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  1. Holy shit, I've just noticed that Link is spelt with one i.
  2. On the off chance that someone has a copy of Not Alone for sale, I'm buying!
  3. Each to their own, I suppose. But i find that task has grown ever more pointless with each generation.
  4. I hope this time people on rllmuk actually get involved in the battling. All I saw last time were people in the thread trying to collect every variation of volvidon wing patterns or something.
  5. If you're into turn-based RPGs (or perhaps if you're not a huge fan), you could try Child of Light. It's pretty light and introduces battle mechanics and new characters at a friendly rate. It's also relatively relaxing and stress-free; it's much more lighthearted than your average jrpg, for example. I really enjoyed it as a game to unwind with after a long day of work, with just the right amount of interesting systems and strategy to engage my brain, without being overly taxing on my tired brain. Edit: It also doesn't outstay its welcome. It's a good length.
  6. I've got Lords of Waterdeep and that doesn't really get a look in with Kingsburg available (we like it more). Anyone up for a trade? I prefer games that work well with 4 or less and that aren't too heavy. I've got a wishlist but it's not quite up to date. http://boardgamegeek.com/wishlist/donpeartree
  7. Now my fiancé has just completed the first proper mission near- flawlessly on her first attempt. I'm so mad right now!
  8. I don't mind losing squad members, but at the moment i don't even have enough to field a full squad. Ruthless! Still, i think I'll persevere with it on the current setting for now and see how it goes.
  9. Mate, this game is rock hard! I had to do the first mission three times and the last mission I survived by the skin of my teeth (3 missions in). Should I just restart on casual?
  10. Thanks, i always find these really useful.
  11. I discovered that I've got a leftover 10 quid available on my nintendo eshop account. Anybody got a recommendation for a decent purchase I can make for around a tenner? Thanks.
  12. XIII is the only Final Fantasy that I've ever stuck with until the end. I know it has a lot of flaws and I can barely remember the story or most of the characters, but for me it has the most entertaining combat system of any Final Fantasy to date. I liked dealing with the battles in a more macro style. In other Final Fantasy games, I always got bored of mashing through the attack button over and over again after 40 hours. It's a shame that the story was so forgettable.
  13. Yeah, each floor from the second has a list of stuff that you need to gather to unlock the shortcut from the hub. Try jumping down the elevator shaft if you haven't found it yet.
  14. Sweet! Just as my interest was beginning to wane.
  15. I've got a couple of questions about the 3ds transfer. Apologies if this stuff has been covered.. Firstly, my circle pad fell off today (the rubber top, at least), so I'd appreciate it if anyone knows a quick/ cheap solution for sorting that out. Secondly, my fiancé said i could transfer my data over to her 3ds and use that instead. Will I be able to somehow back her data up before I transfer over to her 3ds (I assume doing the 3ds transfer will wipe the data that's already on there)?
  16. I had loads of issues using the site to do that, including having to type in my password at least 4 times and also having to put 2 verification codes in because the first timed out.
  17. Oops, ugvm for the name and password. My phone autocorrected it the other way for some reason
  18. We've got another tourney on the go. The name is "uvgm ultimate" and the password is uvgm . About a day and a half to go.
  19. Any interest in doing a rllmuk tourney? Not sure how it all works though
  20. Any recommendations for games to try out tomorrow?
  21. For anyone who's starting during the weekend, we should try and have a little meet and play some games (obviously). Me and Gabzy are around all weekend (from Thursday).
  22. Shit, has this patch gone live yet? I've got a massive stack of blue mats I haven't converted yet.
  23. Got the Game Boy. Bit of a tough one. I can barely remember GB games. 1. Pokemon Red 2. Pokemon Silver 3. Dragon Warrior Monsters 4. Zelda: Link's Awakening 5. Mario Land: 6 Golden Coins? (Is that the name?)
  24. Spainkiller, do you have a competetive team on X/Y? We should battle some time. Or anybody else who's got a team raised, for that matter.
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