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  1. It's the lack of options and support for passing in attack that bothers me, every player in the final third is isolated, and you can see the incoherence every time. They dribble but can't decide between left or right, take a heavy touch, get intercepted. They know how to run down the wing and cross it in, every player knows that. I don't know why it's so difficult to move in triangles and give an option every time a player is in possession (so he has two) to enable movement in the final third to be fluid. I guess sticking to formations and positions, tiredness, lack of communication/being on the same wavelength prevents it. Every team has the same problem most of the time. I want the team to create goals, not snatch at them. All proposals for a striker is just saying steal goals. That's good as well when you can't break down a team, when you are having an off day. But overall i want to see the team play. Creating a clear cut chance against Everton feels like getting blood out of a stone though. They make for dull games i think. I didn't expect a late winner. I'm not that disappointed because i didn't think the spurs and city win changed anything and expect to struggle against all but the top 6 sides. Which is a weird place to be. It depends on Rashford having the support of Martial and Pogba coming back. 4th is still achievable and would be good.
  2. lol i need a gif of Pickford's horizontal slow motion pitch scraping sliding dive with mouth agape. So horizontal it was like he was on a conveyor belt.
  3. 4-0 win to progress through to the Champions League knock out stages...let's sack the manager who has won 3 European cups with 2 teams.
  4. Ha they’re actually doing this - 10-20cm. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2019/dec/08/aleksander-ceferin-long-nose-var-offside-conundrum
  5. stream2watch.ws/event/andy-ruiz-jr-vs-anthony-joshua been perfect for me so far
  6. I only saw a bit of that, terrible stream. United under Ole do turn up for big games and this kind of proves the others weren’t flukes, it’s not that big of a surprise but it is probably the biggest win. It’s not just the increase in tempo, the tenacity, pressing, urgency but the positions players take up in attack and pundits just say; well it’s because rubbish teams sit back and don’t allow the space. Tactically Ole must be doing something right because United are nullifying teams at the same time. It’s effective football and hard to reckon with when so many games the team offers nothing, none of the incisiveness. They are currently the most fascinating contradictory team. It’s very rare to feel kind of proud of your team when it’s United but they feel like under dogs now, decimated by injuries, young players criticised, written off. What a win.
  7. WHEN'S IT GONNA END ROBBIE !! At the start of every AFTV after a defeat DT has the look of someone who could strangle a cat and feel no remorse. How Robbie doesn't burst into laughter to cope with the regular fury directed at him i don't know.
  8. New York is my favourite city in films. I miss that it rarely is the location now, and more American films have switched to Los Angeles. There’s the obvious ones everyone has seen like The Warriors and Taxi Driver but i’m looking for forgotten stuff where the film might be rubbish but it captures something of 70/80s New York in all its grimey glory. I might be going to New York next year and i’m saddened by how it’s been cleaned up. It might mean there’s less chance i get mugged, but i’m gonna feel even worse if i DO get mugged.
  9. I overall like the 90s, there are those who think little of it and i’m not one of them. But going through films i thought 1996 was a really weak year, the weakest year of the decade and maybe one of the weakest ever.
  10. Would ‘remote parts of southern italy’ be better for you? You know sandy places. The locations are part of its brochure along with the cars and watches. The films are like one long advert like you get in those expensive fashion magazines, but in moving form with some murder and explosions thrown in. When there is only an incoherent plot and an overwhelming emphasis on making every shot look beautiful that’s all you’re left with. Bond has always travelled, along with the gadgets it is one of the enduring appeals of the series but it’s how it’s used now in a mostly superfluous way.
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