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  1. I just watched Knight And Day and thought the car chase was brilliantly filmed. I watched it on my tablet on blu ray quality and didn't notice any obvious cgi. Watching it on youtube now in low quality not being as immersed 30 minutes into the film as I was, more cgi perhaps stands out but i still think it's great and I'm confident Mangold will do a good job of this new Indiana Jones film just from an action perspective with more done practically or more invisible cgi than what Spielberg managed with Crystal Skull. here's the scene it's shots at like 3 minutes, the panning across to show Diaz's reaction from inside the car that's a bit more than the norm. reminds me of this great shot at 39 seconds here:
  2. If it makes you feel any better (probably not) I didn't captain Salah the previous three gameweeks losing out on 32 points (excluding my other captain's points which given it was Ronaldo not a lot..). I also didn't play White vs Burnley, who doesn't do that? My only aim this season is to catch up to Magnus Carlsen and then stay ahead of him. This is his team: https://fantasy.premierleague.com/entry/132645/event/8 I would try to top the rllmuk league but If the number one person is 2329 in the world...I'm realistic...I've already lost 60 points on bad captain choices, bad wildcard choices (lets stick with 2 leeds attackers for their easy run! I wasn't into Shaw before the season or after 3 games, why leave him in over a Chelsea defender? Because I thought he might cross to the best header of the ball in the world...nope..) The big question for many Salah and Lukaku owners next week is who to captain...if Lukaku blanks against Norwich..might as well write his seasons off/sell him. Man United's inability to get clean sheets or create is really bad. Salah is the best player in the world currently, and Firmino still links up the attack better.
  3. Isn't the character of Patridge one of the funniest ever though? He can produce funny stuff out of nowhere like no other character. Coogan was in the recent drama about the investigation of the Stephen Lawrence murder, as the main cop. I did turn it on and think 'really? Coogan in this role about a serious case?' I probably shouldn't have. He was alright, I didn't watch it for long.
  4. I don't think the cover up will be addressed will it because there's never been any accountability there? I'm not making a judgement on this drama to exist, but how he was allowed by the establishment to commit his crimes is the story and isn't the one we'll ever see. They could do 5 hours of tv and not have one second of Saville on screen. Unless they bother to tell us about the higher ups at the bbc who enabled him, or those in the police, or those in government, or those in the Royal family then I do sort of think Saville doesn't deserve to be on screen played by anyone. How do we have the lead singer of a punk band say on TV in 1978 that he's heard rumours about Saville and then 22 years go by and in 2000 the most prominent documentary filmmaker in the uk spends time with Saville apparently oblivious to the rumours, happy in his company. The lead investigator of the program that exposed Saville apparently had never heard of the rumours (despite being an investigator) until he was lead on to it so maybe it's just an age thing (he was born in 1970 though, same as Louis Theroux, I'd have thought that's early enough). When Theroux did his second Saville documentary after Saville was exposed, victims straight up told him 'how were you sucked in by this you naive fool?' and Theroux's hang dog expression said nothing. Theroux asked how secretive Saville was and she told him 'er no we all knew as kids what he was after, he wasn't shy about it'. Did I miss the part where all those who enabled Saville were put on trial? Have they all passed away? In 15 years time will we have dramas about Grenfell that show the suffering of the residents inside the tower or the ones who allowed the dangerous unsafe cladding? Will it cover the residents who said repeatedly there was a tragedy waiting to happen and will it show those in power who ignored them? In 20 years time will we have dramas about covid-19 and the struggles of families and the pressure on the NHS or the severe mishandling by the government?
  5. It's kind of interesting how critics respond to these Bond films and action films in general, now and in the past. Skyfall looked beautiful and in being that was something a bit different for Bond especially with Mendes directing, and it was fun and involving even if it made little sense, like with the whole train explosion sequence. It was the 50th anniversary and with the London Olympics too there was a strong sense of national pride and being overly positive about something British. Then the acclaim for Spectre made no sense whatsoever, especially from Bradshaw but then I think he spends all his time watching serious dramas so to them Bond probably seems exciting. So I'm unsure whether it was just bias that led him to giving Spectre a 5. Watching old Roger Ebert videos he sometimes seems to hate what are now regarded as classics. I know this comes up often, but Die Hard is the biggest one. But just how critics who mostly watch serious dramas grounded in some realism then spend time with an action film that is doing something very different. Ebert just calls a lot of films dumb, like they're lowering the medium. I think Craig as Bond should have ended with Skyfall. The last two films have offered nothing Skyfall didn't. I remember when Mission Impossible Fallout came out and kerraig on here hated it because the writers choose action set pieces then work backwards to fit in a plot that makes little sense. Its kind of muscular action sequences just ended up winning people over but I can't deny the criticism is true and I'm not sure it's that bad a way of doing it...I'm looking forward to what the next Mission Impossible brings.
  6. What do you mean by '...that'? What's wrong with my post? I can't ever be succinct and it doesn't matter, all my opinions on things are like that. Somehow it irritates people (especially when it's something they like) as though each word is costing them money. You aren't the first person to mention this and you won't be the last. There's no contradiction to me writing a long post while saying in that post (once) the film is stupidly long. I rarely post so just cram all my thoughts I've had into one post. What people can't make sense of for some reason is if I write a lot it does sort of mean I am invested in the possibility of the film being good, I love action films, I like films to be fun. I like deep emotional dramas too, bit usually I think they're better separated. Where these Bonds and other superhero films I won't mention get it monumentally wrong is forgetting what they are, what their unique selling point is. The recent Mission Impossible films are far better Bond films, they've embraced what they are. There's inventive gadgets, crazy ideas, brilliant set pieces, it keeps it light but injects some drama in it a little to propel it a bit but generally keeps melodrama away from it. ...said it too much then. The 3rd Mission Impossible film went for more melodrama with the kidnapped girlfriend and was worst for it. The whole opera scene in Rogue Nation is pure Bond. And the stunts, wasn't Bond renowned for stunts, what happened to that, they always strived to do things that had not been done before and now 50 year old Tom Cruise has taken on that ...mission. (oh wait he's 59??) Or Nolan has in his Batman films. To the film's credit it didn't actually feel its length but I was prepared so maybe that altered it, I was checking my watch regularly but also because I was going to be tight on parking given it started way after it should have. I looked and I was amazed it wasted 40 minutes when I checked, I think it was maybe around the time Bond meets Felix or a bit after. The film doesn't feel epic, it inserts Spectre in as though it's meant to be foreboding but how can anyone not just roll their eyes like do we have to carry on with that. At least Spectre up to a point had a mystery, this doesn't have any of that. It amused me when Bond straight up directly asks a character what is going on at one point. I think other films I've found more tiring to sit through in the cinema have emphasised their epicness more, peripheral characters repeatedly stating 'there's something bad coming', like Dark Knight Rises. Or films that feel like they reach an emotional peak with a huge action set piece with still 40 minutes to go. No Time To Die doesn't have that. It saves it all for the ending. I liked the directing, the cinematography, the shootouts and fighting in the final parts are very effective, but I'd stopped caring by that point.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/oct/01/i-eat-greasy-fried-eggs-at-least-once-a-week-daniel-craig-on-bond-being-buff-and-crying-at-british-gas-ads?utm_source=pocket-newtab-global-en-GB Daniel Craig has done an interview where he answers questions asked by famous people. Was Blockbusters still around when Cowboys and Aliens was released? Actually it was probably Tomb Raider wasn't it.
  8. Newquay zoo 6th October part 1
  9. Bath 29th September part 1
  10. I don't think I am? Fantasy Football Hub is an unofficial fpl site I'd not heard of and just assumed hub was a word the official fpl site used for some other thing on social media. I go on the fpl reddit so saw it there. The latest from fantasy football hub is
  11. the ceiling lights being on in cinemas annoys me more than anything, i don't remember them being on when i went to the cinema in the 90s and 00s. Any light distracts me from the screen, it probably sounds irrational but i like my screens to be hanging in black voids. I don't like big green fire exit signs either. just make a sign not visible from where you're sat. also i like lieing down when i watch films so the cinema is lacking in most ways to me. For one of the worst performances of all time, one in which if you were to show anyone who didn't know Rami Malek was a quite highly regarded oscar winning actor they would not believe it, i recommend The Little Things. Also has Denzel Washington in it and is about a murder. Malek just appears as a detective who is supposed to be mysterious and fascinating ...i think but couldn't appear more unnatural. i don't think this trailer quite covers how bad he is in it but it gives an impression i basically just carried on watching the film to see how he'd deliver lines, i couldn't be less immersed in the story or his character. Another really bad performance i'll always remember is Emile Hirsch in Killer Joe. I know people will swear by Malek from Mr Robot but i think neither have range and it shows sometimes when they're miscast.
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