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  1. But this would be a 10-15 years from 2011 without the huge popularity of the show hindering GRR Martin's focus and time to write the books. Say without the show he'd have released book 6 by 2018. Show starts in 2023. By season 4 in 2026 he's released book 7. yeah.
  2. Which season had the beach fight? Season 5 or 6? It kind of lost me there. Still loved a lot of other stuff obviously but i keep thinking if even after season 1 stretching to 13 episodes or/and having a two year break inbetween some seasons might not have been enough for George R. R. Martin to finish the story before the show does. Then you think had they started the show 10-15 years later Arya wouldn't be played by Maisie Williams (no loss) nor Joffrey Jack Gleeson (big loss). Maybe better actors would have played Sansa and Daenerys. Season 1 is still my favourite season.
  3. Loik V credern

    Loik V credern's Unique Character Design Thread

    I've not finished putting the rest up yet, but the purpose with the different colours and overlays is just to find a style that fits every design. I don't think i can, they start black lines on white and that's how they're best viewed. You can prefer any version as long as you get used to that style. Black on white only seems bland and empty when you're shown the colour. But then it loses the clarity, simplicity and purity. i don't get 'random generated shapes', the finished designs are drawn with a mouse and redrawn over and over, couldn't be any less random. Then i want to accept them as that and tinker with versions. If anyone does logo and typeface design, they begin and end with black and white. Pure design is black and white. It is shape, it's playing with negative space, condensing. If i colour the designs in it bloats them up and takes away that spiky sharpness where it's a static design but all the shapes suggest movement, like it's transforming. I can use colour but I'll need to use it while building them up rather than attach it after. The purpose of this type of character design is to find new ways to draw eyes, mouths, arms, legs, bodies. Be fresh. If i decide on a collection of 50+ and each one needs to be distinctive it pushes each one to being its own thing. The whole purpose was born out of reacting to the type of generic plush toy designs around. I still want cute, adorable, small, pop art. But it must stretch further, be more alien, malevolent, melancholic. These are completely different to anything else being made in terms of how shape is used and tone. The originality of the design is really high at this point, they're the stuff I'm most proud of because of the effort and time involved, the method of improving requires understanding why something looks naff and weak, cos only by identifying can it be improved. Referring to previous designs can't work if each is its own thing. They should impact like addictive songs with a hook, where the viewer just instantly responds to the refined result. They're still conservative, not oblique or obtuse at all. The response from people should always be one that knows what the norm for this kind of small abstract flat character design is, and how mine are coming from a completely different place. It kills me this understanding doesn't seem to exist. Not bothered about animation or stories. I want fresh timeless designs where the individual shapes are secondary to the overall design, each line and shape reinforcing the next in perfect unison, so it's this strong tight impenetrable thing i can't find a way to add to without ruining the flow and balance, so it's economical and there's nothing superfluous. So the justification for anything becomes; it didn't work before adding this, it needs black, or needs curves, it was too dry. No tricks, no gradients, no textures. Just black on white, so i can use dots to add detail but that's it. That they're symmetrical is a part of the reinforcing of the shapes. It's easy to just draw anything that looks neat on one side but then copy and flip it and it doesn't work overall. I've nearly finished another collection, 15 to do.
  4. character collection number 14. journey. dec2016-april2019
  5. Loik V credern

    Loik V credern's Interesting Photography Thread

    old, re found, re edited
  6. That pirate guy pushing his luck with Cersei reminds me so much of Kano in the Mortal Kombat film.
  7. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    I always tend to think the emphasis on individual signings means overlooking the importance of a team gelling and being well balanced. But you watch bottom half of the table premier league sides that in a game in which they lost they might show a lot of skill and promise and the host will ask the pundits what the issue is and they'll point out certain transitions in the match where the decision making was poor, players hesitated, over hit crosses etc. It's fine for me to think of football as like a videogame where if there's two options with every received pass it all happens easily but i do realise it's a game of fine margins and few moments that need to be taken advantage of. But it's still a simple game where the difference between top professionals is not vast like people say and the requirement is quite limited. Daley Blind is a part of this Ajax side, but ultimately the success is being more attributed to the brilliance of key individuals who will have a huge future. Ajax were sublime in the second half tonight, every player knew where everyone was, the passing was so accurate and quick, the combinations fluid, it really was like playing pro evo. No one would attribute them playing like that to the individual technical skill of players, more their training and all being on the same wavelength. That's a big list of signings. I don't know what the club needs. I don't look at performances and single out players. I just think; move move move press press press. Against Barcelona it might be 5 minutes before you get the ball back, 10 minutes before you get into the final third. Easy going back over a game and seeing what players should have done in every moment, but they will. The early feel good buzz has gone. Every season it's the same thing, buy buy buy. 'Need to spend £200m' a pundit will say as though it's nothing. It is fatiguing. I want a midfielder because i want to take possession in the centre of the pitch.
  8. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    I think i need to reframe this so it won't appear laughable when Barcelona win 4-0 tonight. The big thing is just Barcelona's mysteriously underwhelming quarter final performances over the last 3 years. And Messi too, he's not scored in a quarter final tie for 6 years. CRonaldo cos of this has something like nearly double the amount of last 8 tie goals.
  9. Loik V credern

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

  10. Loik V credern

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    First film was poor, second was very good, third was great.
  11. Loik V credern

    Put Here

    i did this nearly 5 years ago. FIVE. i dont know why i did it and i dont know why im showing it now it should be the other way around shouldn't it, i should attach my camera to a drone and make it seem like i'm leaping off buildings. that car park is not accessible anymore. five it was basically yesterday. i remember doing it and it was yesterday. im not trying to waste time i just can't help it.
  12. Loik V credern

    The Lion King (Live Action)

    Everything really. This is one of those cases where i didn't appreciate the excellence of something until it was replicated and ruined..and pointed out. Pretty much every expression he has in the cartoon says so much for his droll sarcastic mischievous evilness. Every drawing brought that out of him, whereas this recreation will have none of that flair or liveliness. He will turn up like a taxidermy, say his lines, then sulk off. Any tilt towards realism kills it, they could still have used cgi theatrically. i think there's a few lions with black manes captured not like the justification of 'realism' matters. it's a film about animals that communicate to each other like humans.
  13. Loik V credern

    The first one is still the best one

    DKC64 was one of the biggest failures in gaming to translate a 2d series into 3d. It's like at no point did they remember Donkey Kong Country was a platformer. The entire game is unnecessarily huge open environments you trek back and forth to with no play or interaction or engagement, there's a complete lack of dynamism in the level design. I don't know what was achievable with the technology but it's not like it was presented without ambition, you felt like this was another well crafted Rare game and on the surface that seemed true. I'm trying to remember exactly how Jak & Daxter played homage to DKC, i think it was with the stop/go or off/on lights, but it probably did it better in a small section than the entirety of DK64. Even something like how Crash Bandicoot plays might have been a better fit for a 3D Donkey Kong Country. Just something scaled down, but immediately busy. Rare were tight with their level design with Banjo Kazooie and Conkers Bad Fur Day, even if they're more adventure than platforming, as intended. But they lost it with Banjo Tooie and DK64. They had a lot of fun with the bosses and mine cart levels, though. Some people love Banjo Tooie. Banjo Kazooie was my favourite game at the time, i shouldn't be hard to please. But the large empty areas and lack of focus left little to play for.

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