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  1. I don't understand how reading that post would put you off the game. At all.
  2. A bit of feedback. The blind jump to the third spring could do with a bit of telegraphing (like a coin trail or arrow). I died a fair few times, but that was the only bit that really felt frustrating.
  3. I uploaded my multiplayer level about 4 or 5 days ago, but apparently it hasn't even been played on multiplayer yet, despite having the versus tag. Any ideas why? Edit: is there something else I need to do to get it in the multiplayer queue?
  4. I just picked up the game on the weekend. Despite the crazy lag and the percentage of awful levels, I'm loving the multiplayer versus mode. So much so, that I decided to make a versus course as my first build. What's the deal with uploading multiplayer courses? Is it enough to tag them as multiplayer to add them to the versus queue? I'd appreciate some feedback on my level if anyone has the ability to test out the multiplayer element of the course: Climb the Key Tower Edit: TXH-814-2TG (re-uploaded)
  5. All power cards work like that. They are effectively exhausted when you activate them.
  6. That happened to me the other day. Strangely, my Pro controller still worked so I was able to continue, but all the joycon inputs (apart from home and share) were not registering.
  7. There's definitely a couple of annoying bugs on Switch at the moment, including a crash the game situation that caused me to have to replay a fight I'd just won. I imagine they'll be patched soon, though.
  8. The 2 things I enjoyed demoing the most were Chronicles of Crime and Ticket to Ride: London. CoC is a detective game that has you using an app to search crime scenes / interrogate witnesses, etc. It works very well. TTR:L is TTR done in 15 minutes, which is great, in my book (quite similar to TTR: New York if you've played that). Edit: Also, Klask! What a great little dexterity game. You control a pawn each using magnets to hit a ball into your opponents goal. But you also have a couple of other ways to score, like whacking some small magnets at your opponents pawn. Good fun.
  9. After day 1, has anybody got any recommendations for stuff to demo tomorrow?
  10. Took a punt on Bulb Boy, as it had a weird trailer, was on a deep discount and I vaguely remember a thread on here that had some positive things to say about it. Finished it in one sitting. It is certainly interesting
  11. Anyone played Tangledeep? I've wanted a game like Shiren for years and this looks like it could be a contender.
  12. This is what you're looking for btw https://images.app.goo.gl/fiWTykCXR4Qn4Xg2A
  13. Also, I am 99% sure that there is not always a secret room on the floor. They may have changed this in an update, though. I do what Gabzy said, pretty much. Check the chest rooms because they're small and you won't waste much ammo, and then i just drop my remaining blanks in any room I think the secret room could be attached to.
  14. Completing secret levels will unlock certain things, but they're not necessary. Later on, they can be used to get extra drops or more money, but for now your goal is to work towards beating floor 5 and working on "the bullet."
  15. Also, if you're past the point where you can get past the first floor consistently and running a bit low on keys, don't be afraid to smash up some brown/ blue chests. You don't want to use a key on a brown chest only to find you can't open a red on the next floor. You can also occasionally get some very decent stuff for smashing chests (but don't count on it).
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