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  1. Well Sabes you've made me cry. I hope you're happy.
  2. Got briefed to design an experimental film poster, this is what I came up with: As always Broken Klassic your work is really lovely. I especially liked the look it gave at the end.
  3. Loved it this week, Portal and his contract were fantastic.
  4. Finished portal yesterday and LOVED it, I don't think a game's ever made me laugh so much. I've had the mp3 playing at every opportunity today too. The 'beta' part never fails to make me laugh Just finished Episode 2 today and was absolutely stunned by it all. Everything was amazing. Especially I'm so excited I can hardly wait does anyone know when it's likely to be due?
  5. Looks like the second ROMs been released here's the full description from luelinks: Super Mario World Kaizo Hack Editions One and Two Added by: Coolmik Date: 10/7/2007 11:20:53 PM Code: LL2949a Hits: 205 Rating: 9.96/10 (based on 23 votes) Rate it: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 Categories: Foreign Language, Games, Humor, Offensive, ROMs Options: Add to favorites | Report Link Description: I present to LUELinks: Both editions of the hardest hack of Super Mario World: Kaizo Hack Edition One, and Kaizo Hack Edition Two. I've went ahead and patched both ROMs with their respective IPS files, so that you guys didn't have to mess with Lunar IPS or anything. I've also provided mirrors for the downloads. Have fun! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BL4IP5AU http://rapidshare.com/files/60993652/Super...ition_.zip.html http://www.uplued.com/linkme.php?l=9790 If you guys have heard about this game, then you'll know how painful it is. If you haven't heard of this game, then you'd better run. Fast. Now. But, if you'd rather watch other people suffer through the game, you've come to the right place as well. I present to LUELinks, not only the ROMs, but videos of playthroughs of each and every stage! Super Mario World Kaizo Hack 1: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 1: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 2: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 3: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 4: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 5: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 6: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 7: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 8: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 9: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 10: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 11: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 12: Super Mario World Kaizo Stage 13: Super Mario World Kaizo Hack 2: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 1: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 2: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 3: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 4: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 5: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 6: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 7: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 8: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 9: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 10 Part 1: Super Mario World Kaizo 2 Stage 10 Part 2: I'm sure some of you will have fun with this. Both the ROMs are included in the downloads, i've just checked
  6. MonkeyMan9 from LUELinks apparently, for the first at least, and gotenks09 for the second. I really should do credits in those posts (sorry)
  7. Ooooo some of those are beautiful, and, for those who want; http://rapidshare.de/files/7506860/K.K._Sl..._Music.zip.html All the original K.K. songs in one Zip file Edit: And for most of the other tunes (such as the background music) http://animal.sotry.net/
  8. Aye, this and Ico bring emotion into gaming like no others.
  9. Wooooo! Just put my order in after I realised this was march for us here in europe! Crazy! So yeah, all I need now is my Ds, before that i'm off to find masses of AC media, backgrouds and whatever, it's one of those games that I can hype as much as I want and still know the final item is going to give me all I ever wanted
  10. Is that better? Sorry, it was only after you told me off I realised how that came across.
  11. You mean, you actually put some surf maps on. Amazing. Congratulations to all of you! (someone tell me next time please! I LOVE surf maps on a good server) Oh yeah, and Surf Egypt is a great map to start surfing with.
  12. Also, do we know if Nintnedo are going to do a special Ds for this, I'm on the verge of selling my PSP to buy another one, but was wondering if I should hold out for a bit or just go and get one now.
  13. Nintendo Power Scans: http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/1.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/2.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/3.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/4.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/5.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/6.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/7.jpg http://n-next.com/wildworldscans/8.jpg Looks awesome!
  14. Is this where sabes goes; BUT YOU'RE ALAN SO WTF! And you say, yes, but sabes said no Alans, we were allowed one.
  15. I'm up for a game if anyones around.
  16. Gits is pretty boring, it kept me going for a little bit, but yeah, boring. The SOCOM beta was kinda fun though, although I think I sided with it a lot just for the sake it's a online shooter, and that's on of the genres I really love to play.
  17. Yessir, you can say that too B)
  18. But I still think it's really really really annoying. If someone says 'ul' I just feel anger inside, rather than if they said 'hard luck' and i'd probably feel quite happy
  19. So I don't have one of these store anywhere near me, but as it is i'd like something a little bigger anyway, could This be reccomended?
  20. Or to put it in simpler terms, all the aliens were HIV+
  21. Pictochat, making up games on that thing is so much fiun
  22. I just finished Shadow of the Colossus which was ace, so now (apart from attempting to slowly drag myself away from the addiction Cs has become) I might start to slowly play through Ico again, that and doing some of the further parts on SotC like hard mode etc. Can't wait till Animal Crossing comes out!
  23. I was really bored in history and came up with this;
  24. http://big-gorons-sword.deviantart.com/ I'll put some more thingys on it eventually...
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