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  1. If I'm going to get just one, which should I get?
  2. I don't like it, either. Doesn't mean it's not a JRPG.
  3. "Wrong! It's not an RPG! It's an RPG!"
  4. So an RPG, then. A Japanese RPG.
  5. Salt & Sanctuary is really good, but Shadow Complex is not the comparison I'd make. It's absolutely a Souls-like game (and not in the "everything is Dark Souls" sense).
  6. Nobody will tell you, but you will discover why. The mystery is pieced together by finding out more about certain things the nomai were working on and finding out why this is all happening in the first place.
  7. I love this game, but I found falling into the black hole in Brittle Hollow for the 10th time in a row frustrating. It might be worth taking time to visit one of the other planets first and digging into the lore there (maybe the home planet if you haven't explored it yet). There is no intended path; wherever you go, threads will lead you to other locations anyway. Also, something that helped me reduce black hole falls immensely was working out that you can boost jump with your thrusters (R2 before you jump), just in case you missed it.
  8. I played the whole game under the assumption that I wouldn't be able to breathe on any of the planets except the home planet. Suited up everywhere. Your mobility is much better in the suit anyway.
  9. I could do with another pointer. I'm close to unraveling it, having cleared up most of the planets / locations, but i still have some important question marks on the rumour map.
  10. I couldn't put the game down yesterday; ended up playing til the early hours of this morning. What a compelling game! It's got its frustrations, but I've got to look into Dark Bramble a bit more. I've been putting it off for most of the game, but it's the only place that I haven't really explored beyond a cursory glance.
  11. It turns out that the solution was just knowing that holding R2 and jump at the same time gives you an extra large boost. Somehow missed that for the first 4 hours!
  12. I bought this tonight. I'm really into it, but you do need to have some patience. I could do with a little advice regarding...
  13. Octopath - £29 Resi 7 - £5 Outer Wilds - £19 Some Yugioh shit - £10 Battlechasers - £10
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