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  1. Have people read about actors being used or like most just thinking it? The film is confusing with it. he said he turned it down at first but then he wondered why he was so repulsed by it and realised that people like that really exist. I knew he's big now but he's bigger than I expected..I wondered whether he put on weight for the part.
  2. My favourite bit is 'Keira knightley and Orlando Bloom are so wooden it's like watching two chairs mating'. That was the first Kermode review I heard i think. I listened to the podcast from maybe 2008, then skipped it when I got tired of the radio rambling and just catch up n YouTube reviews now. Tbh recently -apart from his dismissal of Where To Invade Next which I will never forgive (and will never stop mentioning) - it's his overwhelming praise for Dead Presidents that i almost can't overlook, somehow it's worse if a critic is so effusive about a film with such laug
  3. I found this a horrendous headache and baffling, the way it mixes absurdity in its characters and plot with real life without any sense of the setup, it always edits situations down. The only thing in the film I am sure of being real is Rudy Giuliani reacting to what he thought was a a journalist. Everyone else I'm thinking; is that an actor. Is that a real person who agreed to act. Is that a real person who agreed to go along with this strange scenario. I don't understand what I'm missing here, you can only truly do a gotcha when the person is unsuspecting. Many real people in reality tv show
  4. A bit like this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yuPNwLYrMm0
  5. I haven't and after struggling with the 2 minute trailer I think I'm going to pass. Kermode started his Kajillionaire review with 'I think it's Miranda July's best film, but *sigh* here's the thing...' He has a low tolerance for quirk but it's not that for me really, it's more than it feels in place of actual characterisation. At no point was I able to engage with the film's attempts at exploring family dysfunction, or repressed feelings, because I didn't believe any of it and there's no exploration there, more tame insertion. I don't believe the characters. It felt like if you're going to exp
  6. El Classico has been fun. Neither team can defend. Messi has been peripheral* and other players seem less reliant on looking for him/more willing to make things happen themselves. What's the betting Calvert Lewin gets more goals than Messi this season. Whether league goals or all competitions even with less games. *just did a great turn and near post right footed shot though that was so slick I'm surprised it didn't work and the keeper got down quickly. And he provided the great pass for the Alba run for the goal like...
  7. HEH NOW this wasn't intended to slag Kermode off. I watched Superbad first maybe in 2013, then again bits of it this year. Somehow missed the Kermode review. Still think it's great, that first half, the fake id, the dick drawing obsession, Jonah Hill's unreasonable aggression, and Michael Cera I love watching because he doesn't exhibit any of that loud brashness or American overconfidence and forced performance. I lose interest with the cops and party. I'm sure Kermode was favourable towards The Inbetweeners when it was breaking records, maybe because it's a uk hit.
  8. Kajillionaire The worst film I've ever seen. -1000/5 I was actually going to watch the Borat film though so I guess my film watching tonight would have been rubbish either way. Can't wait to read how transcendent and subversive or whatever Kajillionaire is though. I can't believe the story it's trying to tell without any of the things you need to tell it. I am actually still watching the film. I've become sick of looking at the hair of one of the characters. Hair. Has a new genre been carved out where filmmakers poke fun at how lame their film is, and try t
  9. Is Superbad that bad? That vile and disgusting? Kermode has a breakdown. I can't find any review of him being exposed to The Inbetweeners. (James King reviewed the sequel) Yes, a whole new thread was created to ask this. This would be one of those shit posts people desperately want negs back to downvote isn't it. Not even able to do a sly empathy to ease the waste of bandwidth and time you've lost.
  10. I'm sure it was Sean who answered. The AAA is 161 pages long...I can't seem to search in the thread. I'm going through it now. They both couldn't be any more honest in their answers, the idea seemed to be about demystifying the process everyone finds so mysterious and magical. okay reddit has it: rekosn - wanted to ask about Metroid Prime. where you involved in it? also does the "Autechre" track still exists? will it ever see the light of day? Sean - sorry we signed an NDA
  11. Yeah I thought everyone had heard about this but then even on wattm people were surprised so I thought I'd mention it again. It came up in the long ask Autechre anything thread and they wouldn't discuss it which does annoy me because it's been so long and it's not like they're talking about being shown around Roswell or anything. Same with any company they talk to about hardware though, they won't go there. Also Andrew McKenzie of halter trio is named before them. Sean in the AAA was being as honest and demystifying as possible so it's not likely he'd be having everyone on by sayi
  12. I can see that after spending a decade on Metroids. Anyone looks at Retro now though and might think 3 Donkey Kong Country Returns is excessive. And that Metroid Prime 4 will never come out or if it does might be more in the mould of Other M and not as ambitious as we've come to expect from where Retro pushed Metroid Prime to be. Are the DKCRs that intensive? Was there no way to hire more staff and have 2 teams working on different games like how Rare operated? I've never thought about this and don't care really, but as much as DKCR might have been a welcome change of pace for the
  13. People don't have to repeat Nintendo's capitalistic tendencies, I think we know and Nintendo know a new futuristic racing game isn't going to move them to being a trillion dollar company, but nor is it going to bankrupt them and they're sort of in the business of producing entertainment. The Mario Karts and Mario Partys are crucial to Nintendo positioning their consoles as family entertainment, it's not just about profit is it.
  14. *checks every sentence of every post to see if Retro studios have been brought up* Nintendo did have a developer capable of action games but chose to put them on Donkey Kong platformers instead? Platformers which are well loved, I know.
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