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  1. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    I downloaded some patches from a site, giving the bundesliga and other leagues, though not online. I'd rather they sorted out Brazil. I edited the names and it made no difference online. Used to have some great games as them with Willian being ace. few things more boring than going on about pes online divisions, however I've activated god mode on this. With Udinese. I know, who ever picks Udinese. I almost can't lose. And i was losing every game. It was demoralizing. It was like it was predetermined. My defence went haywire every time i had the ball and lost it. I over passed with no penetration. I was too narrow. I was predictable. I didn't go wide often enough. I had 3 at back for ages. After being exposed yet again i accepted a back 4. Scrunched them up, to really prevent the one twos. I have a centre mid that covers the pitch and close enough to drop deep. I have defence at frontline pressure, wide containment, high defensive line. Style is on counter attack, wide, full support range. 4-1-2-3. I've jumped from rating 230 to 594. I have less possession, less passes. But am more vertical. I had to let them take midfield so i can pounce, was sick of playing nice and setting up a counter attack. I was looking for teams around 800, then 700, then 600 to have pacey forwards, and powerful ones. Tried Jordan, Ivory Coast, lots of asian teams. Tried some Championship teams. Villa are good, Swansea, West Brom. Been past the two Olympique teams. Landed on Italien teams, picked Torino, Sampdoria. Fiorentina. Atalanta, Udinese. Some of the goals, the deft chips smashed volleys, the inside splitting through ball. One was Laudrup like, passed 5 players falling close to keeper. Even the interceptions, defenders are awesome with positioning. Barak the centre mid is everywhere, Nuytinck like peak Stam. The keeper is pulling out great saves. I took the formation and details and picked Man United. Okay Smalling and Jones were in defence but i leaked goals. Ended up losing 4-3. Not really finding the keepers so impossible anymore. For through balls i run slightly diagonal and nearest post. It was always going across that prompted the super saves. It's like quick shot with power is enough. Don't create an angle unless you can hit off the post. So satisfying. You can dash to create extra power, as you land in the box just close enough for keeper not able to react. I don't know how the formation switch and wide counter attack instead of possession has altered things that much but I'm not playing in front of opposition defence. Football is weird. I was losing every game, every game. Almost gave up. I was broken. Just a slight shift in approach as well, letting them have the ball. It's Mourinho reactive like, thinking; no goals yst conceded is winning. I'll intercept soon. Can still do quick passing but going wide simply to seem dangerous, create uncertainty. One odd thing is them not changing the team ratings in online divisions, they've been the same for years i think. Liverpool have a better squad now. Man City are on 312, Man United 351, Liverpool 396.
  2. Loik V credern

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    How do Infinity War and Tomorrowland fit into fascism in terms of propagating the notion that population increase is unsustainable and needs to be curbed by genocide?
  3. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Well I missed it either way. Who finds a stream for an England game, really? I thought that it was always the way England competitive games had to be available to all, as events in the 'national interest'. I love how other countries media reacts to the English teams whenever we beat a foreign side, whether that be in the Champions League or last night. So eloquent and dramatic. And sweet to read about players who this season and earlier have been criticised here. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/16/spanish-press-reaction-lord-harry-kane-spain-england-football
  4. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Why are competitive England games not on live terrestrial tv anymore? What if England smash Germany 5-1 again and no one sees it or cares.
  5. Loik V credern

    Aphex Twin

    The owner of wattm can't either. What have you heard? I'm convinced those who can't listen to him haven't heard everything and won't commit to adjusting to his natural aggressive abrasiveness to enjoy the beauty and emotion underneath. Something like Cancel on Cavalcade, as I've mentioned many times before, is a compositional masterpiece, the way it builds and crescendos, the sheer emotion he's able to express. It's devastating, every time. That's my barometer of quality; is it intensely emotional. I gravitate towards aggression because so much electronic music isn't. It's content just being there, it doesn't want to grab hold of you. I'm not a connoisseur. I get the dense elegance of XMAS_EVET, and the movements as you say. I see the funk. I just think it lacks bite and maybe purity in terms of being a searing thrill as the best of aphex is. In the 90s he just went to extremes, either total tranquility, nightmarish abstraction, or frenzied acrobatic percussion. I think Syro just exists in a kind of boring middle ground. It's just...nice. Yellow Calx might be simpler, or less richly dense, but there's more clarity to it, its purer. To get what i mean, i think omgswitch defines aphex twin, its samples and distortions, its abrasiveness like it's breaking apart at the seams, it's so good, futuristic and so unique. So for all future aphex twin, i refer to that track.
  6. Loik V credern

    Aphex Twin

    That's just the same pleasant lush acid he's done a hundred times, it doesn't come close to the otherworldly transcendent beauty of Alberto Balsalm, the heartbreaking fragility of The Waxen Pith, the melancholy of Hy a Scullyas Lyf Adhagrow, the thrill of Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount, the genius of Vordhosbn, the dreamlike quality of Curtains, the searing jolt of Ventolin, the bittersweet beauty of Avril 14th, the simple endlessly listenable repetitive brilliance of Bbydhyonchord. No, it's yet another richly put together melodic acid track. have another
  7. Loik V credern

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I think Nirvana are bloody rubbish. I've tried so many times. Even in a playlist if one track comes on i only last 30 seconds, it's like if mould had a sound. People will go on about that new york acoustic live show. Or their second album. It's all dirge.
  8. Loik V credern

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Ian Curtis is my favourite singer. 'The bodies obtained' is one of my favourite lines, so simple and effective. Joy Division is so much about his voice for me, more than the production of Hannett. His voice is indescribable, it's so fragile and honest but brutal. It evokes with the lyrics and music a dystopia. Like in two different lines he can be the evil overlord whose face is projected large above the controlled inmates of an asylum in some 1984 totalitarian nightmare...or one of the tortured inmates. Their music expresses so much, there's no frivolity, no indulgence. It cuts through you. 'This is the way, step inside' is another favourite. It's so good. Joy Division are on another level to nearly every other band i think. Did once read someone say in a thread like this; 'Joy Division are overrated and only have one good track in Love Will Tear Us Apart'.
  9. Loik V credern

    Aphex Twin

    Yeah I'm pretty negative, generally. The positive way to view Aphex Twin is like you said, happy that he's still putting music out there. I think being extremely grateful is a bit much. i don't think he's ever not capable of producing great music. It's so much of who he is. The negative way is to demand more, as though he owes the world anything. But..he's a musical genius who lives and breathes music. So...that's it, i expect more. With drukqs he was just getting going. Since then he's retreated. For artists/bands like Bjork/Radiohead who are of the same generation and been doing it as long as him i think they've pushed their music to its limits. Autechre, Venetian Snares have pushed their music more..all happening throughout the 00s. Richard James' music is really personal to him, he says it loses something when it's put out into the world, but his ego will want to show his best stuff regardless of how personal it is. Stuff like aisatsana and nanou2 show that. And Lornaderek.. I still think he produces all kinds of music. His releases aren't only it. He will will have dark ambience tunes and lots of experimental stuff. He said about 9 years ago or something about having 5 albums ready, and was doing a lot of field recordings. It's that difference of being someone who wants to give a jolt and shock people and blow them away to one who knows what his fans like and giving them pleasant passive music. His acid is that to me. I think it's a shame that the hype for new aphex twin overtook the actual quality of his output, so it meant overthinking and overanalysing as though something like 180db_ isn't rubbish. The Tuss is brilliant. Analord has its moments, this new release is fun, still don't like Cheetah (sorry!), and Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 is the only truly [briefly] interesting stuff he's released in 17 years. I mean..there must be something in him that sees the extraordinary music Autechre and Venetian Snares were putting out in the 00s and being challenged by it and inspired, thinking; 'fuck i want to show how good i can be now'. That never seemed to happen. Sean Booth has mentioned RDJ in interviews numerous times and it's always like; yeah if anyone is capable of doing this or that then he is. That's the sort of people these guys are; not competitive or macho, but ultra confident and fully into music and the technical accomplishments in achieving the sounds they've gotten. Nothing he's released since drukqs has come close to matching what they've been doing. Musically he's ahead of them, but they have other attributes and qualities he lacks, or rather they've pushed more and shown it, and he hasn't. I've always thought the numbers stuck on the end of tracks like Cock, Ziggomatic and Synthacon give a good indication of the amount of attempts RDJ had at finishing them, meaning it doesn't come as easily to him. In contrast to Venetian Snares seemingly shitting out 6 minute compositions with ease, using trackers, copy and pasting essentially, but twisting, flipping, cutting endlessly. RDJ's are more varied and rich, but often lack the same punch. I think they combined the experimental noise with melodic synths more successfully than RDJ has. He separates the two. It's this fixation on tunes i find unexciting. Because of his innate musicality he can do something like Gwarek2 and it's incredible. The entitlement can go weirder, i don't think he appreciates at all the reach his music has been able to have. He was extremely lucky to have grown up in the period that he did, and lucky that Chris Cunningham's videos had the airplay they did on MTV. He can be paid as much as he is for one off festival appearances through the legend of his name. edit: there might be a 'so?' to that. Well..i think he's coasted on it. I just demand more from him. He's capable of creating some of the most stunning music ever, and released godlike stuff like Rhubarb. It's his own fault. Still feel a void with Aphex Twin where 5 lost albums should be.
  10. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Good point by Michael Cox that Gary Neville wants Ed Woodward's job. Watching his pitch side interview with Kelly Cates it couldn't be more obvious really.
  11. Loik V credern

    What are your aims this year creativity wise?

    I wanted to finish a character collection by Christmas day as that has always been something i thought would be neat to do...but fixed on the number 78. I have 36 done. That's 36 done in two years. 48 might be possible. Nearly finished another photobook, second one. Going back 6 years to find a specific photo takes ages. I have edits using curves i can't actually repeat. Dropped page number to 200, will put zoo shots in middle, maybe 40 each time. Can't really do both drawing and photobook at the same time, as well taking new photos and editing those. Really spent solid months just finding and editing this year. I look at some months and think what do i have to show for it.
  12. Loik V credern

    Perfect Films

    My first thought on finishing Zodiac was that it was perfect.
  13. Loik V credern

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I hope Klopp and Guardiola explain what the fuck happened with the expected brilliant open game for the neutral.
  14. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    The football Gods obviously had a late Friday night and mixed up deciding how the Man United vs Newcastle game would go with this. It's been so nothing Mahrez skying it was the only highlight. Catch it on motd, you'll blink and it'll be on 70 mins. Tv presenter saying there was a note passed from the bench saying for Mahrez to take the penalty. They sure that note was from the Man City bench?

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