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  1. donpeartree

    Games Exchange

    I've got a copy of Space Hulk 3rd edition that I'm looking to sell on. All the miniatures have been cut from their sprues and assembled (a painstakimg process indeed). Would anyone here be interested (before I try elsewhere)? Pick up from Expo will reduce shipping.
  2. donpeartree

    Roguelikes / Roguelites

    Fuck, man, what I wouldn't give Shiren on the PS4.
  3. donpeartree

    Roguelikes / Roguelites

    Has anyone tried Wizard of Legend? I'm looking for something to scratch my Gungeon itch and I'm wondering if this is the game to do it. The combat looks pretty satisfying and fun, but I've heard the levels are quite repetetive.
  4. donpeartree

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    A guy on Monster Hunter called Ballsack Joe. He was really good!
  5. I'm on tenterhooks. What's the game?
  6. If you've played any games that were sorely overlooked recently, why not post a little summary in here to bring it to the attention of others? Also, if you have a better name idea for this thread to replace my shit one, feel free to offer a suggestion!
  7. There are many games that fall outside of the general release radar, whether because they are quite niche, or don't have much of a marketing budget, or just don't have mass appeal (less popular genres). A lot of these games are definitely worth paying attention to, but often don't get their own threads (or enough posts to maintain a thread). I thought it would be a decent idea to have a thread like that for those rainy days where you're looking to play something new; a hidden gem that you probably missed the first time around. Dandara The game that inspired this thread is Dandara. It's a "Metroidvania" game, essentially. Go around the map gathering different abilities to help you traverse new areas. The thing that makes Dandara unique, though, is an interesting movement mechanic. Gravity in this world does not follow our rules. Dandara moves around the map by flipping from surface to surface, sticking to wherever she lands - this surface becomes her floor. There is no walking, running or jumping (in the traditional sense). This could easily feel jarring or clunky, but the way that the movement mechanics are executed in the game feel very satisfying. Movement is snappy and fluid. I was surprised by how natural it felt to flip from floor to ceiling to wall to floor again, confidently zipping through the early areas after a few minutes adapting to the controls. The sound design is brilliant, from the little tick, clunk, tap sounds of text and menus to the weird and wonderful soundtrack (listen to the music in the trailer). The areas in the game are visually interesting, though not exactly packed with detail. The tools/abilities are not all majorly exciting, but varied enough to add some spice to the core movement mechanic, which is strong enough to carry the game to its end. The game has some brilliant moments. One of the bosses in particular was a stellar combination of movement and combat that made me want to go back and fight it again straight after. The game is not without flaws. The difficulty curve is a bit spiky in places, but the game is open enough that you can usually try going somewhere else if a particular area is frustrating you. I'd say that the pros really outweigh the cons here, though. If you like Metroidvania-style games, this is absolutely worth the time. P.S. Damn, the music is excellent!
  8. donpeartree

    Best Game Character of 2017

    1. Senua - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 2. Jodariel - Prye 3. The Snatcher - A Hat in Time There weren't really many standout characters from games I played last year. Pyre and A Hat in Time had a variety of good characters, but I just picked my favourite from each game. Senua is leagues ahead in terms of the character's development and performance - a really special character, for sure.
  9. donpeartree

    Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    [slow reply] The rat will always leave keys and hearts on the ground. He'll grab pretty much anything else you leave (armour, ammo, guns, etc.) Not so sure about blanks, but there's never a reason to leave those anyway.
  10. donpeartree

    Darkest Dungeon

    The Darkest Dungeon DLC (Crimson Court?) is on sale on psn at the moment. Is the DLC worth it? I haven't played much of darkest dungeon and kind of fell away from it a while back. But I really like it and I'm looking to get back in and start again.
  11. donpeartree

    Roguelikes / Roguelites

    No, I haven't, yet. Should I? I haven't seen much about it. Am I likely to enjoy it if I enjoyed Gungeon?
  12. donpeartree

    Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    If you find that you run out of keys often, try leaving keys on the ground until you've found the shop on each floor. If you haven't picked up a key, the shop will always sell at least one. Keys are generally really good value, compared to other things you can get from the shop, so prioritise them. You should also consider breaking brown chests if you have a low key count. Brown-quality weapons aren't usually very useful.
  13. donpeartree


    Firstly, what a high quality game this is! It's got such a good feedback loop of agonising frustration to elation. Thematically, it's very different to Super Meat Boy but reminds me a lot of the feeling I got playing it. The movement is very satisfying and surprisingly deep (see joeplus's videos above) and, like Yiggy said, when you pull off a particularly complicated section you really do feel "god-tier." And I haven't even mentioned the story, which might be the biggest surprise of all. Secondly,
  14. donpeartree

    Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    Nope, it's in all versions.
  15. donpeartree

    Monster Hunter: World

    This thread moved along fairly quickly, so I don't know if this has been asked yet, but can you still make preset item lists? It makes setting up for hunts so much quicker, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

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