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  1. I missed that game! (annoying at the time as the first England game in ages they scores loads)
  2. Ten minutes! What. I've never seen that. There's been loads of games with long stoppages without getting that.
  3. Satisfying finish because i thought the touch might be too heavy, keeper closes down and he goes high hitting his body. The faintest press of the shoot button on pro evo finish which always works when you're close. I want to see the pass again to see how Messi knows.
  4. I'd not seen that second goal before! It's wild, flicking the ball past a player then everything stopping as they have a tussle, before he recommenses to blast the ball in. No one covering, the other defender just stares at the free ball and only moves as Bergkamp goes to shoot. I love how highlights can show a player in moments at their most determined, it gives an impression they were an unstoppable force of nature, unrealistic every minute of every game. Great choice of music. I had to check. BadBadNotGood - "DMZ". Never heard of them. 'No one above the age of 21 was involved in the making of this album. This album was recorded in one 10 hour session. Thanks to our friends, family, loved ones and anyone who fucks with us.'
  5. I love that Bergkamp video. Not nearly the same without Dutch commentary for me. I didn't watch that tournament, I was old enough but not into football, i kind of think of it as the most iconic tournament moment though, moreso than the hand of god or Maradona dribble vs England (journalists on one of the pods said that is probably the most famous game of football ever which I probably agree with). Just that the Bergkamp goal was in the final minutes and everyone seems in disbelief at how improbable it is after just launching the ball forward.
  6. I tend to agree with Ehrlich on a lot of stuff actually though he adored the 2014 Godzilla and I can't not help use that as evidence he can't be trusted, he sees a lot in the film which i don't think is there but I guess that's the point of critics. Like poor characterisation and bland characters (because Edwards simply isn't good with working with actors) makes it the 'first post human blockbuster', 'a genuine spectacle of humility'. Avatar 2 is 14 minutes longer than LOTR Fellowship Of The Ring and 13 minutes longer than LOTR The Twin Towers, I'm kind of curious how it justifies it. Fellowship was paced so well the more it goes on I was gutted when it ended and would have to wait a year to see the journey continue.
  7. I still think of someone like Rashford as more occassionly skilful than technically brilliant as say Wilshire was. It was just obvious whenever Wilshere moved with the ball his technique was different to most other players, he'd have those one twos with Cazorla in the middle of the pitch just improvising, shaping his body however to continue the play, just always reacting. Same as in the Norwich goal. Rashford has a good touch when he can bring a long ball down on his toe, and skilful in doing elasticos, he needs quick feet to do them but I think things like that can be practised and perfected whereas technique can't. Technique just comes out naturally so there ends up being loads of moments where a player will show what they can do when others won't, as though they don't get the same opportunity to impress. Like how Zidane and Bergkamp seem to have a number of examples of them leaping to catch the ball in mid air. A few players who joined up with England for the first time who were asked who impressed them most said Rashford surprised them, like 'he ripped me so many times' kind of stuff, they talked about him like anyone would who sees a professional footballer up close and is amazed by them, rather than it just being 'yeah he doesn't score enough, is he a centre forward of United's level'. There's that video of Henderson as a kid doing standing still skills, he looks like a wonderkid, kind of, not someone who'd be best known for his work rate and leadership. He has the occassionl great pass in him I don't go to games often, I saw Barcelona at the very top of their stadium, the players were virtually dots. I couldn't make Messi out and I was obviously looking. Iniesta though really did stand out, even from that distance. Also I got a ticket to the Manchester derby at Old Trafford in 2019 and was sat quite pretty high, for me Bernardo Silva stood out in just how he moved. Iniesta has the la croqueta, the Laudrup move because he was his Idol, Zidane did step overs and roulettes, but generally none of the most technical players do tricks. No flamboyant showcases of their skill.
  8. Yeah I get that, the difference between skill and technique to me being skill is something you pull out to beat a player whereas technique is so embedded in your play in how you react to the ball in every moment, like how Ozil could always adjust to score a goal however the ball came to him in the box or how David Silva would always move the ball in a way that it's far enough from the opposition player to try to dispossess, I think players eventually get tired of trying. I always think as much as technique it's composure, so you're not high and low through a game and can just keep play moving in a simple way. Whenever top players talk about the best they played against, it's always 'I couldn't get near him'. No specific moment, just overall being elusive in a game. I don't doubt Bellingham has better awareness and positioning, Alli is more head down introverted. Pogba's technique is incredible but he couldn't consistently run a game for United, I'd have that down to an awareness and positioning thing than technique, like when he's dispossessed it's because he's in his own world indulging himself and forgetting what action he should be taking than any failure to control the ball. But yeah it doesn't matter.
  9. Well i'm genuinely asking because i don't know what i'm missing, like i'd get Iniesta or Modric being 'technically in a different stratosphere to Dele Alli', but what is Bellingham doing that marks him out as being so much better. Does anyone else think that?
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