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  1. A satire of yourself? You're doing it perfect!
  2. http://portalmaps.wecreatestuff.com/ Really, really quite good. Not really sure how long I've been at it, but it certainly feels as though it could have been made by Valve.
  3. Or people like me who blindly run in and only then realize unlike any other console command there's no undo
  4. I'll be giving it a spin sometime in the future, I'm not sure enjoyed would be the right word to describe my first listen to 'Third' but for sure it has something that I liked. I might expand on that once I've listened to it a few more times...
  5. I really, really couldn't get on with their first album. Yet, for whatever reason I've been really looking forward to this. Just finished the first track, and I think I'm going to enjoy the rest.
  6. Correct! The entire things made of a few bits of ikea packaging held together by strands of sellotape. Have a look at One of my flickr pages for a few more shots. In essence it's a three dimensional representation of 20-odd images grounded in a fundamental basic shape (most of these can also be found on the flickr (just keep going back from the link) if that interests you at all). I hoped to achieve some sort of futility when I started drawing the images (at the time I hadn't planned the 3-d it was some sort of natural progression) yet in the end I just got bored and made something I was happy with. Unfortunate the way these things work Currently doing a foundation year over at west suffolk college. By which I mean my bedroom is as much my studio now as it is a place to sleep and if perhaps I want someone to tell me I'm doing 'ok' or 'good' I might talk to one of the 'tutors' at college. Well, I may be a little harsh about the college there. It is in fact a fantastic resource to steal large quantities of paper from. Hopefully though some of that might change if I get myself into Goldsmiths and onto 'art practice' there. Interview is looming Apologies for the short essay there, sometimes it's nice to let it all out
  7. Thanks, I'll admit the basic idea for the guy in the chair came from a quick glance of one of Bacons in an Art volume I brought recently. Though honestly, it was only the general structure of the image that interested me. I seem to have been disfiguring people for a short while now... Bah, what am I saying, a comparison to Bacon is a great one to have. Thanks for the comments
  8. Finished reading American Psycho yesterday (it may have been a couple of days ago thinking about it), really rough at times, didn't realise how much it had really got to me until today. It definatley worked. Now I can't decide between starting A Handful of Dust by Evelyn Waugh or The Island of Dr. Moreau from H. G. Wells (managed to find an extremely old print of this, it's got the cost of one shilling on the front). I could of course leave them both and try to complete The Count of Monte Cristo in double time but, Seeing how tough this decision will be I might just read a few Kafka shorts tonight, and maybe a little of the History of Art and ponder on my choices tomorrow...
  9. It has a casual indifference to the colours red, green and blue.
  10. mmmmmm a few things I've finished recently...
  11. Looks like episode 10 is 'out there'. Just got out the shower and had a little morning look on luelinks to find an upload. cue. FUCK ME. and starting a download.
  12. I'm feeling in a delightful mood after discovering they new york times archives so I'm going to post a few things I've done this past week. Right... back to the essay...
  13. I've just realised no more than a year and a half after finishing House of Leaves that I really need to read entire book again. While on the subject my current readings are 'The Shining' which I'm absolutely loving, then also 'The Story of Art' as to accumulate a little general knowledge of, well, the title.
  14. Became slightly addicted to this again after a few months absence over the last few weeks. Cutting back a bit now, but tbh you'll probably find me on playing a fair bit round the weekend and early week. As a general rule Mr P usually picks a good server, and if not he's always run to splatter about I think I might need a game now actually...
  15. 01 - Deepchord presents Echospace - The Coldest Season 02 - Pantha du Prince - This Bliss 03 - Riley Reinhold - Light In My Eyes Remixe 04 - Panda Bear - Person Pitch 05 - The Field - From Here We Go Sublime 06 - Lil' Wayne - Da Drought 3 07 - Of Montreal – Hissing Fauna, Are you the Destroyer? 08 - Stars of the Lid – And Their Refinement of the Decline
  16. That's really beautiful. I'd like to say more, but I'm not sure I can.
  17. That and the frame rate's giving me the stutters, but it's not usual I get such fast paced action on the toilet.
  18. Seeing as i'll have to sew all over this tomorrow I thought i'd post it for the creep in the bottom left, (probably self representative of me doing 2 weeks of textiles actually) anyway:
  19. And mine Just ordered tickets to see it Friday in Cambridge, getting a wee bit excited!
  20. I though I should come in here and roughen the thread up a little bit after all the lovely 'books that've been posted. I've been actively interested in art for about 1 and a half years now I guess. But it's only since this summer that i've actually paid attention to, and started drawing from nature rather than the ideas that've been in my head. Although I filled up a few sketchbooks last year doing just that. Hopefully that should give you some Idea of relativeness to where you are at the moment. So I guess what i'll post has been developed from about 6 months ago. The one thing I can say is the more I use the books, the more I want to use them and i've started taking them with me wherever I go. Oh yeah, I carry two books around of different size, and er... I got my dates a little confused this month. So where i've put the 10th I actually mean the 11th (they're all from this month). Hope that helps
  21. I'm a bit of a lurker around here, but as it turns out I've just been given 4 waffles invites (as has everyone on the site) and feel the need to spread the love. I searched about but couldn't find any threads so I've just er... created one . If you're interested drop me a PM, Also if anyone could upload Dexter Wansel's Life on Mars to the tracker it'd be appreciated. EDIT: All gone for now, i'll post when I get some more.
  22. first painting since june, it ain't nothing but at least it seems to be an improvement on what i have done...
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