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  1. Going to take you up on that I think, will give them a whisper tomorrow. Will be dragging along @shock33 as well.
  2. Glad to see that some things don’t change and all the worst people still play gnomes. Clearing to an objective? Always a gnome that flies in and takes it first while you are still fighting. The West Ham fans of WoW players.
  3. Wait, I'm not Revered, I'm Honored. OK, that is bullshit.
  4. The flying rep doesn’t take that long does it? I did Naz’jatar in like 4 days without really paying attention. I’ve only just started Mechagon but I’m halfway through friendly already. With the way the zones are designed I haven’t really missed flying too much.
  5. I’ve seen some shit football in my time, but parking the bus away at Brighton takes the biscuit.
  6. This is an awful game of football.
  7. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Chris Gayle has hit 1000 sixes in T20s. One thousand sixes.
  8. There is just an insane amount of content now isn’t there? I’m about done with the Troll island but I think there’s another couple of islands to do now? And these warfront things are current too? Also, how do I get to be a fox man?
  9. Harvey Barnes has been outstanding this half.
  10. They’ve been dominant this half though. Dundalk need to keep possession better if they are going to get anything here. Can’t defend for another 30 minutes.
  11. Earthen Ring Horde, which I am sorting of regretting now as the server seems pretty dead. It's clustered with quite a few others so areas are busy enough but not from my actual server.
  12. Found them as soon as I bothered to go back to Org for the first time in 20 levels Loving the levelling rework with each level giving something new, much better this way.
  13. Sirloin

    Cricket Thread

    Two super overs in one day. Odds on that would have been mental. EDIT: Make that three super overs.
  14. Also, when do I get flying? And do I have to buy it again for each expansion? Some stuff is pretty opaque with this amount of content. Professions I haven’t even tried to look at yet as I can see that being confusing as fuck.
  15. I’m back on after like 6 years and playing through the Battle for Azeroth stuff. Enjoying it so far, seems a LOT quicker. So can I just do level 50 dungeons now and get scaled up? And where do I go to switch expansions if I want to level somewhere else?
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