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  1. oh haha the armond white filmcast episode has been put on to youtube a must listen
  2. 'Revolutionary director'? Hmm. The first trailer actually felt more like a tv show to me, one with a big budget that was trying to impress on you its epic seriousness without the imagination in the visuals to back it up. The car chase scene with the car flipping is so weak yet presented as the most incredible thing. In the context of the story that moment might impress and there's a consistency to Nolan's style now as this borrows heavily from Inception, the black uniformed men being dragged down the corridor, up and down skyscrapers, i just find it a bit dull. I don't really go with his storytelling. The constant whispering of something epic happening is a style i seem to hate. He is directing action films really, he is, but he doesn't seem to have a knack for it, or have fun with it, he seems to rely so much on scale and sound. There are some memorable shots, but too few, there's just as many more weak scenes where the camerawork/editing is lazy and location poor. I've always felt this really, the Joker pencil moment from Dark Knight was the only good part of that scene, the rest seemed so half arsed. I dunno, maybe he also wants an earthiness in there, it not always seeming like he's obsessed over every detail. Setting the film in Chicago after Batman Begins tried with some dark gothic styling..it matters and he discards it. Just me? Tldr he's an action visual director who lacks the imagination to make it matter. The car flipping over on the highway, it's not just me who is thinking of The Matrix Reloaded right, it's just making me want to watch that scene again, which at the time Laurence Fishbourne said something like; 'in 50 years time people will still be talking about this chase sequence'. ..not realising the failure of the sequels always overshadows any quality they had. I relistened to the filmcast review of Inception the other day with Armond White on, who hated it and hates Nolan. He's more contrarian than most, but there is something where people who watch a lot of films resent popular films getting the exposure and acclaim their personal favorites don't, and he takes it to such an extreme that he's praising Transformers 2 while shitting all over Inception. Death Race and Michael Bay are criticizing the debasing of culture and expressing it visually in the medium of film, while Nolan is a hack obsessed with constructing games, or something. I really like the lead, he's so cool in BlacKkKlansman, and i always like Pattinson. Will watch obviously, but not for £30, or £20, are you mad.
  3. Skipping over the youtube thumbs i was thinking it was Craig from Malcolm In The Middle.
  4. I'd watch a cut of The Hobbit that condenses all 3 films into one, if that's even possible. And no 3 hour epic either.
  5. tbh the 10s poll wasn't any easier, less two films i loved and more several i just liked.
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