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  1. This is kind of like saying there's enough stuff out there to cater to everyone, which isn't true. It's still possible to pine for certain types of things that amongst the thousands of art produced isn't evident in any of them. I'm like Stevie and do realise it's more me than games, i like creating things of my own ultimately and games can't provide the same satisfaction, but even so there's about 10 genres or specific types of games i'd love to play that aren't being made anymore.
  2. Audition is the most unnerving film I've seen. Pulse from 2001 is a big favourite of horror fans i think. Of all the recent horror films i found It Follows the creepiest. I didn't find Midsommar all that, i much prefer Hereditary despite the exaggerated hate there is for it.
  3. Probably a big actor who has been prolific and done a lot of films I've not seen. I don't watch films more than once, except fun ones as background. If i had some kind of Men In Black memory eraser thingey it'd probably be arnie yeah.
  4. Madrid basically handed the ball away for 12 minutes and all it took was Alba trying to tackle and completely missing for Real to score. And now a stuffy deflected goal from a free kick. The most 'smash and grab' game you will see. I can't stand Madrid tbh. They've been effective in this game so will get praise but there's no idealism or romance to their football. There's barely any football there. They've had a midfield of Kroos, Modric and Isco for years and individually they're all sublime but as a team i find them a chore. 63% possession for Barcelona. Madrid dang
  5. The Guardian has a 'Top 20 Hopkins films list' https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/apr/08/anthony-hopkins-film-performances-ranked#comments ...and a number of comments have said that he's done a lot of guff for such a long career and I've read this before too, of any actor as good as he is there’s not a lot of great stuff to show for 50 years. And i don't get it. Over the last 10 years when he was in his 70s he did trashy thrillers but then what great roles come by someone of his age, and Gary Oldman, who is 20 years younger, has done a similar amount. Still, 2 Oscar
  6. The internet allowing people access to so much art is a wonderful thing.
  7. I don't understand this really, i used complicit to directly blame them because i consider the American tour as the biggest reason for Ian to go through with it. I wouldn't use any form of complicit in someone having a mate who is depressed who they listened to and knew was severely down, say they suggested getting professional help or offered to help with debt but nonetheless will always feel they could have done more. Was attempted suicide different in the 80s? Well, no, because, again, 'Tony Wilson and his partner, Lindsay—expressing deep concerns as to Joy Division’s intense t
  8. Hmm, i was happy to accept I'm just dead inside and in a phase of rejecting films instead of relishing them because everything i watch is so intolerably boring it's driving me mad, but if others also find this boring maybe there is something to it and I'm not completely gone. It was just because i fully admit i don't care about watching two big monsters fight eachother, if i did I'd watch Pacific Rim 2 immediately. It's for kids who get excited about it, i just...can't. Like there's a growth inside my head. I'm not enjoying lockdown. I want to see westminster burned to the ground, i can't find
  9. I'd never heard of BallisticNG, i didn't realise there was a futuristic racer that was like a lost Wipeout from 97. Bought it straight away. It's so refreshing to see those dry crisp blocky visuals again. It plays beautifully, i like trying the different crafts with their simple defined attributes and most of them are sleek and angular rather than the bulky monstrosities of other racers, something that bothers me more than it does others. The music is an okay attempt but not great really. It's interesting how actually many Wipeouts there have been for people pining for more. While
  10. Yeah Deborah Curtis has said she resents that given she feels angry at him choosing to not be there for their daughter. If his self worth is so low he's not thinking he needs to be there for her, but that she's better off without him. He's fronting a band, he's got a daughter, he's getting divorced, there's a lot of pressure on him. He can't just de attach himself from any of that. I think pressure is the biggest reason for suicide, whether financial or in terms of what people expect of you. The more i read, the more to me it seems crazy there was ever a big American tour schedule
  11. Yeah i agree with that. If Merzbow brought out a new album of harsh uncompromising noise but it tops the charts that isn't making it pop music. But this to me is pop What if Autechre did intend to appeal to a general audience with some of their tracks or albums but we wouldn't realise it. Oversteps' softer, quiet melodic approach might have been a deliberate attempt by them to bring people who left them back.
  12. Maybe take it to the controversial sexual fantasies thread? This is about music.
  13. Don't really agree on the definitions of pop music earlier in the thread in terms of it being about popularity and sales. I thought that you have avant garde, the purest sound, lets say Merzbow, then anything that veers into being melodic, kind of upbeat, bouncy, is pop. So feed1 by Autechre, not pop. It's noise. Cichli, pop. It varies by track.
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