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  1. The icon - Hint:
  2. In all honesty I havent run into that many but... (spoilered as it kinda relates to a specific part of the main quest)
  3. that a bit better?
  4. ok what the fuck... In light of doods post. Side quest related it seems, not a massive spoiler as such but still spoiler to avoid the one person who will want to know nothing about it.
  5. Yes there is. Profile - > Preferences - > Action - > Movement - Right stick
  6. In-game - no. Xbox Live profile preferences - yes by default (if you have it set to it)
  7. no supposedly about it. it is legit.
  8. Yeah its just how you look, your name and lets go! Yeah that was the intention. I have played 10hours so far so if anyone does have a question Ill see if its something I have seen etc.
  9. I did consider this but it kinda defeats people getting to experience the first time. So I am leaving the odd tidbit, for those that might want to know and for those that wish to ignore it.
  10. Off work today, think ill stick another few hours into the game.
  11. So yep, Become a proper member of the and also finally got my seems that
  12. ooooh yeahhh......
  13. Thankfully in this their equivalent basically leave you along. They have thats lets you know.
  14. Its kinda sad that I am rather impressed by the and the Also, current 'deathclaw' equivalent seems to be Quick load/favourites menu is god-send. lolz, at the negging.
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