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  1. @Garwoofoo great post. I used ‘productive’ as well and knew it’d be taken as meaning being at work. I meant it more as being creative, producing art stuff. (which for others is a ‘hobby’ but for me is stuff i’m deeply proud of and really value) Games are play as being creative is, sometimes games play can replace creative play. It’s more about energy than time for me. If you have a chunk of days to get into something you can finish late then get up fresh the next day, as opposed to spending all day doing repetitive tedious tasks then coming home and trying to get into a different type of head space and having the energy for it. It’s the same for others though, those who watch the most tv are the ones who work longer hours. Less hours working doesn’t mean more time to watch tv, it means more energy to avoid the slumping on to the sofa knackered. My oldest brother used to play games as much as me in the early 90s. But he reached a point where watching a film or playing games weren’t a social thing so couldn’t be justified as time well spent. Playing multiplayer games aren’t what he and his mates do. So if you suggest a tv show or film you know he will like he’ll just react like no no can’t. must. spend. time either fixing something or cultivating relationships. No kids, no pets, 4 days off a week. So if a tv show or film is being talked about by everyone he’ll watch it. He’s still really socially driven like that as teenagers are. Him spending an afternoon watching something would be weird. Even that word, weird. He can react to art in that knee jerk repulsed way. To me i just want art/entertainment to provoke me, intrigue, interest me. So ‘weird’ would mean interesting, which would mean not boring. Last night he mentioned playing a game on his phone, again something he’s never done. Like, he played games as much as me, i remember us taking it in turns on the Wipeout 2097 demo, on Micro Machines 2, time trial basement track, i remember me playing Blast Corps on the level with the moving train and you’ve got to skid bash up the track, and him entering the room and saying excitedly; what’s this? I’ll give it a go! Then 25 minutes later losing his mind with frustration. Do you want me to have a go? ‘No!’ Eventually he threw my controller at the radiator and stormed out. It’s a hard level! Ultra competitive, if i won a game against him back then he’d yell ‘well i don’t have time to spend all day practising like you do!’ He has stopped playing any games since 1997. He’d come back from rollerblading with his mates and i’d put Goldeneye on but that was it, that was...a couple of times. And Soul Calibur 2 a bit. Actually! He did play Roller Coaster Tycoon in 2000. Literally told his mate; don’t bother me i’m playing this. I remember wanting to play retro games in multiplayer but didn’t get chance at christmas (as we did the year before) so i said; just one day lets play games. He picked a day but he came in and said; right got half an hour i’m going to the gym with Tom soon. Last night i said; but you never have time for fun. He and his girlfriend didn’t find it funny really. Him playing a game on his phone...it’s probably a popular game among his circle of friends.
  2. I think it was worth watching but not worth making.
  3. It doesn’t make sense to think of the time spent playing games being used to do something else more productive cos it’s used as an outlet and a break from doing productive things and if i don’t have outlets i get burnt out.
  4. Rashford's near post dart and check back for the goal was masterful, and the cross from new favourite player James was brilliant. I thought it was a foul and it was handball but hahahah anyway. Man United vs Liverpool games are always awful to watch, really the worst games of any.
  5. I don't know how 'you should be ashamed' wouldn't be taken as exaggeration.
  6. You just have to understand everything to get it. A good example being how does one post something here in a different way, i had a shot of a shady rough looking guy sort of turning to stare at the camera, set against a brick wall, hazy blur. Continuing my intent to capture punk it was perfect for me, i thought to hide him in a few spoiler boxes, so you click a few times before he appears, staring at you. It was negged something like 3 times and i thought; what's happened there? It's not even a stream of pictures that will rob you of all your data. I had to try to ignore all the obvious ideas intended and think like someone else who would click a few extra times and be incensed by this shot enough to neg it. I thought; right well if you can't even understand that then i'm apparently lost on you all, I'm wasting my time, I'm out of this thread for good. I still think about it, because there's got to be an assumption it was a piss take as opposed to something amusing. 'yeah well just a neg to say i didn't like it'. But that's not what a neg is, a neg is; i disapprove of that existing here. You might notice despite the reaction to my stuff I've never negged anything in this folder. If you have feedback then you post it.
  7. That’s the joke though. Person A: does transformative street photography. Person B: average, that. Person B: *puts up the very definition of generic street photography*. Person A: . The chunk of the post has the most constructive feedback you will find in this thread.
  8. omg that racing game hud I'd like a racing game set on alien planets. I think i've mentioned this before when I've use 'set on alien planets' in regards to every other genre of game.
  9. Because giving feedback is disallowed is it?
  10. 2005 1. Strange Circus 2. A Bittersweet Life 3. Lord Of War 2006 1. Confessions Of A Dog 2. Little Miss Sunshine 3. Bug 2007 1. Zodiac 2. The Orphanage 3. Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade 2008 1. The Good The Bad And The Weird 2. In Bruges 3. The Clone Returns Home 2009 1. The City Of Life And Death 2. Dogtooth 3. Triangle
  11. I'm playing on Ste S's assessment on what 'average' street photography is.
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