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  1. You were spot on, the music in the intro no longer skips and the in-game music doesn't skip either. Should be able to get by with the drive half working for now. Some what relieved however thanks to some shitty reason my psplus save backup of God of war is from last year... I hope our Minecraft world's haven't suffered the same fate.
  2. Hmm, I've not tried it since will give it a spin later and see if you are right (I hope you are)
  3. Not sure but I think it comes with one that is suitable for 4K UHD.
  4. That's a new SSD I'm running so it shouldn't be a problem. Also you can hear the disk seeking while your playing SoR4 it's struggling to keep up for sure - as soon as I went to chip tunes (retro soundtrack) The issue went away. I have to say I too am surprised but I pretty sure the PS4 supports audio streaming from disk.
  5. OK so the BDD works when the PS4 is flat not vertical - it seems a little limp but I can now play SoR4 - with skipping music! Quite surprised games still read CD audio of Disc... Changed it to retro sound track for chip choons no skipping now! Might see if any of my mates has a lens cleaning disc (are those still a thing?) Still not sure why the rebuilding the database failed - but at least I can limp along like this until PS5 comes out - most of my recent games have been digital only anyway.
  6. Well it looks like the BDD has died as well... Makes no sense that the HDD should have failed as well but it appears to have - I now have a PS4Pro digital edition! Shame I bought Street of Rage 4 on disc because I won't be able o play it now...
  7. I did consider getting a gamma chassis PS4 Pro instead but with PS5 months away it seemed better to replace the HDD and get an external that I'll use on the PS5 for my PS4 games - want to keep the PS5 SSD for PS5 games.
  8. Yup that's what I thought but rebuilding the database does not involve the BDD at all yet it fails repeatedly and there's nothing I can do other than format the HDD. Replacement SSD has arrived So I'll pop that in and see if the BDD is the issue.
  9. I think it was trying to install from disc which all games do. As the HDD was dying it came up with a disc error. That's the theory anyway. It would be pretty bad if a dying BDD could corrupt the HDD to the point of having to format it. But I'm concerned that after fixing the HDD I may still have a broken BDD... SSD arrives today so should be able to work out where the fault came from...
  10. I'll give that a try. Thanks for posting this I remember it from back in the day but thought this loop hole and been closed. Would still like to try and get some of my gameplay videos of the old drive. Is there a way to do this? I also worry that cloud saves on psplus may have not been running properly.
  11. FFS went to play the disc version of SoR4 on Friday night... Disc would not read came up as unrecognised... Tried another Disc just to be sure, nope unrecognised. Rebuilt database, failed, only option now seems to be format the system... But PT... I've seen a few warnings kicking around the net that the 2TB firecuda drives many of us stuck in our PS4 pros are dying. I seem to be a victim of that Anyway I have an external 4TB drive on the way and a 1TB SSD to replace the failed or failing firecuda. is it possible to stick the firecuda in a caddy and use it as an external drive on the PS4 and maybe recover PT plus some other saves?
  12. Wow I never thought this would be so popular in our house... Everyone is playing and the wife loves it sadly 6 weeks of no squash and too much eating has left me an unfit mess.
  13. Ordered yesterday said it would arrive Friday... is available to collect now
  14. Argos seem to have stock for anyone still looking.
  15. Quexex

    Nintendo Switch

    PSA - Ring Fit Adventure is in stock at Argos for click and collect - just ordered one. As a side note anyone with a modern macbook with USB C who's bought a USB C to HDM , USB etc may be able to use it on the switch works with mine!
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