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  1. https://www.destructoid.com/discovering-the-mystery-behind-the-phalanx-cover-art/
  2. Yeah, someone even tracked down the guy who was in the photo (also a santa on some christmas songs record). I think it was a kotaku article but a search reveals nothing...
  3. Thinking of cool cars, now I want to play some RRV on PS2 (NTSC obviously)
  4. I didn't really click with it the first time round. It was too different at the time and the open world formula felt overwhelming and a massive barrier to the fun. Especially compared to the previous games. This time round with a bit more time and some friendly trophy completion to get me motivated I'm absolutely loving it. Now there is no barrier to the fun and it's almost as quick as its predecessors. With added bonus of just being able to cruse. The only thing I feel let's it down is the car designs.
  5. Yeah I had the same issue. I turned the music down and now I can hear the ping from the satnav that's subtly different for left and right.
  6. Recently picked this up as a game to play with a friend. Initinally I did not enjoy it, the lack of structure meant i just spent my time hunting gates and signs... But after a few rubbish online session (cos niether of us knew what we were doing) it finally clicked (which it never did the first time round). Now I love it one of the best arcade racers of all time. I had previously avoided the bumper cam but for me it was the difference between 'meh' and 'zomg'. Even my boys play with me which is rare, they love doing the take down runs (so do I frankly). I miss the structure of crash junctions from Burnout 2 (my series favourite) but I'll explore showtime mode at some point once I get my Elite license
  7. Rumour has it that VRR is coming in a December update.
  8. Ah right you are... Bit of googling got the answer it is RT. Also 24.99 on PS5 in Game.
  9. I've not studied it that much to be fair. You could be right though. it's easier to fake RT it in racing games due to fixed camera so I assumed they had. Will take a closer look on a big screen.
  10. I think those reflections are just good screenspace and cube maps. Racing games have been faking Raytracing rather well for years. I playing Burnout Paradise at the mo and the cube maps on the car reflections look like RT, which given it's age it's probably considered 'retro' at this point.
  11. Not done it personally but a few people here have had the same issue - I think it will jump to 'on it's way back to you' all in one go.
  12. Seems like Deathloop is a darling with the critics - https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-09-12-deathloop-review
  13. More GT info - https://www.gran-turismo.com/gb/products/gt7/
  14. Damit, good to know, sorry to have mislead, I though it did...
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