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  1. @Shimmyhill @Spacehost just hug and make up already...
  2. Just finished Astrobot... What an absolute joy of a game. After earning my 1110 cool points sitting through the credits it amazed me just how many people were involved... And we got it for free with our console. Also helped by unlocking my SingStar mics after seeing the Buzz controllers I hoped my contribution to PlayStation hadn't been forgotten. Happy days.
  3. Oooohkay ... So, bought this off Amazon and I can confirm that it works with the PS4 camera (with adapter) and the PSVR breakout box. VR works as it should. Not going to risk putting the external HDD on it but the extra ports are handy. I can use one for my headset and another for a charging cable. Finally I can play Squadrons in VR with my HOTAS Just need that HDMI 2.1 switcher and I can escape the faff of cable juggling.to setup VR. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07L32B9C2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_mocWFbYVVTFEW?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Ah the Rllmuk eneloop police have arrived... I hate AA batteries, I'm sorry I didn't list the dozens of broken devices I have due those shitty things. I don't just hate them in Xbox controllers. I hate them full stop... Leaky environmentally toxic evil. Yeah you guys are well behaved, like me you recycle or recharge, most people just bin them. Shouldn't have taken the bait of @Hitcher drive by shit posting.
  5. But will I like it? That's the crucial question... and it's still not playing Mile Morales
  6. Well it's been a week now with my PS5 and the only negative I have is not having enough time to play on it. It sits there gurning at me with it's massive presence in the room calling me to play... While I'm subjected to another period drama on Netflix, at least I steered us towards the Queens Gambit which is actually very good... None the less no game times make Q sad On the plus side I did steal a round or two of Everybody's Golf on an extended lunch today. It would have not been possible before as my wife works from home in our living room and the jet engine distraction of the o
  7. My pet peeve with this is that the rumble in my lovely Xbox 360 Reach SE pads disconnects the batteries and thus the controller. Tried everything to fix it and nope - turn rumble off is the solution. AA toxic landfill are the stuff of a bygone era.
  8. Jesus no... seriously, you Xbox fanboys defend this to the hilt don't you. Can't personally think of anything worse than AA batteries in a modern device. Stick em in your fairy lights... that's it.
  9. There was an update to MM this morning on my system - hopefully it will help the hard locks.
  10. Playstation just tweeted that more stock is coming before the end of the year. So anyone wanting to avoid the scalpers on ebay maybe have a chance of getting one.
  11. Yeah I had the same issue - give it time to index the drive it will be fine.
  12. Same here, we seem to be obsessed with 'silence' when in actuality anything with a spinning fan or disc drive will never be truly silent.
  13. Just resumed Mile Morales from rest mode with an HDD connected - no issues at all. Saved and quit. Installed latest firmware, put back in to rest mode, tap PS, left once (x) on rest mode - done
  14. Nice, it wraps, thanks, that's one less 'UI niggle' for me.
  15. Tap PS Button - bring up the 'hot bar' go right to power.
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