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  1. added. I'm gnna search now
  2. just played my first 4-player race.. Got whipped Although I'm putting it down to the fact i was trying a new cart Next time.. edit: martroid added
  3. I'm around now if anyone's up for a few games. Add me and gimme your code if you're up for it.
  4. I already added you, mate. Won't be online til tomorrow evening at the earliest though.
  5. Just added barnard, stebie, napoleon and max m to my list.. i'm losing track. edit: and spanx
  6. Well in that game I remember the computer racer in second always used to catch up to you no matter how well you raced or how far back you knocked them... or was that Mario Kart 64? anyway, have you added me shimmy? and preacher?
  7. They would have to make it really difficult to do though, like split-second timing. Otherwise, it blows the whole point of giving better items to those in last. By the way, Paulando, I've added you, just in case you don't have me yet.
  8. Problem is, if you're in the lead from the start you probably won't get either. I use a kart with a low items stat and I've only got the ghost and the bullet bill once each so far... ever. And i've completed all the grand prixs up to mirror with gold in all.
  9. Actually I agree with this. In double dash I managed to dodge red shells about a quarter of the time, by timing a drift boost and turning. I even managed to do it with a blue shell a couple of times... actually, has anybody tried this out in Mario Kart DS yet?
  10. By the way, are there any racers on the boards that stand out above the others yet? I wanna dive right in there and start challenging the best racers when I get back... And I can't wait to mash your pussy dinosaur up, kev
  11. Well to be fair, the karts that have a good items stat usually suffer in other areas like speed and acceleration so they depend on getting good items more. And if you were racing THAT much faster than him it shouldn't have mattered much. However, I know how annoying it can be too. Especially a blue shell just before you cross the finish line, allowing them to nick it. I can't really see how they could have made the system much better though.
  12. Right. I'm unable to get on this weekend. I'm away, but when I get back I wanna get playin straight away. Here's who I've got so far: don rosco duffy anewman morcerf shimmy mr spew earl preacher grav0 ithica paulando toonfool john0 red squirrel alan sprite machine father i lol'd edit: also added village If you're on this list and you haven't yet added me, please do so. My code's in my sig. Also, anybody else, feel free to add me and let me know yor code when you do, so I can add you too. By the way, is there another effect of locking friends on the list (other than not allowing you to erase them)
  13. Add me please. My mario kart code is: 489 686 247 526
  14. I wish I could.. I'm missing out! I'll be back on Tuesday. Hopefully I won't have fallen too far behind. Just been unlocking stuff mostly.
  15. anewman, nice game yet again. Credit where credit's due... you whooped my arse. Look forward to playing you again. By the way, Father I LOL'd, I've added you, but I won't be able to play for another while now. I'm going out soon. Anyone else, feel free to add me if you haven't already. Cheers.
  16. added you edit: and shimmy
  17. nice race anewman. I got disconnected. If anyone's interested, I'm about to try and connect again. Try and get some 4 player this time.
  18. I added the following players: Paulando toonfool duffyma johnO anewman Redsquirrel Alan Sprite Machine If any of these are you, could you add me if you haven't already. Maybe drop me a pm or somethin. I'm going to try and connect now anyway. Cheers
  19. I'm about 65% in. I've been playing this game for so long too. Yesterday, I got all the horseshoes. I was happy until I realised that I still have to get the tags, oysters, unique jumps, snapshots...
  20. Here's mine: Advance Wars: Dual Strike - around mission 20 Pikmin 2 (100%) - Just challenge mode left to get all perfects Jump Superstars - All komas to unlock GTA: San Andreas - Lots to do Kirby Canvas Curse - All medals That should take a while. Closest to completion is Pikmin. Edit (24/02/06) I flopped big time: My file on Advance Wars got erased so I game up and sold it. Sold Pikmin 2 Unlocked all the komas in Jump but then sold it (pointless) Still haven't completed GTA Sold Kirby
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