
  3. hmm thanks for the opinions re Tupac i tried that Lupe Fiasco album and i like about 50% of it, the rest seems a bit boring i enjoyed Kingsyze - Syzemology which someone upped not too long ago, any other good Kingsyze stuff?
  4. ok but I have only got/heard a few random tupac tracks and i realise this is laughable, but i wanna listen to the best he has to offer.....so what is that then?
  5. i was going to say trill hasn't posted in a while
  6. cheers for the replies hmm i've heard of sonnyjim and clarity, i'll get myself a copy of Vaudeville Villian then!
  7. http://lokipsychomusic.blogspot.com/ few albums on there people might be interested in, sorry i can't be bothered to go through and post individual links! so which is doom's best album? i've only listened to odd track here and there but he seems to get much praise on here...also what do you all think about Klashnekoff?
  8. well i quite liked it, would like to hear it better quality out of decent system rather than one earpiece on a hands free phone dizoggs thread is tres gay haha
  9. heh ok cool no worried then
  10. don't want to sound a fool here but as i can't be arsed to read back through the thread....have you seen that vid of imogen thats doing the rounds?
  11. woo me too lunch time drinking FTW
  12. i love liquid swords, its my fav wu tang album, B.I.B.L.E. and Investigative Reports are special
  13. cheers for those uploads! Bumpy Knuckles is raaaw and The Garden from that Cut Chemist
  14. i was reading an aritcle in HHC about hyphy...what do people think of that then? can someone upload a good example of it
  15. so Finsbury park people how was it???
  16. i was/am thinking of coming to this, sway has been taken ill afaik so wont be playing, but common and killakella are
  17. from brighton jam/sleeping giants on sunday, RIME from the MSK crew in LA said he was in stylistic rut but liked the english women
  18. recent method man interview here from beakdown tv.
  19. damn straight, i'd just prefer nas to make more illmatic style tracks....as for plan b's beats yeah they are...different, but hes got skill at telling a story and his album is pretty varied. edit: i know this really isn't the best place to get info on hip hop producers but http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hip-Hop_Is_Dead i am wikipedia's bitch Jay-Z (Executive producer) Nas DJ Premier Just Blaze Kanye West Dr. Dre Timbaland Salaam Remi sounds good to me
  20. talking of new york rap, i have a few cormega tracks which i really like fallen soldiers, glory days, verbal graffiti, any recommendations on his best album?
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