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  1. Man SR can really be punishing. Trying to overtake players you are quicker than but everytime you try and pass they ram you and you get negative SR cnts... Had two races ruined tonight by people who will ram if you pass... Made up for it with some last to 5th on the n200 race. Didn't get to many 'bumpers'.
  2. Ha my rose tinted specs have fond memories of the glorious graphics in GT6 clearly it's best left alone. However it will be a long long time before a GT game matches it for content so it definitely one I'll return to.
  3. I dropped £4.99 on Boom Beach as I'd played it every day for a year. Now I've dropped another fiver of my hard earned cash (the rest was Google Opinion Rewards cash) this year to maintain my push towards the UK top 50!
  4. I have it on good authority that there will be significant DLC updates for GT Sport, what I don't yet know is if they will be pay for content or free DLC like it was on 6. I'm hoping the latter as they they made good money just selling in game credits on GT6.
  5. It's the biggest disappointment for me it's like split screen mode has been quickly adapted for VR. It doesn't even count towards your EXP iirc. It does look nice but I really had hoped for something more than a token side mode Hopefully like GT6 they will patch in more support later. Such a missed opportunity it could have been a game changer for PSVR.
  6. Rumour has it we should get some DLC in November not sure what it will be but I'm hoping for tracks and cars.
  7. On the wheel you can use the d-pad to adjust traction control amongst other things on the fly during the race. I guess the same might be true on the controller to.
  8. There was a time limited demo the week before release but it's has gone now, sorry.
  9. I had the wheel all set last night for an hour of racing before bed. Instead I spent well over an hour trawling liveries in Discovery and applying them to all my cars. There is some truly awesome work out there amongst the 'my first livery uploads'.
  10. Pro patch is up for SuperHot VR and it makes a massive difference to the resolution. Feels much closer to the rift version now.
  11. Quexex

    Superhot VR

    Came to post about the Pro patch... Seems I've been beaten to it looks loads better much closer to the rift version now. I'd almost go as far to say the resolution has doubled.
  12. Dual wielding is cool and the bow and arrow has crazy crit chain shots. You don't get the bow and arrow with the Aim controller.
  13. Polybius... Brain melted feel close to the edge of sanity during the last phase of the level.. Bought Holoball as well thanks to this thread. There's some gems amongst the shovel ware that plagues PSVR. Quite impressed with the chainsmokers in Paris vr experience almost area X bit not quite. Still free though.
  14. Just got to the huge first boss in Farpoint... Shit the bed they really nail the sense of scale a presence in Farpoint. I think this thread introduced me to the term Starship troopers vr which is very apt. I didn't pay for Farpoint or the aim controller but I would be happy if I had. The game has enough content so far to justify it and the aim controller is fantastic and super accurate. Anyone play Dick Wilde? It's super cheesy but a great turret shooter and good for vr n00bs. Also great with the aim controller.
  15. Hi I can't seem to enable my messenger feature. Just keeps giving me an error. Is it okay to post my address on here?

    1. Quexex


      nope this is public keep your private deets out of here. I tried messaging you but clearly there's an issue.

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