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  1. @jimmbob Ah, excellent. Thanks!
  2. The Hitman 3 punch card has disappeared on the Rewards app for me. I hit the first icon on the card before it disappeared. Will I still get the 6000 points if I pre-order the game?
  3. Series X just froze part way through a game of TDM on Garrison, then switched off.
  4. Well chuffed that my Xbox One official play and charge kit works on the new pad. Needs a USB-C lead instead, but I have one of those from my Switch Pro controller.
  5. As already mentioned, Amazon are sending out £10 discount codes for an Xbox controller as a thank you for purchasing a Series S/X. I wasn't planning on buying an additional controller straight away, but somehow I now have a Shock Blue pad on its way to me. Well played, Amazon.
  6. My card has been charged and status now changed to 'Preparing for dispatch' on Amazon.
  7. I made it to level 40 on the beta last night. Using the M16 with a ton of attachments, and I'm having a load of fun. I think it looks and plays great on 1X. Looking forward to seeing it on Series X.
  8. Oh, so it is. I didn't think to look there, not used them in ages. I can't wait to play this on Series X.
  9. I'm looking forward to this. Just noticed it's £42.85 at Simply Games, so I think I'll slap down a pre-order.
  10. I restarted Costume Quest at the weekend as I wanted to get into the Halloween mood. It's still a great game.
  11. Send them off to Nintendo.
  12. Sorry for asking a question that has probably been asked a million times, but if I have a valid Game Pass Ultimate subscription for another couple months which had been previously upgraded under the £1 deal, can I still purchase the 12 months regular Gold membership above and upgrade it to Ultimate for £1?
  13. SNES pads are available. The NES Joy-con aren't, though. https://mynintendostore.nintendo.co.uk/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-controller-for-nintendo-switch.html
  14. You can do it online with GAME, at least. Edit: actually, maybe not. https://www.game.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/mHubArticleView?hubId=2666252&articleId=2666253&catalogId=10201&langId=44&storeId=10151
  15. Just blew £40 and a few gold points on the eShop, but what a selection of games I got. All currently on offer. Huntdown - £16.19 A Short Hike - £5.66 Glass Masquerade double pack - £2.96 The Adventure Pals - £2.69 Horizon Chase Turbo - £5.39 Lapis X Labyrinth - £8.99
  16. Complete surprise seeing this on Game Pass today, I'd been eyeing it up on the Switch eShop. I'm on chapter 3 and loving it so far.
  17. I seem to recall that somewhere in the options there is a toggle to enable pre-order bonuses. @grounded_dreams @Retroguy I pre-ordered digitally, have the box enabled, and have the bonus available in-game.
  18. I'm hoping it'll get easier over time, but currently it's a two-handed job.
  19. Mine arrived this morning! Loving it so far. The cartridges are such a tight fit, though.
  20. I had an email last night with my shipping info.
  21. I bought Hidden Through Time on the eShop. It says Pro controller compatible in the description, but my Pro controller switches off whenever I start the game and I have to use the Joy-con.
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