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  1. If I remember correctly, you barely get a reward for the third trial at all (other than the satisfaction of completing it).
  2. For anyone who played Salt and Sanctuary, how does this game compare? I loved it and I'd love something in a similar vein. Even if it's quite different tonally.
  3. Celeste. Absolutely Celeste. Not only is it an absolute banger and one of the finest platformers to ever exist, it absolutely fits into the perseverance mindset theme you are looking for. There are parts that feel rock solid at first, especially if you lean into the harder challenges the game has to offer, but it's very rewarding when you finally string it all together. It also has very quick respawns and most of the challenges come in small chunks. It's surprisingly unfrustrating* for such a "git gud" game. *Probably not a real word
  4. Don't suppose you'd be interested in any of the following as a trade? Android Netrunner (base set) Duel of Ages: Worldspanner Treasure Hunter Yomi Unlock Escape Adventures Unlock Mystery Adventures
  5. Wait, is there a wishlist feature on the psn store? If so, how do you use it?
  6. Holy shit - what a great idea! It makes perfect sense.
  7. Reigns on mobile is a great little game. It fits the short game bill (each run could be over in a few minutes) but also has overarching goals and objectives to work towards that will probably take you a couple of hours. It's a game about running a kingdom with the simplicity of Tinder's interface (swipe right /left).
  8. Inside comes to mind straight away. What Remains of Edith Finch, too, if you like "walking sim" story games.
  9. Flinthook is on sale until the 19th on the PSN store. £3.99. Worth it for anyone who's been on the fence. It's good!
  10. Go to the sewer. You should be able to find another rune there that will open up other routes.
  11. Either way, it's clearly a GameCube pad, so it's obviously not designed exclusively for Switch. Honestly, I still don't get what your issue is. Is it the way Nintendo are marketing their product?
  12. It looks to be like that product description is Amazon's words, not Nintendo's. I could be wrong about that, but it seems that way to me. Also, Nintendo released that exact product Smash 4 came out on Wii U.
  13. If you don't already own a Cube pad and you have something else to use instead (eg, Pro controller), I wouldn't bother with it.
  14. It seems simple to me. Nintendo are catering for those who want to use a pad from 3 generations ago to suit the Smash crowd - something that actually goes above and beyond what they should be expected to do. And they're doing it in probably the best way that they can (by providing a relatively cheap adapter). This is the best option for those with existing GC pads. Not to mention that GC pads are supported in other games. If you like the functionality but not the price, buy a third party option (mine cost somewhere between 10 and 15 on the Wii U, I believe). Otherwise, it's not like you need a GameCube pad to play the game. There are many other options, including just using your standard 2 joycon setup or wired/wireless Switch pad. Honestly, I don't see the problem.
  15. Yeah, this is my shopping list too. God, there's some straight bangers out this month. Summer drought?
  16. If you went into a shop and you didn't already pick up a key on that floor, you'd get a guaranteed key for sale. Now, you get a guaranteed key in the first 2 shops whether you've picked up a key or not. On subsequent floors, you're not guaranteed a key either way.
  17. Not picking a key up until you've found a shop doesn't work anymore. Just pick up keys whenever they drop.
  18. They have added an option to speed the game up when out of combat and you also get warps at the exit room of each floor (as well as chest rooms). Nice little quality of life change.
  19. From what I've played so far, I think the balance is better. I wouldn't say it's harder. Though there are definitely some additions that up the difficulty, the increased drop rates and new gun combos counter them. I like the fact that crap or mediocre weapons can instantly become more viable if you get a new synergy.
  20. One of my favourite things to happen since the update dropped.
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