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  1. Thanks guys. Tofu is going to give it a try but if anyone else fancies it then drop me a PM.
  2. So me and Kerraig have been making a documentary about the UK Battle Rap scene for the last couple of years. Some of you guys may even have helped us out at the start with our crowdfunding campaign. If so then thanks so much. We've now got the film cut and we're entering it to festivals and are hopefully going to sign a distribution deal soon. Exciting times after a very long journey. We need some help from one of you talented motherfuckers though. There's a section in the film talking about how the UK scene has a lot of different characters and one of the interviewees likens it to a beat-em-up computer game. So what we think would be pretty awesome would be to do a short animation sequence looking like a video game but with caricatures of some of the battlers from the film. I'm thinking probably Street Fighter 2 style or maybe an even more primitive pixely style. Something retro and cool and hopefully funny. I can do the animation if needed but my illustration skills are pretty poor. So are any of you up for it or do you know of anyone who might be? Here's our old trailer we made 2 years ago. The film is pretty different now but it'll hopefully give you a feel for the project.
  3. Spudulis


    I've just ordered myself one of these. Limited editions though so if you want one get them soon. http://nineteeneightyeight.com/products/sam-gilbey-defending-the-fantasy-genre-with-terminal-intensity
  4. Nah it doesn't really. The film is about some kids trying to get to Spike Island and a lot of that is in there. But really its all their own stories that make it entertaining and there's not much of that in the trailer really so don't worry.
  5. I saw this at the London Film Festival and it seems its finally about to hit the cinemas. Story of a few kids trying to get the the legendary Stone Roses concert. I genuinely loved it. Not sure if that was pure nostalgia though or whether people not familiar with the time and the music will enjoy it as much. When I saw it though the whole cinema was singing along to I Am the Resurrection at the end. I think its one of the best British Films I've seen in recent years. So would love you know other people's views when its finally out.
  6. all these musical bits are making this years the longest show ever. Think Streisand might be the last straw for me. Off to bed,
  7. If anyone else finds they are losing the will to live through the Red Carpet bullshit I'd like to point out that The Big Lebowski is on ITV4 right now.
  8. I've been a 49ers fan since I forst got into American Football as a kid when Channel 4 started showing it in the Joe Montana era. I expect many others are the same.
  9. 1st time the BBC send people over rather than cover it from back in the UK and this happens. Ha Ha.
  10. Aaaaaaaand they've gone for some tedious library track. Fucks sake. Thanks for all your suggestions. If nothing else its given me loads of new stuff to listen to (and reminded me I should go listen to Cut Chemist again). We tried to give them something cool but failed. Next time.
  11. And no more feedback. Client is in the States so expected an email when I woke up this morning. Nothing. Don;t worry guys the deadline is Friday. That's aaaaaages away. Oh hang on.
  12. SOme great suggestions. Thanks guys. Shitdisco fits pretty perfectly I think.
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