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  1. Loik V credern

    Premier League 2018/19 season final table predictions

    er..i missed this. I fell asleep by accident yesterday. Let me do a list when i get home ! -dont lock thread-
  2. Loik V credern

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    Name an action film in the last 10 years that has great action, a great script and intriguing twists. Or name one in the 21st century. Even the directors and writers who made the actual pinnacle in the genre can't repeat the feat in subsequent attempts. Expecting the fifth Mission Impossible to actually be on par with those untouchable films is a waste of time. True Lies wasn't really about plot either, clearly James Cameron considered situations he thought would be inspired and wrote the story around it. I love True Lies as well, but i'll aim my frustration that nothing comes close towards The Expendables, and the nihilistic shitness of Taken and the numerous copycat revenge thrillers that are completely lacking in fun and ideas. While Bond has gone moody and serious MI has embraced the action genre and been entertaining with it.
  3. Loik V credern

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)

    I think they're genre defining, iconic and legendary and will never be topped as opposed to just great though. And will be watched in 100 years time. I don't think this latest MI failing to be a classic and so legendary its being watched in the next century matters so much as it just being very good and occasionally superb, which the last few were. Still not seen this because the showings were sold out due to schools being off, maybe this Sunday. Some people really do love these last 3 Mission Impossibles though, heavy film watchers and review writers on letterboxd.
  4. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    What do you want? I just want to play passing football, do endless one twos and have runners, hold the ball and dribble to shift defenfers out of position so i can body feint back and do quick transitions. In the previous two games i think they made defenders more robust, you'd get intercepted more easily. Which would be fine but coupled with the slower turning you couldn't really play and prise open defensives. You couldn't gain flow. Basically like with any pro evo with a bad connection online and you can't just play because of the lack responsiveness. You're always working against the cumbersome nature of it. So it's not just about wanting a quicker game of football, it's that increasing the game speed means the turning is less of an issue. When online i always pick short grass and wet if it makes any difference. I might get online. Would be good to play people on here (ps4). I've had peo evo friends online in the past but they'd only be online really occasionally. It'd be great, they'd pick spurs or west ham and vary their play, not just sit and press triangle. I'm getting poor connections online. Had maybe two good games out of 7. What reminds me of why i play pro evo is how a piece of animation will surprise you. Firmino picked up the ball on the D, and to do the through ball to Salah he did his piroutte back flick, Salah's shot was blasted in off the far post and it was glorious. I dislike the luminous player icon and that you don't have the option of player name (except for opponents for some reason).
  5. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    Awesome. I don't recall previous demos including that? Maybe I've just forgot. Cooked my dinner as it finished downloading. Came up and left it go cold as i waited to find someone..quick game offline then..didn't notice much difference but at fastest speed i like it the most of the previous few. The passing is really elegant, players seem to be able to pass with the highest ease and mid movement. They've been improving this for years but it's even more striking here. They've increased the response of the player movement just enough for me to be able to play it intuitively. Still not keen on its type of play, they emphasize the power of passes and shots, they want that physical tangible feel to it, hence the inclusion of vibration which i turn off. I want flow, but the balance has been tipped just enough for me to play and enjoy it. The graphics are so vivid and sharp. Replaying pro evo 2018 in comparison it's muddy and dry. The dribbling and turning is slower. Replaying pro evo 2017..it's even slower. i can certainly play this online. It grates that again little things like adjusting game speed online and the choice of 30 minute games aren't available (it seems). And that you pick your team before you find an opponent, meaning you can't see an opponent pick a team in a league and then match a derby. not an issue if you know someone in real life/online i guess who plays the game and you can agree on times to play and message each other about possible teams to pick so they match. none of which will happen. and the replays are still shit. I think I'm convinced each new game has departments that just don't look at a lot of the game's design. Best since..2015 for me.
  6. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    The demo is online?
  7. Loik V credern

    PES 2019

    I really don't expect this to be any different than the last two (or 3, losing track), but nakamura's comment would suggest otherwise. Demos are free now but i think i preferred the 90s demo discs for instant playability. It will take me hours to find out.
  8. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    I'd hate doing press conferences as a manager as well. Must be so tedious. Some managers really embrace it though, Bielsa will spend hours taking every question and giving detailed answers, i think Villas Boas and Rodgers have given lengthy football explanations in the past. I'm sure i remember someone on football weekly describe some of Rodgers conferences as like being given an education. Yet football reports never contain any of this insight. Mourinho is supposed to be really different in private. Will we ever see it? I guess there's the odd interview. He can't hate every journalist surely. He's always been so spiky and defensive. This sounds so cold and sarcastic. ..i can't tell.. He died 27th June 2017. I can't remember how miserable Mourinho was in his first season in comparison to how miserable he's become. For someone whose dream it was to manage Man United and apparently weeped when he heard Moyes got the job, you wouldn't know it. WHO IS THIS MAN WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN 2011. okay.
  9. Loik V credern

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I didn't know this. I was hoping Netflix would buy them. Or every match except ones featuring Burnley.
  10. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    I don't think Mourinho will be at Old Trafford next season, so if Pogba does stay this season then I'd hope he's encouraged to stay by the new manager. Not that i think Mourinho enjoyed football before but he's been more down since his father died last year. With Wenger I'd look at the incoming season and think Arsenal will not finish above any team who have a currently better manager. I think all the top teams have better managers, just whether the table at the end shows that as the quality of football does.
  11. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    I have noticed I am really angry lately. I just got a job, maybe that's it? I flip out anything where clearly there's obvious improvements that would save time and efficiency. I know it's the arrogant language of the ignorant to say 'why don't you do it like this?!', and am aware there will be reasons or laziness behind it. I have an extremely low tolerance for nonsense. I have issues accepting things. None of this makes sense in relation to this thread. I have increasing contempt for what humanity focusses on. Saying all that, I thought Guardians of The Galaxy was generic and the sequel crap, so a third film helmed by someone else might not be a bad thing to me.
  12. Loik V credern

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    I really don't think anyone would have remembered by 2020 [had he not been fired]. Even now, no one will remember. BUT WHAT IF A JOURNALIST ASKS A QUESTION AND THERE'S CHILDREN PRESENT but heh humans like inventing empty problems to make themselves feel more important. All the inane noise demanding peoples attention isn't offensive in itself, but it not being treated for the dribble it is, is. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE
  13. Loik V credern

    Aphex Twin

    Quite good.
  14. Loik V credern

    Premier League & Cup Predictions 2017/18

    Ha, just seen this. Thanks for the effort ! I think i came third the previous season as well. Bloody Burnley.
  15. Loik V credern

    The Man Utd Thread

    I can't understand why United would sell Pogba. I can understand why he'd leave, but then i never understood why he came back. Gomes i don't think has the mentality to play at a top club - he has major confidence issues. The chance him flourishing under Mourinho or at United is zero. I think a Pogba Modric swap might sound more appropriate - not that Modric would want to leave or Madrid would let him go. I'd take the short term wizardry of Modric over the potential long term if probably sporadic excellence of how Pogba develops, if only because there's not been a legendary player commanding the centre of midfield for United since Scholes. And Modric is so good i don't think even Mourinho could ruin him. He got over being voted Madrid's worst signing and the accusations of perjury hanging over him didn't affect him in Russia. edit: well apparently Modric wants to leave and Inter are interested. Don't believe any player who gets games for Madrid wants to leave, tbh. Man United wanted Modric in the past. Would fans go for that swap? I think opinions would vary. I think City got very lucky with the players they bought after the takeover - Silva, Aguero and Yaya are not just among the best in the world but all time greats. And they're done it again with De Bruyne. United, De Gea aside don't have the same knack but it feels like with Pogba the potential is there. Talent wise in terms of skill, passing range, shot technique he equals De Bruyne but is way behind on decision making. It's still a bit of a failure to not get the best out of Pogba.

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