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  1. Has Man Bites Dog been mentioned already? I can't think of anything else that matches content and the ending especially.
  2. Having finished Crime and Punishment last night I've been out and brought The Complete Sherlock Holmes, 2666, and Dubliners. I'm really not sure why, I mean, I want to read and love all three, but I've also got a stack of Evelyn Waugh to read and now that uni's started I should probably be getting on with the numerous art history books, but, well I just don't know, I've got far to much amazing literature I've yet to read. I think i'll take 2666 nice and slow, a bit in the morning, a bit at night. This should round it up nicely to Christmas if i don't blow my beans and read though it faster than that! Sherlock Holmes is a little easier to dip in and out of, and Dubliners, well that might just do for the next three days. I was going to try and dive headfirst into Foucault's 'The Order of Things' but doing that without a decent outlet would probably have been a bit too much for me to cope with! Crime and Punishment, though, eh. You know I'm tempted to say that it's worth far more than the sum of its parts. I'm sure there's so many ways that every word written adds up to it's incredible whole but it just doesn't seem possible. I don't even know what to do with it myself. Do I love it, believe in it? Know it? When I finished Foucault's Pendulum (only a few weeks ago) it was the feeling that I was taking such a great breath of fresh air, that kind of air that makes you feel especially alive. Well C&P feels like I've taken a searing hot bath, but I haven't felt any of the heat. Well, I only finished it 20 hours or so ago, perhaps I need more time.
  3. Found this at last, # 253 "thm" STEAM_0:1:6027393 55:48 76 0 active Really need to fix my tf2, been playing without a viewmodels (guns and whatever) for ages now because when I turn them on they're stuck in lefhand mode. Makes spying absoloutley ridiculous!
  4. Although annoying, perhaps when I was running around ubering snipers and spys and not endanger our teams chances of winning, teams scrambles were probably a good thing. There was also an insane amount of dominations flying around at one point. Haven't had such good dustbowl in quite a while
  6. House jumped right on the silly train this week. Christmas gifts all around!
  7. I found that Lynch short quite interesting. As soon as the camera panned over the tank and dissolved into the living room I was sufficiently, I think it would be okay to say, horrified (not in a extreme sense mind,) Though as soon as the police officer walked in the door and started talking to the kid it was as if to say 'sorry kid your mothers' been found in a huge tank dead'. Which completely took every feeling away from the film. As if it was the question of what was linking the two things together that was providing the horror, and nothing to do with the imagery at all. I think this is probably the same way my mind works with surreal paintings like the ones posted already. I quite like the idea of a big floating rock, but if I had some fear of huge things falling on me that painting would probably send me running. Actually, now that I've thought about the big rock falling it is quite worrying looking at that picture.
  8. Oh man, 2 hours till I desperately try to black out my entire room so I can use a projector in the middle of the day. I can't wait.
  9. i love this, absolutely love it. Got off to a pretty rocky start, some proper horror survival huge monsters and very little ammo vibes but after some careful fights and a bit of experience super mutant heads are going everywhere.
  10. suppose i've got some painting and it might be really good painting, but for now lets just assume it really actually is very good painting. but this painting is stuck in a room. this room has little space and can only be accessed by one person, and at the moment only one person knows about this room. this person doesn't really do much apart from read and paint. occasionally they make a trip to the shops or have a conversation with someone. now a few problems have arisen. i'm running out of paint, i'm running out of space, and i would really like to let these paintings live somewhere else. first and third person are irrelevant anyway, as these paintings aren't very good and they're painted on newspaper which i'm sure anyone can imagine when sellotaped together and lavished with colour becomes the most impractical thing to move, pretty much ever. for all my little story i'm just attempting to ask, how does it work? how does a person go to becoming a painter, to finding a dealer to exhibiting work, to sell and then to buy more paint? i'm sure if anyone else where to find this room they would tell me not to think of such big things, but for now. can anyone feed my curiosity?
  11. Just watched the entire sopranos over the past 8 weeks or so, and I love it, but not like I expected to. Midway through I never thought I'd never rewatch any of it for the amount I disliked some of the characters (as intended I expect) and when Tony killed the gladiator guy over the horse, that when I really had it in for him. But that last scence. Wow. So caught up in the tension, the mounting paranoia. I felt like I was in the place experiencing life as Tony was. Enjoying the scence but the mounting tension and dread was almost unberable. Got a whole new interest in the show again, i'll be watching the first season again later tonight i'm sure. Thought the train scence from the previous episode was awful though, but then they made up for it with the kids in the car, CHHHRRRRWWWWWUNNNNCCCHHHH
  12. been having a fair bit of fun with sketches on the iphone :3
  13. i've just been told my counterstrike's internally fragmented, hopefully it won't be too long fixing this though. looking forward to (flash)banging you all again!
  14. It took me until my third playthrough to find out about Also, can someone tell me in regards to Act III
  15. just reinstalled this after the two weeks or so it's been since i lost it along with windows. the updates seem pretty good, though everyone likes to be a pyro at the moment which seems to nulify most of upgrades a little. i did just get a little look at the backburner holding the top of c on gravelpit though, looked very cool, rocket doing a straight reverse like that! they've still neglected to put any information on what the advantages of the original weapons are though, but the blue flare gun looks absoloultey gourgeous so i guess i'll let that slide till next time.
  16. I'm hoping it will be the refinment of the way they sit beneath the tv that will be the aim for the next generation. The PS3 is pretty classy with the media streaming and the blu ray, but it's still not part of the television. With a lot more people open to console's with the wii the next step will be intergrating games to be just like another tv channel. It's not so much about the game but another easy to experience form of entertainment so I think the next offerings are going try and offer both hardcore and sorfcore but the battle will be really how they manage to market and intergrate it all. Or something...
  17. ThreeHeadedMonkey


    # Up: 3.46 GB # Down: 562.97 MB # Ratio: 6.29 With all these freeleeches my short time on what has been going very well
  18. Man, I love oils, you get that first whiff of the paint, and soon it becomes intoxicating. Then when you unroll a canvas a few months later Do you just work from photo's?
  19. Oh man, I'm too lazy to type it out myself so here's the luelinks page; p.s. I assume it's ok to post these links, seeing as there's not going to be an offical release etc.
  20. Yes, some more information please! That's quite impressive.
  21. The video feels as if it was put together beacuse putting the justice logo on the back of a jumper looks pretty fucking sweet. I don't get from it that either the kids are stressed or that they're creating it. I expected a bit more than loud music = anger, and the Man Bites Dog-esque ending is absoloutley awful. Of course it does evoke a respnse of some kind, but nothing like that which comes from listening to the track alone.
  22. I get the feeling after looking at most of these I should've actually had a proper look at what I was drawing. Anyway, here's my 1:1 copy;
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