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  1. I wonder if they will solve the now broken engine economy by allowing engine swaps in many more cars and charging credits for the install. That would be the smartest way. Removing engines from people who have got them or any of the other rewards will end in tears
  2. The engine/4* ticket cheese ... Super easy if you have both the Extra Cafe menus already unlocked... I had to slum it with relaunching the game till Monday when the car I needed was in the dealership, then yesterday a friend pointed out you don't need to relaunch the game. Just do one claim it, do the other claim it, rinse and repeat. That hour delay during the F1 on Sunday - remote play 4* ticket cheese all the way!
  3. Yeah we usually have a party setup. Ping me on PSN when you are on and we'll get you added.
  4. Ah saves me messing around with setting on the TGT later.
  5. Anyone up for some casual friday night racing? Will be on from about 9pm till late. Should have a grid of 3 lined up already. Would love a few more.
  6. Man, I nearly made it last night as my wife had a course, but she messed up the start time and ended up missing it...
  7. It's GTFriday, for anyone looking for some fun relatively casual races starting with pimped Cappuccinos (RH) feel free to join us anytime from 9pm (ish) till late. Got a grid of 3 so far would be great to add some more.
  8. GtFriday anyone? Will be on from 9pm starting with fully specced Cappuccinos, you can't beat my lightning McQueen livery Kerrchow
  9. No worries, will be there again on Friday, managed a pretty good grid with @Fretnoise + my friends and a few randos in the mix too.
  10. Possibly, I probably slapped a turbo on it and some RS. I maybe have increased the downforce too.
  11. Yeah the GT500 Nissan GTR is a bit of a beast! Thanks for joining much more fun with more of us on track.
  12. Forgotten how much fun pumped cappuccinos are. If you have one join us... PSN ID in the Sig... But it's the same as my rllmuk name.
  13. Foolishly I didn't put a time - 9pm start - till late Have a grid of 4 potentially already but would love to get this in to the double figures!
  14. I'll be on tomorrow night - really hoping you guys can helm me and my mate fill up a grid with more than 2 of us +randos. We typically start a few warm up races at 450pp SS, and move our way up till we get to Gr.3/4 cars. I'll post in the PS group as well.
  15. Totally missed this... not doing well at the organising players for GTFriday atm ... just so busy with working I'll be on again on Friday, looking to get more than two of us in a room in the hope we can pick up some randos - add me PSN ID Quexex
  16. If anyones up for some friendly racing tonight we will be on after 9:30.
  17. Anyone up for some Friday night racing? On now till late.
  18. Thrustmaster T-GT. I get why people don't like the bar in the middle but I'm used to it my wheelstand wood was the same.
  19. For this GT I've retired my Wheelstand wood (home made) and replaced it with a Wheelstand pro to go with my new wheel. The flexibility the WS offers is amazing, well worth the investment and folds away quickly and easily and setup is just as quick.
  20. The wheel should autodetect. But you can finess the buttons to do what ever you want if you desire. It assigns to the same login so you can have a dual sense connected and the wheel. I play on a wheel with headphones plugged into a dual sense.
  21. Awesome stuff I'd really like to get some friendly racing action in this week. I'll try and rustle up some of my old GTFriday crowd too. We usually start around 450pp and work our way up through tracks and PP. There is some times shenanigans but we often blame the lag trolls . Will aim for 9:30pm this Friday. Feel free to add my PSN - Quexex obv.
  22. Anyone play this on a Friday night? We did GTFriday for years on GT5 often managing to have a six plus grid. But with GT7 only two of us seem to be up for it. So we spend the night trawling online rooms looking for balanced races... It's a slow process and rarely is the grid competitive or free of rammers. We found out last night that BoP races are a good search term but the endless hot lapping in practice before the race starts is super slow. Sonic you are for some friendly races on a Friday night starting around 9pm till late let me know... Also apologies for not being able to do Monday night races and highjacking this thread.
  23. Oooooh indeed, drives used to be locked to the machine ID. So you took an internal expansion drive out of one PS5 and put in another with no issues... Seems they are using the same DRM solution they use for external drives which can only be a good thing.
  24. None what so ever, both consoles can be primary, my son uses my old Pro with no issues at all, has my PSPlus sub and access to all my games
  25. I like white too, it used to be a special edition thing so I was pleased it was standard. Side on it blends into the wall like camo, the Series X is an eyesore by comparison in my set up.
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