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  1. You'll need to do a bit of yaaaarring for this one, find a torrent from black cats or somewhere, and put it on a mem stick + UMD emulator. Should all fit on a 512 Stick, and it goes without saying 1.5 is what you need.
  2. I downloaded it a few days ago now and i've been loving it. When i'm restrained from playing counterstrike this gives me the perfect online shoot them in the face expirience. As for the little aiming problems that's happening, you do know you can lock onto a target by holding down R right? And strafe by holding down L. Both make a massive improvment to the playabilty, and after realising this I had a score ratio of at least 1:1. I've never thought a PSP shoter could ever work, especially as i've refused to touch the nub after trying to play Jr. and my hand almost falling apart, but after playing this it just seems wonderful, I can really see the final version being something I actually want to buy. Shame about the lack of any communications though, a game like this really need a mic or something.
  4. http://rllmuk.hlstatsx.com/hlstats.php?mod...nfo&player=1080
  5. For dear old Exy... Big well done to the tic tacs, they worked like a charm
  6. I can drop out of the second for you TomSTAR
  7. Ack, Looks like I won't be able to make it, been taken to do some gardening for the grandmother. Doubtful i'll be back in time for this.
  8. I've been playing the Socom BETA over the past couple of days. It's really shown me what the PSP can do it terms of graphics and control. Both I expected to be horrible, but, are pretty decent on the whole. Then of course the online aspect of it all which I really do enjoy, allways been the one for people over the interweb So I reccomend you try and find that if you have a router/torrent client/ 256+ Memstick. If not luminies is the way to go if you don't want to put it down, and Ridge Racer if you want to show it off. Metal Gear acid is all well and good till you get a bit further into the game and want to quickly restart levels from some mistake etc., go to, and find half the menu is missing. Leaving you to either a ) die or B ) quit the game and load it again. Which really get annoying.
  9. They just put it on I've had to trawl through the internet to find it as the server just kept telling me I didn't have it. Can we post the file with the description next time though. Thnx. Map
  10. Congratulations Rattle, Raffles. Good to see the server up at last!
  11. So, how do I die. I mean, I die, a lot. But I just don't see how, I get the ships are at me, but most of the time the bullets/missiles whatever seem to do nothing to me.
  12. I'm with rats maps for occasions, but don't you think it'll throw the server off a bit, having a map like that in the cycle. I'd much prefer something a little more realistic. That Aztec2 one looked ace.
  13. I can make it, just. Ack, according to my sister i'm off to watch the new wallace and gromit movie So it's a no.
  14. It's all about interaction baby, I could go and watch all this at a movie and be impressed. But playing a game it's me me me.
  15. I can go if someone wants to fill me in on the general tides tactics.
  16. I'll be along, and I can do the match if needs be.
  17. You just have that air of class thanks to a walk in wardrobe though FAF, I just have to stand outside mine and use a arm
  18. thought it was sex machines myself
  19. Nobody's ever drawn blood from me and nobody ever will.
  20. I'm not going to take your insolence sitting down!
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