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  1. They have levelled up the production pipeline significantly over the last few years with both audio recordings on dynos and full on laser scanning of the cars, they have made significant strides in this area. But it still takes many artist months to get that data into a usable game model.
  2. It's down to wear on a carbon strip, so it does depend on the intensity of game you are playing and if you have crumbs on your fingers from snacking while you play as these work there way into the potentiometers. Also 417 is estimated based on the manufacturers reported lifespan of the sticks movements via recording data from COD players.
  3. I don't think so - Same as PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One even the Elite controller.
  4. GT7 delayed till 2022, like we didn't see that coming a mile off.
  5. LOL never heard that reference to cables before.
  6. To be clear, whilst he used a PS5 controller in the video it actually refers to any controller with analogue sticks as most of them use the same manufacturer for those components.
  7. Depending on your TV you can calibrate it to the point that HDR and SDR content appear correctly I believe.
  8. To be honest I never used my PS4 for media playback of any type - that same goes for my PS5. I did used to use the PS3 as it had a great media remote and at the time supported all the main streaming services. Since then I've upgraded the TV so I now just use those apps rather than having a console running as well.
  9. Pinch-o-salt time - https://gameinfinitus.com/news/rumor-ps5-firmware-update-in-march-will-add-variable-refresh-rate-and-4k-120-fps-support/ We can hope for VRR support in March... maybe
  10. Now that might make it worth giving a shot, not tried it yet!
  11. FYI the PS5 won't do native 1440p it may upscale 1080 to 1440p though.
  12. Ah good times, hopefully that will be it for issues for you now then, finger crossed.
  13. Ah farey nuff ... just a weird glitch, because you are special I feel slightly blessed at this point to have had a launch machine with zero issues (other than the. odd software/OS crash). Been using rest mode and an external HDD since day 1 too. Is it all working fine now though?
  14. Ah nice, I think this is the best process if you don't have PS+ and an external drive for you PS4 games already.
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