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  1. For my other 3 favourite bands/artists i do have an absolute favourite, but for Radiohead i could pick 20. Maybe because i listened to Idioteque to death. I listened to Morning Bell recently and it was like i never realised how extremely good it was. The discordant schizophrenic mania that builds at 2 minutes then suddenly disappears into 'cut the kids in half' has to be one of their greatest transitions. I'll go with Knives Out, so much melancholic brilliance, its flow is like Radiohead are operating on a different plane to other bands who might try to evoke something similar but
  2. I know Chelsea have a game in hand and the table is compact but for Arsenal to be just 2 points behind despite losing what seemed like every game for months is .
  3. Would you rather they win it or Liverpool?
  4. I usually watch a series over two weeks. I'd class that as more spacing it out than binging. One episode per day with some days where i give it a break, then occasionally 2 in one day, like the last few episodes where i get really into it. I've never watched 4 or 5 episodes in a day. I don't know how people don't get a little tired. My brother who actually came out and said a few weeks ago that he hates watching films, who will roll his eyes if you dare recommend something to him on Netflix, despite him having Netflix, not being able to go out, and his girlfriend loving watching st
  5. Never seen a goal like that. This is why i like football. Souness reckoned he didn't mean it. I think it's one of the clearest he obviously meant it goals i've seen. Souness is trending because he said an outside of the boot De Bruyne cross into the box wasn't that hard. Apparently this was last minute but it makes me laugh for some reason
  6. Because Radiohead didn't do grunge or didn't do it well? ^ Also i didn't know about that Goldeneye story.
  7. Neither team's final ball has been good enough. Seems like it's gonna take a flukey goal or making one good well timed decision/perfectly weighted ball for once. Which is like most big games with few clear cut chances. stream cuts out just as shaw falls over
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