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  1. Denmark played the price for being too defensive in extra time. Really didn't need to as they could easily have been more expansive.
  2. Yeah that happens a lot, so hopefully that's the case here. I think the fact that we sold Martínez to Villa has got fans nervous.
  3. I'd love to think that this is just Villa being chancers, but maybe they know something we don't. I really hope it's the former, but it's not outside the realm of possibility that Arteta doesn't see Smith-Rowe fitting into whatever system it is he wants to play. Honestly though if he sells him most fans would (and should) be furious.
  4. I can see how we half heartedly went in for Buendia, hoping to negotiate a good deal only to have Aston Villa come in more determined and with more money. Now we'll f around trying to get Odegaard (who I really like) all summer and end up missing out on both. Neves is a good player and if we are going to sell Xhaka (fingers crossed!!!) we will need bodies. That fact that he's at Wolves means he's coming from one of those super agents though right? Summer starting to feel very familiar...
  5. Missing out to Aston Villa on Buendia is a real reality check, holy shit. I mean it's one thing being priced out of the market by Chelsea, but not being able to outbid Aston Villa for a player we want is thoroughly depressing.
  6. Actually think the squad is not too bad and hopefully some of that on-the-job training our Coach got this year will pay off next season. Most of the names we have been linked with make sense and would hopefully improve us next year if we can bring them in. Thank god we didn't make the Europa Conference League!
  7. Thanks for posting that article, some interesting stuff in there. So David Luiz, Willian, Bernd Leno, Granit Xhaka and Hector Bellerin all want out OR do the club want them out? Either way I would not be too sad to see them any of them leave TBH. We have a fantastic crop of young players coming in from the academy and I think most fans would rather see them in the squad than the like of Xhaka and Willian. Whether Arteta is the right coach is highly debatable.
  8. If the team had played their hearts out and missed chance after chance I'd be gutted, but we were shit the whole game and created next to nothing. I was all for giving Arteta another season, but honestly with performance's like this what's the point? Even more depressing is the owners do not give a shit so nothing will happen.
  9. I love the Champions League and TBH the new format is going make it even worse, so I can see why the big clubs are not happy about it. However, if you asked most fans though they would probably prefer it to go back to pure knockout stages like the old European cup, which I’m sure most big clubs would hate even more. I just can’t wrap my head round the logistics of this 12 - 16 team super league. It’s boring enough watching almost the same teams in the knock out stages every year, do they not realize adding 4 more Real Madrid vs Barcelona ties a year is going to make it boring. My guess is they think other big clubs from Germany, France, Portugal etc. will come on board once it’s up and running. The whole thing is just a poorly thought out money grab.
  10. Albums that I never skip a track on, and I tried not to include any "Compilations", although Selected Ambient Works is kind of a compilation: The Beatles - Revolver The Velvet Underground - Loaded Big Star - Record #1 The Modern Lovers - The Modern Lovers Kraftwerk - The Man-Machine Television - Marquee Moon Steely Dan - Aja Nick Drake - Pink Moon The Clash - London Calling Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands Fugazi - 13 Songs Spacemen 3 - The Perfect Prescription Spiritualized - Lazer Guided Melodies Boo Radleys - Giant Steps Teengage Fanclub - Grand Prix Leftfield - Leftism Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 The Strokes - This is It Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Slowdive - Slowdive The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
  11. There are so many issues with the off the pitch stuff it's hard to know where to start. From all the later period Wenger buys, to all the terrible Sanllehi deals and now the fact that we have a Manager and Technical Director learning on the job. It all comes down to Kronke just not giving a shit. I would say that our Youth team players are the one bright spot and some of our performances this season have been good, but we are so inconsistent. I do think Arteta should be given another season, but a lot depends on who we can bring in this Summer. Fingers crossed for tonight and the rest of the Europa League!!!
  12. Big game tonight! After the weekend's performance I honestly can't see us winning the Europa League, but if we can get Saka and Smith Rowe back we might be in with a shot.
  13. Chambers and Ødegaard looked good at least! You think Real Madrid will take Xhaka and Luiz in a swap deal for Ødegaard?
  14. It’s hard to know if it’s Leno or the players (Luiz, Xhaka, Cebellos) or Arteta insisting on playing out from the back every time. Hopefully all 3 of those players will be off in the summer, so that will at least narrow the opinions. Be interesting to see how we do in the inevitable draw against Villarreal. I seem to remember Emery having the same problem.
  15. Fingers crossed Xhaka is off in the summer after that calamity. I’ve honestly lost count of how many points he’s cost us over the years.
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