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  1. I think it looks pretty good.
  2. I've played through 30% of PictoQuest this evening. It is glorious.
  3. Great first impression, can't wait to play more. Ended the session with my first win, too! I managed fewer kills than the other two in my squad, but one of them was the final elimination. Buzzing.
  4. TheGameCollection.net have Resi 2 with lenticular sleeve for £37.95, too.
  5. Got mine as well, along with one of their "Old Games" tees. It is a very nice hoody.
  6. Sale is decent. So far I've bought Burnout Paradise Remastered for £6.25, GTAV for £11.16, and Prince of Persia 2008 for £3.59. I'm tempted by Kingdoms of Amalur at £9.99, too.
  7. I ordered a physical copy from Amazon.com, and it came to just over £43 including shipping and import fees deposit. It has a manual and two sticker sheets.
  8. I just went to redeem some of my points on my Xbox, and was given the option to redeem either 5850 points into a £5 gift card or 4410 points into a £5 gift card. It defaulted to the former but obviously I clicked down one and grabbed the better offer.
  9. You need the relevant language pack as well. It's 18.3GB in total. I started earlier as a Necromancer, and am enjoying the game all over again. It's pretty amazing having Diablo in my hands.
  10. Just noticed I've been emailed a code for this as well. If anyone would like it, reply and I'll PM you.
  11. 2DS + Animal Crossing + Mario Kart. You can't go wrong.
  12. retroed

    Nintendo Switch

    The 15% discount is applied if you own Enter the Gungeon, Minit, Crossing Souls, or Not a Hero.
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