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  1. Was interested before I read Colin Trevorrow is back. He can't direct.
  2. Kingdom Hearts Insider has videogame music. I just checked whether it had Pictionary, thinking it wouldn't, but it does. It seems to have everything.
  3. Not really followed this game before reading the last few pages of this thread and watching videos. Is there a possible future where people not so technically minded are able to make the small scale game they're always wanted to? The Frequency where you can play any track you have. The Gta that returns to the vibe of 3. A pure kart racer with long narrow twisty corners. A fighting game that isn't based on something decades old. A FPS that returns to the formula of Goldeneye. An adventure racing game with dinosaurs and leaping into volcanoes that uses a peculiar and iconic funny looking car. A run and gun co op shooter based on set pieces. A first person zombie horde game without a horrific HUD, where every time you play it's new, new maps made every week. You move from area to area instead of round and round; the excitement being extinguished with every attempt. Cod Zombies is still great potentially, playing a new map, opening doors, not knowing anything, wondering how big it is is outstanding. You want to figure out the parameters, the spots, the secrets. Get better with each turn. It's kind of inadvertently retaining the formula of linear games of the past, where you're restricted and survive, rather than everything being endlessly open world and then it feeling pointless. A sci fi racer that doesn't just mimic what Wipeout established a decade ago as now the norm. All F Zero fans living in perpetual agony, might we get a sci fi racer with its 30 racers online, just in a different way. The racing genre is one in dire need of resurgence, and still goes wanting. Cutesy platformers are everywhere. There's always a professionalism in games that for me snuffs out what's so interesting about user created levels. You're getting something personal that was created for its own sake, that wasn't produced to meet a demand. You get true freedom, absurdity in ideas, a looseness. Half of it is being impressed by what's possible. It's like when people didn't get GTA 3; why would I play a game with poor parts of other dedicated games? The irony being once the shooting was improved the game leant so heavily on it, sections stretched out past the point of severe boredom, but which still couldn't match proper shooting games, so the brief awkward deviations of the originals that contributes to the whole sense of freedom was when it excelled. Being able to use assets others have made is incredible isn't it ? The open source community of the internet applied to the console. There are gaps all over videogames. People who reckon if you're a gamer nowadays there's something for you aren't appreciating the little things that matter. There's unfulfilled dreams all over the world. You allow people the means, you get all sorts.
  4. Some journalists think City will be banned for just one season. There's a reason why it's 2, but they think it's also so they can reduce it but still punish them. They don't think Uefa will want to back down on this. Guardiola will stay out of loyalty and the players won't mind about one season out, neither will new signings be discouraged. If it's next season, it gives them more focus to win the league back at least. So in all it's just a gift from City to United.
  5. Klopp has said there was no chance of anyone but Dortmund signing Haaland. I hope that ends that. Savage has said a new stupid thing. Brace yourself. 'If Solskjaer was handed £250 million to go out and sign central defender Kalidou Koulibaly, playmaker Jack Grealish and Jadon Sancho up front, Solskjaer’s best team would be capable of giving Liverpool and Manchester City a run for their money next season'. Liverpool have shown a few times you can leap up the table in two seasons, improve that much. But it overlooks the level City and Liverpool have risen to. I think any team can improve immediately but it's like at some point you need to show some sign of methods of play, an objective, consistency. Liverpool win every game and City can go on 12 game winning runs with ease. Man United can't win 3 in a row just to keep up with Chelsea. I like Grealish, initially there's something too nonchalant about the slow smoothness of his play, Ozil-like, but he scores wonder goals too and can fight. He fits in being a player who would be stepping up rather than down to join. Arsenal also want him though. And being a Villa fan, and captain, I'm not sure he'll leave. Maybe he'll think; I did my best, I got to captain my boyhood club in the premier league after years away. Maybe he'll have got a taste of premier league football and will want more. He might think he could end up staying years in the championship and lose his opportunity. There's been so many English talents who fade away. Just being in the Championship I thought Grealish might not fulfill his potential, because people raved about him years ago. He seems humble actually, enough to want to stay, and maybe his family and friends persuade him otherwise. Sancho is linked because United like to give the impression of being among the top clubs. He's that good he could pick his move. Even if Pochettino was here, it'd be a gamble. With Guardiola feeling some loyalty, it removes the possibility of Pochettino ending up there. I think him going to United is possible. Zidane isn't leaving Madrid, and who knows with Tuchel. You'd think it'd be best for Pochettino to win some trophies there than repeat the rebuilding thing with United which if it's just very nearly again might, but probably won't, affect his chances of the Madrid job. Plus, winning at PSG allows flexibility; you've achieved, time for a new challenge. At United with years of improvement it's staying to see it through. His recent quote about loving the premier league was a come get me plea. Like Guardiola though it's probably more likely United don't pursue enough. Pundits dismiss Ole as the worst manager in the league, ('who would honestly take him?') but it's more worthwhile to think what other managers could have got that much more out of such a depleted squad over the season. And furthermore, which managers would have won those big games as he has, because some have had dozens of attempts at big 6 teams and always lose. Maddison is another linked attacking midfielder but he isn't leaving Leicester with Rodgers there. I can see Grealish choosing Arsenal over United, more convinced the playing style would suit him, stay in the south..ish. Arteta would convince him he knows what he's doing. Man United don't need an attacking midfielder, but do need players who can hold on to the ball with confidence and drag it forward. He never hides, he takes the ball wherever. Still would want another centre mid and striker. Actually, Grealish did play deeper last season didn't he, he's not strictly an attacking midfielder. People think Wan Bissaka would be better suited to being a centre back, given his tackling and blocking but lack of confidence in attack. I don't know what happens to the right back position. Que googling right foot, left foot, can players swap sides.
  6. Watch it. His entire movement is of a stamp. Here's a video you can grimace at. I'm not sure slow motion is so deceptive it can make a forceful determined stamp look like a player placing his foot on to the ground for balance. He literally leaps off into the air!
  7. eesh The bizarrest part of the last two acts of violence on Chelsea players is how close they are to the Chelsea dugout when they do it. And how blatant they are. Literally next to the entire Chelsea staff, yeah I'll just do a leg breaking stamp on one of your players..hang on he's just sliding in right now let's see if I can aim this right to wipe a year off his career. What possesses some players.
  8. What other films are like this? Would peoples criticism change if the film transitioned more into showing full Joker in its second half? (like I expected it to) It's basically being laid into now to reduce its artistic aspirations. I'm interested to see how they tread that balance in the sequel between grounding it down to a mundane reality and the heightened comic book-ness of the character that we expect. It's like what I often think about music, would you prefer someone who specialises in avant garde music to veer towards doing something more like pop music, with melodies and condensing it down to 3 minutes. Or the other way round? A pop star going oblique and anti chorus.
  9. 01 - Animal Collective - Centipede Hz 02 - Venetian Snares - Fool The Detector 03 - Fleet Foxes - Helpnessness Blues 04 - Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool 05 - Autechre - L-event 06 - Sufjan Stevens - The Age of Adz 07 - Radiohead - The King Of Limbs 08 - Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell 09 - Bjork - Vulnicura 10 - Fuck Buttons - Slow Focus 11 - Venetian Snares - My So Called Life 12 - Beck - Morning Phase 13 - Death Grips - Money Store 14 - Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 15 - Autechre - Exai 16 - The Go Team - Rolling Blackouts 17 - Goat - World Music 18 - Swans - To Be Kind 19 - The Voidz - Tyranny 20 - Sleaford Mods - Key Markets
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