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  1. I'll take this outside, I just have bugger all idea what we're now fighting about.
  2. I think the story was worse than the GCI, but both were unbelivebly crap.
  3. Yeah emps, didn't you see the Jonathan Ross with Stephen Fry on? He really did have some great stuff to say about the english language, and people who 'know' it.
  4. Allways thought they were from your cheeks acctually.
  5. Just did the £23 Tesco deal, now hoping that I got in soon enough to get one from their first dispatch. Though at the price I can hardly complain if it comes a little late.
  6. I liked that, we didn't win, but I was a lot more confident. Some of the ideas that I though up (or maybe one) worked pretty well though
  7. Aye, but it's a fair bit better than Pistols vs Rifles
  8. Ah yes, but for it to work I want the terrors just to put up a effective show, lots of flash and smoke grenades, no life risking stunts or anything, enough to think tell the CTs that they have the team cornered, especially having the dummy squad at say B on Dust 2, the little housie place is great to hide, quite easy to defend, and there is almost no way of knowing that the other two will have gone to A, and if they do run of it's super easy to run along behind them, or ambush them on the way to A by running down that little step part and through the double doors see...
  9. I tend to buy more handheld games now for how they are suited to play, I can just pick them up, have a blast then put them back down again with no hassle at all. But i've never had a handheld game grip me as much as say, Shadow of the Colossus has, nor been anywhere near as addictive as Counter-Strike.
  10. Okay, I've just had a little idea. As terrors on a bomb planting map, and the group is skilled enough. You could take 3 men to a bombsite, make a lot of fuss and keep it that way, trying not to die. Then, the other 2 lads (one of which has the bomb) after the signal is called that pretty much the whole CT team is taking to the bomb site the other 3 are at run around, plant the bomb. This leaving almost the whole CT team at the wrong bombsite, they only have the option to kill the 3 terrors at the other site, for fear that as they run off to the other site then the terrors will run out shooting them in the back. So, if they do, manage to kill the 3 terrors it's going to be really tough on them to run to the other site, take down the last 2 terrors, and defuse the bomb going off.
  11. Shakey Head needs to turn yellow before he is even considered as a smiley candidate.
  12. I used to have that on the 313 server, though apparetly I was the only person that loved it, and when we got a new host I had to loose it, though I did really like it. Great fun as both CT and T, specially running round the corners in the sewer head on into the other team resulting in a bit of a confined shootout . Can't wait to see what they do with it officially though!
  13. Not related to dust 2 in any way, but I don't feel the need to start yet another topic about tactics. I have just been getting lost in Wikipedia, initally researching about some histroy stuffie I felt the need to look up various articles to see what people have to say, upon reading around the proffesional side of CS a rather interesting tactic has been mentioned. Which in, if the team with the objective have little funds they can simply not complete the objective, thus not giving the other team the mass cash reward for defusing the bomb etc. Then boosting cash for the next round to take the team on with a fully equiped team, not a round of pistols vs. rifles and a easy win for the other team.
  14. Yes, yes you can, I think you have to reach a certain size Katamari on a few levels to unlock a free roaming version of that area. Check GameFAQs should have it all written down there. I don't think you start of massive, but surley no time limit is better, no?
  15. Special Edition NICO DVD I oh so wish I had enough to purchase this.
  16. Turns out I had a hell of a lot more work to do over the holiday than I thought I had (and no of that got done either) so if I can drop in as a sub that'd be good. I will play if you need me, but i'd prefer to dedicate a week to working.
  17. So nothing new? They could at least bundle something a little extra for the wait.
  18. Nononono the scout DOES have a faster rate of fire than a AWP. You shoot a AWP, the double tapping Q doesn't add any speed to the rate of fire, it just gives you something to do, the scout however doen't need you to perform the quick switch and you can just fire off a couple of shots in pretty much exactly the same area as the first went to buy just holding down the fire button, not waiting to zoom in.
  19. It was getting quite late IIRC by the time it came on no one on the server should have been playing for a increase in skill, but simply to bum emps in the gob.
  20. It tell you, playing the scom BETA online with some americans while taking a dump was something special
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