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  1. Multiplayer is great but looses half the charm if just one of you has played through the stage beforehand. Still a great game, lots of lovely clever twists to the actual gameplay. I WILL finish it someday.
  2. Anything to help performance over a wireless network, it's not a great deal but I know I should have a better ping.
  3. I allways loved Aqua Aqua on the Ps2, bit old, but still good.
  4. For a few years I really believed they were made from giant mechano of some kind
  5. It's alot better than my longer, and angrier review. But comes to pretty much the same point. I was so dissapointed with the game. Some people may like the twist. But preferably I like to keep my game of tennis a little more original. Back to the '64 for me
  6. Just go for GamesTM they seem to LOVE the xbox at the moment.
  7. I would reccomend the 313 server, though that's only because I used to lead them B) Though the UKCS servers are allways good. The custom map server gives some really good games any time of the day. I havent played on the offical map cycle. but i'm sure it's just as good.
  8. I've heard that 1.51 is getting very close to being crack, and 1.52 is well underway. I'm sure 2.0 will be done in time for christmas
  9. I started playing Wip3out on the PSX again to hype me up for this. It looks awesome, and just a little over 2 weeks to I gain a PSP I can't wait. Also, Are all the tracks new, or have some of the old ones made a comeback?
  10. Anyone know if those headphones can be used with other sony products?
  11. Holy McFuck! I just half-interestedly installed the SCUMMVM emu, thinking it's probably in some useless early phase, and whaddaya know - it appears to be running perfectly! I'm playing Sam and Max on my PSP right now Get Monkey Island runnig. NOW.
  12. Tales of Syphonia really did it for me, I usuall bore of RPGs relatively quicky, but it's kept me. The features I like being the muti play, and the sytle that the battles are played in. Making them nice and short compared to some others. And the diffrent approach to enemy encounters. I really never liked the 'random' encounters. At least you know what's coming in ToS.
  13. You can buy a little cart to plug in at the Ds games end that lets you run Ds roms properly, still need a GBA Flash cart to store them. So I guess that could let you use the touch screen for running any emulator. Though the trouble with the Ds being it costs so much to run homebrew, with the PSP they almost give it to you free.
  14. I've just started out on StarCraft to see what all the hype was about, even though years have passed it's pretty badass. Porting it to the DS would be aweosme.
  15. It doesn't appear to be too bad unless the relationship goes further. Then it'll get messy.
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