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  1. I've always wanted to like Ni No Kuni. God, that game is dull.
  2. I really enjoyed this; it pieces out the narrative between runs in the same way as Hades, meaning you're never too frustrated when you die, as you get to see more of what's happening in the family home. The different characters all play very differently and you're encouraged to play as different characters on runs. (Wait, is this Hades?) The levelling up and meta-progression is a little slow, though. (it takes a couple of runs with each character to actually be able to use your full suite of skills, which is a bit annoying in early runs). I'd definitely recommend trying it if
  3. I think you can play Overcooked using half of a pad (so that two players can share one)
  4. I know Asira's Wrath isn't that old, but is there a modern equivalent?
  5. What a brilliant phrase to describe the appeal of this game
  6. Give me a remake of PoP 2008 and I'm in.
  7. I wasn't expecting such an impressive showing. Wow.
  8. I'm not completely against the battle pass model, as it allows devs to make their game free to play fairly. Everything unlockable on a battle pass is cosmetic, so you're not left behind if you don't purchase it. Having said that, I had similar problems to other people when I bought the Apex pass, in that it encouraged me to play the game when I wasn't really feeling it and I found it incredibly slow to level it up. It was only when I started ignoring the challenges/unlocks that I started enjoying the game again. Simply, if you don't see the value in a battle pass, you can com
  9. What's the best thing to read / watch to get a good handle of the appeal of this game (Ryza)? I've been stung a few times with recent jrpg purchases, where I've seen reviews and thought, "this looks/ sounds cool," only to be disappointed afterwards when it doesn't meet the expectations set.
  10. That is some frightening play
  11. I don't have much to say about this, but I finished it last night. The combat is really fun if you keep mobile and super aggressive (spamming powers and bullets). The atmosphere and "game feel" are excellent and I really enjoyed the weirdness of the Oldest House and the world-building in general. I haven't played a shooter I've enjoyed this much in years. There were still parts that I found frustratingly hard at times, but I think a lot of the time, I needed to shift my approach and ended up coming out a fight I was losing before relatively unscathed (minus
  12. I tried to play Control today and my aim was all over the shop, having played non-invert on Fall Guys for most of the week. Not having the choice to invert Y is the most baffling decision in any game I've played this year. The game is great, though. 20 wins under my belt now. It's the first battle royale I've ever been good at.
  13. Here's a tip that took me a while. Learn that your HP is a resource. As long as you can keep it above 0, it is often with spending it to power up your deck or get through certain fights more quickly. E.g. You might find yourself wanting to block all damage early on, but in some fights that will cost you even more HP further in the fight, if the enemy's scaling is better than yours (e.g. cultist early on and the Act 1 elites) Cards like hemokinesis that cost a bit of HP to use but have powerful effects. Using hemokinesis, for example, costs hp but does a lot of damage for
  14. I'm out til the patch goes live. I've had three recent games that were going pretty well, all ending in a black screen after teleporting. My interest in this game has gone from hot to cold more quickly than any other game I can remember. Edit: this is on ps4
  15. Sorry to derail, but can anybody confirm whether this is the right stuff for squirting into joycon sticks that have drift issues? Amazon link
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