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  1. So I finished the game, (and yes I shed a few tears), it was absoloutley beautiful. The whole ending thing got me a little confused as I started this and then did Ico after the 15th, while waiting for another copy to turn up as my first got scratched up pretty bad. But;
  2. A super special edition AC Ds, that'd be super cool. That and selling my PSP, wish I hadn't mildly scratched THM into the back of it. Pm me if you don't care That and almost everything electronical I own being magically fixed, that'd be sooooooper!
  3. Oh my goodness, I saw the ad for this on the Tv today and it looked AWFUL, specially the quality of the add. Anyway, Sonic games are cool in 2D, if not a bit hard. They were alright in 3D until that heroes one came around and that really killed him off.
  4. Aye, it thought it was put back to December 5th in the Us, the release date of Animal Crossing yes? If so I guess the same will happen here.
  5. Yeah, it won't be really cool all interactive like. Though even a small expansion on that room you had with FireRed would be cool.
  6. Not sure if it's been posted but: http://www.modojo.com/features/20051110/21/ Bit of a look at how the online side of it will turn out I think (pics and stuff woooo!)
  7. The ones that did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have to be my most appreciated devs of this gen, both games completly blew me away in terms of style and quality. Definatley the best in terms of brining a completly new expirience to gaming. Nintendo on the other hand haven't really done much. The Ds is great and all, but releasing yet ANOTHER Mario port is annoying, along with all the ones released on the GBA, and apart from the Wind Waker (which I really love) they haven't really done anything great. Well, great, but most of the games are just expansions of what they've done before. Same with most of the other devs, it's fine. But to really earn it creating and brand new game/experience is where it's at. Rockstar made one pretty good game (not that I really like it) and have pretty much just expanded on that. Ooooo bikes! They're (apparently) good games, just as all the Mario games have been good games, but not very definative.
  8. I liked it, then I got stuck, then I did that, now i'm just bored of it, it's more hassle than it's worth and has made me really angry at times
  9. I said how I would never want to do that in the post alan deleted, and i'm glad you hold that higher opinion of me. Otherwise i'm out the clan anyway, i'm not going to make a rubbish topic about it because no one likes me anyway. I've removed myself from ED etc, it's like I was never here.
  10. I don't know what I wrote wrong, but i'm a little woozy so whatever. I don't care, i'm gone, bye.
  11. ThreeHeadedMonkey


    I posted this in the SotC thread, but for those of you that might not want to read there, i'll put it down here. http://forum.gamesradar.com/viewtopic.php?...r=asc&start=225 Scroll down the page a little and you'll find movies ripped from the NICO DVD released with the Japanese version of SotC, not only does it have some SotC footage, but, Ico Ps1 footage!
  12. Yes, yes they are. It's a import so people aren't exactly rushing down to the shops to buy it, i'm sure there are some that haven't done much yet that simply want to post thier amazement at this game only to scroll up the page to find how to beat the next collosi they've been anticipating since breaking away from the game. Well, whatever. Just put spoilers please.
  13. And i'd just love to have one of his playgrounds down my road.
  14. Oh but it's been working perfectly for me, never had anything wrong. Though I haven't tried the second game.
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