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  1. I knew about the other stuff but that is...that is something else i'm wondering how they communicate. I can imagine it, it just seems a weird way to merely have a simple story of a kid setting up traps in his home to stop criminals from getting in, which in the original was just; they're criminals, they're trying to get in. In this...lets just go through it again: kid steals doll owners struggling financially owners discover doll is worth thousands discover doll was stolen by kid track kid down (new) kid overhears doll owners want to sell 'ugly child' (the doll) and this spurs his violence towards doll owning financially struggling couple. Maybe the writers just thought criminals trying to break in was too obvious? also Home Alone absolutely is a classic, not just very good.
  2. Football journalist on 5live saying Erik Ten Hag would be keen. He signed an extension to the end of the 2022/23 season at Ajax in the summer, and i assumed he'd want a less big job next, but he's 51, been at Ajax 5 seasons, not his first management job, beaten big teams in the Champions League, i guess not. Man United have been shit on their timing in hiring managers. It really feels like Erik Ten Hag will end up at Man City in 2/3 years time and everyone will be asking themselves how another top manager slipped through United's fingers. It also seems like United would prefer Pochettino because he's proven in the premier league. And it is timing, hiring the manager who is about to reach his peak. Not that Pochettino is past it, but it does feel like the time was last year. Hopefully Rangnick will prefer Erik Ten Hag and Pochettino will continue to do badly with Psg. And the compensation is higher, although i doubt that makes much difference to United. Just me? This could be the chance to set the club on a proper course and the fixation on the safer choice might scupper it again. Not that we can know how either would do.
  3. I thought this moved along so quickly, like it just wanted to reach the end and be over, it doesn't really want to let anything breathe. I didn't think the direction was lesser at all than the first, if anything it was more consistent because i think they have a better grasp of what film they want to make, but then that film isn't aiming high at all. It's odd. Hardy said he was disappointed with the first because they cut out all the more eccentric parts with him talking and trying to handle Venom. So presumably he's co written this to put more of that stuff in, but i can't think of anything in this that might have been considered too out there for the first film. The part about being hungry and taking him to the farm to eat hens? It definitely indulges in comedy more and i can't help find it endearing. Sort of like the National Treasure films, none of it is laugh out loud funny, but the quick back and forths are fun, there's a warmth to it. The first film to everyone was basically; oh this is a bit crap, but i'm enjoying this back and forth with Hardy and Venom. Hardy has never been goofy in a film before i don't think? He seems to pick roles based on what he wants to play than how good the film will be. I hope he's got these films out of his system tbh. It must have been so easy too for Stephen Graham to turn up and do his short tempered thing, probably giving 10% of his effort. When you think of Venom, or when i do, in the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, and you think of what a film of him could be like..like something genuinely menacing and scary perhaps. The action scenes are the worst part of this, they really are the worst action scenes in any superhero film really. It's not even the worst film i've watched in the last week, so yeah nowhere near the worst ever. It hangs together. It just aims so low.
  4. I'm the most intrigued I have been for United since...um maybe the signing of Di Maria. Even moreso than Pochettino because there's less mystery there. Only really Erik Ten Hag arriving would be more intriguing. It's just a shame it's mid season, just before the hectic Christmas schedule begins. But then Tuchel got no time either and presumably Rangnick has been following United more closely than Tuchel was Chelsea and will have a more advanced idea of who he'll play and set up.
  5. I probably go too far in my endless high expectations of professional players playing at the highest level, the reddit thread of this news has loads of people questioning whether the squad can press, citing Origi as someone who despite all the years with Klopp won't do it. I suppose my reply to that would be he's content not playing. I just don't think pressing is a lot to ask, I assume players like having the ball, like creating chances that might lead to goals, like winning. As mentioned on a podcast, poor running stats can be explained by the players being confused by what to do. I just think we forget they're professionals who aren't killing time for a wage. To be where they are they have to love fitness and being in that condition, I'm sure there's pain every pre season but the modern game demands more running than ever and no one can avoid it. I guess people know this but Honingstein thinks Rangnick is the ultimate system coach, the one the German coaches like Tuchel and Klopp look up to, and hoping we'll see as rapid an improvement as Chelsea did when Tuchel arrived. I doubt that, I hope it's more that than Van Gaal though.
  6. hahahaha. I'm trying to comprehend anyone being apparently annoyed at an ex footballer (or really anyone) ripping into Boris. Just try making sense of that first paragraph, '(once again)', 'liar', ''bizarrely', 'incompetency'. The indignation. also...get a photo that makes Gary Neville look as much of a lunatic as possible will you.
  7. Oh thank fuck, I've spent all my Man United thinking time today being fed up at the prospect of Valverde as interim which becomes another year somehow, then another. I don't really understand how a team can be incapable of pressing unless it's literally a physical thing because you have a bunch of Maguire's in your team among 35 year olds. You've got people saying 'Greenwood isn't good at pressing'. But you can't really do it well on your own off the cuff? By 'not good', does that mean he just cannot understand positionally where to be, cannot understand when to do it, or physically -despite being 20 years old- it's beyond him? It doesn't require extraordinary technique. I don't see how pressing is beyond 99% of professional players at their peak of physical fitness. I get some players have a better engine. I don't know, if you're a player you like having the ball, if you win it back high you're closer to the opposition's goal. It's not work, it's a positive action taken to attack. I don’t see it as a tactic really. I think if you're a big team you should look to have the ball and be aggressive getting it back. Pochettino as soon as he arrived at Southampton had them pressing high and it was immediately obvious there was an increase in expectation when playing big sides, not just trying to prevent them but imposing yourself, I love the intensity of it. There was an early game against Man United and though they didn't win, like Bielsa's Bilbao that time against United it was very impressive. I was a big fan of Pochettino just from those early games, I think i said on here something like 'Pochettino has done more in the league in 4 months than Moyes has in a decade'. Pochettino wasn't as immediate at Spurs or PSG. I get some players are more willing, but...it's on the manager to communicate the benefits of it, establish that unless you do it you won't play. Guardiola doesn't seem to have problems getting all his players to do it. Late against United despite winning comfortably they were chasing down. Again I think a player might naturally ease off but a manager needs to constantly remind his players of the expectations. If you're winning and enjoying more of the ball..where's the negative. Maybe it's a question a journalist could ask a manager.
  8. Gremlins is my favourite Christmas opening. The bit with the dog.
  9. That's one of the things that annoys me whenever a fringe player gets their chance and isn't spectacular in his 2nd or 3rd game. Once you're proven you're allowed rubbish performances but the nature of playing a lot and getting those minutes affords them more time to make it right, if you're an attacking player and assist/score, not if you're a defender like Maguire who appears to have cast a long convincing spell on his managers. I have no mobile credit to waste on streaming this, or even the min by min updates really, I'm probably going to watch Venom 2 or that film about princess Diana. And my evening will still probably be better.
  10. No way! There's loads of episodes I've missed. All the way back to April last year. I guess I checked it just before then. Or the app didn't update. I really thought they'd packed it in.
  11. A fucking boring manager. Reddit thread from June asking Barcelona fans 'what are your thoughts on Valverde?' the replies contained: sounds great, can't wait. bring back Ole.
  12. I miss The Tuesday Club and do actually get quite annoyed they've not come back. They seemed to tire of it because it was the same old things but that was with Wenger. They've not done anything during Arteta's reign. yes I listen to an arsenal podcast despite not supporting them, also Footballistically Arsenal for like a decade or something stupid. The arguments on there were very good.
  13. Watching Man City again and motd2 going through their play from that birds eye view, I...just want that. I want forward players to stay as far wide as possible to constantly give the fullback a decision to make and leave a gap inside for a run. I want those runs in behind from wide that ends with a low cross across the box for a tap in (the Walker run, the Sterling free hit). I want the switching of play. Coady said 'it looks complicated to us, it's easy for them. Just repetition of play day after day'. I'm surprised how good City have been this season, how easy they find it to score 3/4 nearly every game. Why don't more teams play this way? Then again I remember a motd where they were baffled by Van Gal sending (I think it was) Rashford and Martial to do the exact same thing and they were like 'they're miles away from eachother!' And Chapman was like 'so they've been instructed to do that right?' and the answer was 'yes'. They were like 'Martial and Rashford should be linking up...look at this earlier game'. City just a range of options in every game they can use and they have so much of the ball they tire defenders out, switching the attempts until a defender is conflicted in who he's marking that he's a yard off and...goal. It's simple football but the complexity is training every player to understand what they're meant to be doing so it'sinstinctiveand they make the right decisions. If people really can't see a difference between whatever United have been trying to do for a year compared with City except 'they have better players therefore they win' then...ok. Also psg mega fan Jules said it's Pochettino's dream to manage United, if that's true then I guess it's likely. I just thought he was keen, not his dream.
  14. Perhaps don't play Ronaldo so much then? A radical thought. I know I know, the Glazers were holding Solskjaer's family hostage in case he dared to challenge Ronaldo's authority/told to play him/not told to play him, just abstractly suggested in this weird narrative that the United board scuppered Ole's chances this season. He's employed and paid millions to do a job, it's not perfect and never will be, I don't get this idea a manager can only avoid being battered by a recently promoted relegation battling Watford if he gets every single he wants. No manager gets every single signing he wants. Guardiola didn't get a striker. Bloody Tuchel just lost the only 2 he has for a month. They don't suddenly completely fall apart and have no idea what they are doing. There is no parallel universe where Ronaldo went to City and United are flying away with the league. It'd be as wildly inconsistent as it always was, but I guess if you come 2nd all that's forgotten. There was no Europa league cup because Ole didn't rotate over the season, favourite players were run into the ground and played through injuries, it wasn't because of an unlucky shoot out. It shouldn't have got to that.
  15. Think he's massively overthinking United's planning there.
  16. GET HIM NOW no I'm joking edit: wait there's more! I think he's said more there about Van De Beek than Ole ever did, despite being his manager.
  17. It's not whether he'll leave but whether he'd do it mid season and give up giving it a proper go, an opportunity like that, a manager who went through Espanyol and Southampton before really proving to the world how good he was at Spurs. Psg did have Blanc and Emery as managers, so their standards aren't too high that Pochettino wouldn't think he'd get the opportunity again, and i guess others might not rate the job as highly as I am doing right now. He is probably more like Bielsa than any other manager around, who wants to creates a strong bond between fan and players, and doesn't see himself as merely someone doing his job but being part of something special. They might be bellends but they're still the greatest player of all time and Argentinian legend for fellow Argentinian Pochettino and two generational talents that can reach heights we rarely see. Pochettino has managed Eriksen, Lallana, Dembele, Kane and Son but this? Players who he'll tell his grandkids about that he managed them. He's not even been there a year, i wouldn't give that up so readily. Unless it's that tortuous and he's that much of a control freak perfectionist. I'm sure he knew what he was getting himself into before he went there and accepts it's not perfect. Long term...yeah, it's not for him. I'm thinking of him like i would a player who i don't want to arrive if it's likely to ruin their career. People seem to forget Klopp was being criticised and thought 'not good enough' who just couldn't win with LIverpool when he kept losing finals with them before winning everything, and he had the Bundesliga double to prove his quality. People would always throw the 'never won anything' tag at Pochettino regardless how he did, i wouldn't want him to move from Spurs after 4 seasons and do 3 seasons at Man United and not win anything, leave and his career to not be in the same place as it was. The cup he won when he arrived at Psg isn't really his. Given Pochettino didn't value domestic cups while at Southampton and Spurs it's not unlikely his 3 years prove trophy less. Even Liverpool haven't done well in the domestic cups have they under Klopp? Anyway, everyone has already decided competing and winning isn't possible while Ronaldo is in the side so why waste a few years of Pochettino on that? yeah i said Lallana, i'm leaving that in, i'm not taking it out however distracting it might be..
  18. I feel that way about the football ramble when I hear them forcing false laughter every 5 seconds at things which aren't remotely funny before they switch to very serious mode and it's interesting but jarring and weird how they do that and i think if only they could not do the two extremes so much. It's currently about 7th on the order of football podcasts I listen to.
  19. I feel like if I post in here too much I'm going to give the impression I'm desperate to win this mini league. I'm not at all. I won't lie, if I won I'd come in here and gloat and be completely insufferable for no reason at all. But no I just wanted to say 'playing Smith Rowe AWAY AGAINST FUCKING LIVERPOOL over Saint Maximin AT HOME TO FUCKING BRENTFORD is why I will never win this mini league', although if I do it must have only meant everyone else is making worst decisions. I looked at my team many times! Oh Foden has had a knock has he, he can still come on and score in 30 minutes, oh 4 at the back are you sure hmm. Smith Rowe is sat there the whole time. I'd rather not own a player than miss points on the bench. I suffered his nothing showings for...nothing. The one time my choice proved right and I didn't gain the 8 points. 8 points I've threw away on hits anyway in 2 weeks but it's not the point. But really, I've not played fpl for ten years and I really don't think it's that hard to to get near the top. It was obvious that Cancelo after last season would get assists, I didn't buy him because I'm an idiot. And obvious Chelsea would rely on fullbacks because they have all season, it was just who to buy when they've got 5. There's some luck to reach the top obviously but a lot of the time people make decisions based on hope that you know deep down is flimsy. If a player is always injured or not got going yet...yeah maybe wait. Especially if he plays for Spurs. Mane is sat right there, right fucking there! fuck me. no I'm enjoying it.
  20. Why would you leave PSG, top of the table with 11 points, 2nd in your Champions League group, give up managing Messi, Neymar, Mbappe (possibly for the only time in your life you will ever be able to do so) however enormous their egos are and the difficulty of forming a well balanced team with them in it, to start a rebuilding job with Man United half way through a season? Why not stay until the end of the season and win trophies you never have in your career? Pochettino seems like he treasures the culture of a club more than just using a club to gain trophies to put on his cv to gain bigger jobs, I still think he'd be mad to leave mid season. It's different with Rodgers at Celtic and Gerrard at Rangers when they won the league and didn't have as much to prove. Still think the news as soon as he arrived at PSG of him being willing to leave to go back to England were hard to believe. Still now that he'd be willing are, but then Conte linked to Spurs in the summer was surprising and now going there despite him surely knowing Ole wouldn't last past Christmas is surprising too, for me at least. If we wanted Pochettino, why not actually hire him when he was available last November? I think if you're too slow to make the change when you have the chance, then you can't complain. You have to suck it up and give up the idea the world revolves around Man United. I don't think United should bother trying to hire any manager at a current club at the moment, I think they should basically hire currently job-less Favre and tell him there's a possibility he'll only get until the end of the season depending on the willingness of Pochettino, Erik Ten Hag or Rodgers to join then. I don't think Favre in any other situation is getting the Man United job so for him the raise in his profile would be massive. Is he one of the absolute top managers in the world? No. Did he bring the best out of Sancho and numerous other young players and play some of the most high tempo exciting football around? Yeah. While also being completely hopeless at the back? Sure. To bring the best out of Sancho alone I don't think it's such a bad idea. And maybe he won't despise Van De Beek and continue to destroy his career despite being a nice guy, who knows? Maybe we can all allow ourselves to be perhaps idealistic and think it's possible for the entire world to end its obsession with economic growth and gdp and move to a more sustainable future and avoid extinction while at the same time declare it's impossible that Man United can be successful with a 36 year old forward who doesn't press as much?
  21. 'ever'...yeah I said in the Western thread I thought Tim Blake Nelson as an ageing worn farmer in Old Henry was some of the most convincing casting I've seen. I know he's an actor but still watching that clip I actually think he's a farmer living in 1906. Others have been all in Ozarc, Helen, Darlene and the bearded guy from season 1. I can't find clips which don't spoil the show unfortunately but again I'm more inclined to believe they're the characters than actors. Tv shows do casting so well, you see some of the greatest acting but never see those actors anywhere near as good in anything again, like their whole life has led them to playing that character. Given how good some of the shows are, that's no bad thing. I mean I thought Aaron Paul was incredible in Breaking Bad from the very beginning, as early as him sitting on his younger brother's bedroom bed and feeling his situation with his family. Unbelievable casting. Anything else I see him in (like as a drone pilot) he doesn't quite fit. Same with Jon Hamm, or he does fit but he could just excel as Don Draper far more than in anything else.
  22. I think I preferred it when people just shrugged with indifference than took whatever it's apparently trying to do with its attempt at a story and characters seriously. I'm not understanding it's magic spell. sorry it's just breaking my brain more. I'm trying to think of another film that is so much like (almost) everyone has watched something else entirely. how is its nanobot nonsense taken seriously? I don't even, what's going on. anyway. those tiers eh?
  23. I know you're joking but given Man United is just an experiment I wouldn't mind it. After all my reason to get another manager during Ole's reign was just to see another perspective on the team. Gary Neville as a manager is still an unknown. I know people would rather he spend 5 years at Championship clubs to develop his methods and experience but...it'd be interesting. Obviously he's never going back. And obviously I don't think it'd go well in terms of beating Klopp, Guardiola, Tuchel over a season.
  24. Just catching the score now, this ridiculous one or something else? (It is City..) If you're a defender and that happens to you you must have to just laugh.
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