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  1. Nothing shocking in there, but it's nice to see lego star wars is still going well.
  2. Thanks very much It also play the original town tune as a hourly chime, ah there it goes again
  3. And after contacting random people on AIM I eventually have it! http://get.yourfile.net/fq67910.rar Download should be valid for at least a year. Includes the EXE and help file. Just PM me if it need re-hosting.
  4. Arcade racing is definatly a win, but overall I prefer more realisim in shooting games. Makes a kill so much more fufilling.
  5. I'm sure it goes for all people, young and old. Splooge in the eye?
  6. That's called hentai dear.
  7. I might be inclined to agree.
  8. Something like that for the TMP in source, it was just a big room full of cars, with TMP's at both spawns. Never really used to use it for practice, more to slaying bots and upping the K/d ratio on my old server, that's before I took the stats off
  9. It's probably been around 2 months sincs I touched my Ds, but there is a distinct lack of titles that intrest me. Although i'll be picking up advance wars and animal crossing i'm just not as excited as I should be. Mario 64 In japanese... Nothing really to special about the game, but it was enjoyable playing one of the greatest platformers on the move. Though, if Nintendo went for it co-operative play would have fully been the way. The wi-fi play was utter crap and lasted little more than a few minuites, yet co-op would have lasted weeks. Wario Ware The most played title, and 99% complete. Though some people may have complained about the lack of any real challange I found the game really enjoyable, and just the thing to break someone else into the Ds' control system. But again, lacking the crucial multiplayer essence that would render it unstopable. Feel the magic I felt the magic, whilst proding that seductive misstress with my stylus. Safe to say I now hate this game. After reaching nightmare for the first time everything became a struggle, with only a small leap of joy at completing a stage. Only to throw the cart across the room as the next came along. It may just have been better if I didn't have wario to thrive on at the same time. I'm pretty sure I won't be touching the sequal, even with a very, very long stick. Polarium Slowly does it. The first game I actually brought from the Uk, though probably more as a impulse buy. The gameplay was so - so, but just got to be a bore after a while. But at least it was cheap. It's a small tale of loss really. I got massively hyped over the Ds' launch. Importing one from japan, which arrived just before christmas. Yet recently I have come to wonder if I was hyped with the belief that 'Nintendo make such good gameboys this can't go wrong'. Though after a fair few months the system now seems a bit bland. With nothing particually interesting to show for itself.
  10. All apart from the nice, long, inevitable que.
  11. Ah yes, the first I found, just forgot to mention it. I might make a nice little picture book when I find them all actually... Just been playing on Dust, and you can plant it with a view between the double doors at A (I think it was) or just at the top of the ramp, nothing really special on that map...
  12. Something i've noticed is that on ever DE map there is a spot that you can plant the bomb and the step back at quite a distance, or a enclosed area. Or at least i've found this on Cbble and Prod... Still looking for the rest. I still don't belive this whole M4 malarky, When I tested it in game, office, CT spawn shooting the garage next to the side window the silenced M4 came back with a much wider radius, even when in burst of two or three. Another point of binding walk to the Mouse2, and binding Secondary function to Mouse3 works quite well, stopping the anoyying silencer switches. And on a last point, learn to quick switch when reloading to stop the reload rather than running off till it's finished. I'm sure i've gained many a kill due to this. Though before I gave up CS for the first time I did make a nice script to hold down R, and relasing would automatically switch, learning yourslef is much better.
  13. "Come here you stupid headless freaks"
  14. I had a copy of Pokemon ruby of there around this time last year, the thing stood out the top of the slot, and told me that the file was corrupt every time I turned it on. I proptly asked what the hell he thought he was doing and got my cash back. Never again...
  15. I played through it once, then gave multiplayer a whirl. Both were far insuperior to 2.
  16. I honestly have no idea if it works or not, though it may be worth a try... http://files.pspupdates.com/cgi-bin/cfiles...?0,0,0,0,21,329
  17. Allways, that or trying to get nice cinematic shots.
  18. It's not tremendously bad, and the game still runs nice and smooth, but I have real problems keeping a stable connection where ever I take my laptop.
  19. Sound more like stuck pixels to me, and I believe it may be possible to fix that problem. Alas I just ordered a PSP from HK, 1.5 and a pixel check. Should be around the end of this week. Though it's only just occured to me i'm going to be playing WipEout in Japanese, unless I can change? If not will it be to much of a hassle wadeing through menus?
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