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  1. I'm with LaveDisco on this one. It's a masterclass in doing a lot with a little; a strategy game boiled down to its finest and most essential elements. Another game that immediately springs to mind is Downwell. It's not my favourite game, but it uses such a simple, efficient design to provide a while load of value. The premise extremely simple too. You fall down a week and see how far you can get. Mechanically, there's barely anything to it. You can either move left/right or fire your gunboots. It has an incredibly simple colour palette. Enemies are white or red. White= I can jump on you. Red= I can't jump on you. Everything in this game follows these simple mechanics but uses them with a lot of variety. Every mechanic is doing a few different jobs. The mechanics that do exist connect and interact with eachother in interesting ways. E.g. killing enemies fills a combo meter that ends when you touch the ground. You only have limited ammo but this refills when you jump on an enemy's head, so the game design encourages the risk of going for bounces for as long as possible to extend your combo while also managing your ammo in a way that allows you to avoid hitting the ground for long periods of time if you play well. I'm probably describing this poorly, but it just works.
  2. My wife and I have been playing Kingdom Two Crowns recently. In terms of your interaction with the game, it's really simple; you're walking left or right, you're dropping or spending coins. That's about it - perfect if your wife isn't used to playing much. It's more about the decisions you make. What to upgrade, when to go exploring, how to split up the duties. Simple, but fun, and quite a lot to discover.
  3. Thanks for this post. I'd never heard of it before, but It looks right up my street.
  4. Man, this game is great. Totally worth it at that price. It's the best Souls game that isn't a Souls game.
  5. Having bought one myself about a month ago, I wholeheartedly agree.
  6. I posted this in the Switch thread last week. I've finished the game now and I'm convinced that this is probably the best 2 quid you can spend on the eshop. You're Tim (at the start, at least), an anventurer tasked with saving the princess of a kingdom, but you soon realise that the game isn't really about that. It's a game about exploration and discovery. Of experimenting and deducing. And ultimately about laughing at all of the stupid stuff that ends up happening. Every defeat is a victory. It took me 7 hours or so to see all of the 100 endings (some of them take only a minute or less and some require much more thought and planning) and I was glued to it until the end. There's actually even more to do aftetwards, but I haven't dug into it yet - the game is such a generous value proposition. It's simplistic for sure, but if you can get over the basic pixel art, even that has its charm. TLDR: Get Reventure ffs
  7. I enjoyed Rogue Legacy, but I like my roguelikes with less persistence between runs. It seems like it's balanced for you to fail in early runs, whereas i can load up a new file on Enter the Gungeon or Binding of Isaac and complete a run.
  8. I typed out a whole post but then accidentally deleted it, so I'll give the short version: Reventure is on sale for £1.99. It's a really cool (albeit very basic in terms of graphics) adventure game with a lot of positive surprises. It does a lot with a little. It's clearly a labour of love and funny to boot. I thoroughly recommend it. Edit: Probably should have put this in the eshop thread
  9. The Watcher is nuts. That's all I have so far.
  10. They are also on the triggers, just in case you missed that.
  11. There are certain squares on the bottom row that can only be filled in, no matter where the line of 7 begins/ends. Find the two extremes (as far left as the block of 7 can be and as far right as it can be) and you'll see which squares are common in both. Edit: Basically, what mdn said.
  12. It's much less accessible. Very early on, you can wander into unwinnable fights and you can get overwhelmed in ways that often feel unfair.
  13. If I'm going to get just one, which should I get?
  14. I don't like it, either. Doesn't mean it's not a JRPG.
  15. "Wrong! It's not an RPG! It's an RPG!"
  16. So an RPG, then. A Japanese RPG.
  17. Salt & Sanctuary is really good, but Shadow Complex is not the comparison I'd make. It's absolutely a Souls-like game (and not in the "everything is Dark Souls" sense).
  18. Nobody will tell you, but you will discover why. The mystery is pieced together by finding out more about certain things the nomai were working on and finding out why this is all happening in the first place.
  19. I love this game, but I found falling into the black hole in Brittle Hollow for the 10th time in a row frustrating. It might be worth taking time to visit one of the other planets first and digging into the lore there (maybe the home planet if you haven't explored it yet). There is no intended path; wherever you go, threads will lead you to other locations anyway. Also, something that helped me reduce black hole falls immensely was working out that you can boost jump with your thrusters (R2 before you jump), just in case you missed it.
  20. I played the whole game under the assumption that I wouldn't be able to breathe on any of the planets except the home planet. Suited up everywhere. Your mobility is much better in the suit anyway.
  21. I could do with another pointer. I'm close to unraveling it, having cleared up most of the planets / locations, but i still have some important question marks on the rumour map.
  22. I couldn't put the game down yesterday; ended up playing til the early hours of this morning. What a compelling game! It's got its frustrations, but I've got to look into Dark Bramble a bit more. I've been putting it off for most of the game, but it's the only place that I haven't really explored beyond a cursory glance.
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