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  1. Be that as it may, the fact is that I haven’t been inside a movie theater for almost ten years now. Not that I don’t like movies. It just so happened that I haven’t seen any. Not even on TV, on DVD, or during flights. It does seem strange even to myself, considering that I spent a lot of time in cinemas, staring at the screen and watching some film or other when I was young. Back then, Takuma Nakahira was Godard, and I was Fellini. Either one of us would always invite the other to go and see a movie together, which we did a lot, and I have no idea what it is that has pulled me this far away from movies and theaters. A while ago, someone asked me to name my favorite movie. I didn’t know what to say. There were of course two or three Japanese, and a couple of foreign movies that had impressed themselves on my memory, but judging by the way that question was asked, that person seemed to expect a slightly different kind of answer, so I ended up sinking into thought. What finally came to mind after an eternity and a half of pondering was David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.” So this was the one film that summed up the entire world of cinema for me. It was ages ago that I watched it, and I only vaguely remembered the story and a few details, but what I did remember well was that it was a “dark” one. My impression of the movie was basically that just about everything on the screen, every light and every shadow, was dark. It was so mysterious a “darkness” that it engraved itself on my entrails like an importunate stain. I don’t think I will ever watch it again. There is absolutely no connection, however, between “Eraserhead” and the fact that I haven’t seen a single movie for years. I guess it’s just that, the older I’m getting, the more I’m taken up with roaming the streets and alleys of the city, and it’s that addiction that must be gradually extinguishing other capacities.
  2. I kind of agree that current Mario Kart resembles Smash Bros more than it does Super Mario Kart, but not that it's been anywhere near as inventive as that series has been, from Melee onwards. Maybe a lot of that is the platformed stages and 2d gameplay where you can see the whole screen and all the chaos takes place in it allows for them to throw more inside the frame like Pokemon in a way in a 3d kart game it'd be trickier. And it just works, it's truly exciting seeing new levels and how it changes how you play, the F Zero levels in Melee are brilliant and way beyond anything i expected when playing Smash Bros on the N64 and it showed the developers were in tune with the game they were making. I mean, jumping on top of race crafts? Incredible! An Fzero themed track in Mario Kart doesn't work as a basis to mess with the gameplay, it's purely cosmetic. I don't think they should even go there, i think they should bring it right back to the beginning, to the mushroom kingdom, to super mario bros, to pixels, to tracks that aren't so separated. The cup format is boring, new track dlcs are boring. Mario Sunshine and Odyssey pursued new worlds for Mario to explore, and with that characters, enemies, a bit of mystery and culture. I think they should apply that more adventurous thinking to Mario Kart. I feel like this is lost on people who apparently don't have a grasp on how boring current Mario Kart actually is, such is the overwhelming love and assertions of there's nothing more they can possibly do! and there's no one who cares enough to share that they think contrary to that because the genre has been run into the ground and it's just this insipid easily digestible thing. But it's too mainstream, too much of a flagship title, and no one is that bothered. Reading comments about blue shells it's like a neat summation of politics, when the best improvements people can think of is politicians not being cunts.
  3. A return to the essence of what Mario Kart should be whilst taking full advantage of everything you can do with the genre. If a game is being truly creative, it cracks open the possibilities, it doesn't end them. And drop the number, and think of a subtitle that isn't naff.
  4. I don't know why people care about licenses. It bothers me more that teams aren't included, like Dortmund for years and now Bayern. Or incorrect names in some national teams like Brazil, which they amended later on but still isn't complete. No edits i made transferred to online divisions. Other main things that massively, MASSIVELY annoy me is lack of formation save slots. 3. THREE! The amount of a ball ache it is to swap players around before a game because you don't want to lose all time favourite formation say of Crystal Palace you're quite fond of. I save formations with tactics overriding the defaults of teams, but i'm not even sure that goes when i do an update. 20 replay save slots is also mean. These are simple things. I've really got into PES 2019, i doubt i'd be able to go back to PES 2010. The chip through ball is something i use all the time, being able to shift the ball and wait for the exact moment to catch out the defenders is glorious and the one major thing you couldn't do for so many years. Online has died the last week and still won't work now, i tried winning the league with Man United on Legend in 5 minute games but it proved impossible. I couldn't get off a shot most games, the defending was too good. I dropped down a level and still would lose, Brighton would play like Barcelona, seriously great football, made my defence look so narrow. It was nice to see how good it was possible to play the game, but it's just not the same unless I'm online playing against a real person even though there is no indication of that being true. Occasionally you see human aggression, rash tackles, you think; is this his last game of his 10 that he needs to win to go up a division? But generally people are predictable, and i can't get enough of it. Enough of xavi pirouetting around opponents, feinting, pulling defenders one way to go the other. Until you reach a player who is switched on and notices. The amount of times I concede while trying to dribble past someone on the half way line. Have to do them every game. I wasn't sure they'd be another PES really, maybe there's only few years left of them.
  5. The only time I cared for EA was when their name was on the Road Rash 2 cartridge.
  6. I wonder if people who took a dump on the previous season of Black Mirror are thinking they were maybe being too harsh. I loved season 4 just as much as the others, my only disappointment was that after 6 episodes that was it and I had to wait for more. I liked the increasing variety so appreciated Metalhead's minimalism and was excited for what else was to come. I didn't feel like the show was running out of steam, only that maybe Brooker should allow other writers a go at writing a script. Given the peep show guy's effort still remains one of the best ones, and given that was at the very beginning I always thought that was the intention with Brooker having never really written scripts before and the anthology aspect meaning it's perfect for different interpretations and angles. Brooker could still shape the overall ambition of the show. There are loads of tv creators who do have a background in writing yet write the pilot and then nothing else in the 10 seasons of their mega successful show. Also given that it's more popular than ever and now there are given free reign and probably a near unlimited budget within reason for what they want to do, there can't not be writers who'd love to contribute. But nevermind! With all those interviews Brooker does let's never ask him about that. The only thing they do is bring in big name directors and cast big name actors. Even Frankie Boyle has said he's written a story for Black Mirror that he shared in his book. He's written comics, his monologues on New World Order are brilliantly dark and twisted. Why not? Or get Chris Morris involved. Brooker nabbed a story from a magician and that's about it. It's inevitable Brooker would run out of ideas if he's tasked with writing each one, then spending time on production. We didn't get an end of year wipe for 2017, 2018, and likely won't for 2019, something i was sad about cos i love them. It's taken 18 months to make 3 episodes. 3 episodes only works if each one is among the very best the show has to offer. I think ep 1 and 2 are among the worst. While the ideas in early seasons were prescient i watched episode 1 and 2 of this in sheer boredom unable to get my head around what the idea/hook even was because it was so lame or nonexistent. Because it's established that quality, of introducing you to a character and then how use of technology fucks with their life, layer after layer of horror. A hook doesn't mean something cheap, it is the point of the show, it is. I hope Brooker realises how shite this season is and asks in writers to re energize the show. We get better Black Mirror, perhaps more quickly and Brooker has more time to do end of year wipes. Everyone wins!
  7. Yeah I get that, but who is the more likely to don an armoured suit and go out at night beating up common thieves? The outrageously out of control obnoxious offensive immature playboy type, or the boring billionaire you think might be happiest spending his days reading a good book. It wasn't just the batcave scenes, but any time he met someone. He was always classy, gave off an aura of intelligence, doing things in his own time. Becoming Batman would be completely unexpected but also beneath him unless his took it really seriously, which he did and you saw. Bale's had none of this. Because it was the beginning i guess.
  8. I think the opposite on Keaton, he brought a quiet unassuming intelligence to Bruce Wayne. I think only Kilmer has actually come close to doing the same. Keaton in his batcave, studiously obsessing how recent events can be connected to a villain, deep in thought, barely noticing Alfred who rolls his eyes at Bruce reading too much into everything. All that stuff in Tim Burton's Batmans i loved. I didn't care for Bale's playboy. Pattinson has played someone smart but shy in The Lost City of Z as Henry Costin, but maybe better suited to the youthful vibrant intense role in Good Time where he's shined most. ::is it shone or shined?
  9. Do you even celebrate after winning a game like this?
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2019/may/30/james-bond-still-a-strong-recruitment-sergeant-for-mi6-says-expert Sounds like a fun recruitment process !
  11. I like this video on 'Sarriball'. Just team mates supporting eachother to form triangles/two passing options in small areas, dragging defenders, switching sides, moving around as one. Is it that hard? Is clear the players were committed to doing it though. The speed of Hazard to pretty much sprint back to support the player on the ball and provide another triangle. And Giroud as well, he's darting into space and providing an opening for a pass but is he also aware of the Chelsea player behind him and where his movement ought to provide the triangle? Hazard further able to lay it off and carry his run with the defence overloaded on that side.
  12. Loik V credern


    Guardian has this as Arsenal's team Arsenal: Cech, Sokratis, Koscielny, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Kolasinac, Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Leno. Am I reading half of that right?
  13. Valverde is doing an awful job bringing the best out of his attacking players. Take Messi out and i think they'd finish in the top half of the table, but only because of Suarez's efforts. The speculation probably ends with Messi saying he wants Valverde to stay but that was before the Valencia defeat. They've been stodgy and slow for some time. Barcelona fans haven't been happy with Valverde for at least a year. Martinez in terms of attack won't do a worse job. It was only in his second season with Everton that the major failings in the defence appeared. But it's very leftfield when everyone is focussing on Bielsa (staying now) or Sarri (linked with Juventus). Dunno if Allegri fits with Barcelona, but any big club would be a bit mad to hire someone like Martinez when he's available surely? Going to start becoming like Argentina, so much Messi dependency it's unhealthy.
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