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  1. A movie watchers blog

    Love Korean films, but don't think i can include much than hasn't been said that people will like as much as me. My 9s and 8s are other peoples 7s and 5s. I just googled 'South Korean films' and yeah that is a pretty definitive list! Although at the end is Save The Green Planet which is one of my favs. My favourite asian films list is kind of pretty limited given it's a dedicated list, but at least it's always updated..! https://letterboxd.com/aehii/list/favourite-asian-films-watched-always-updated/ I love Korean films for being a mixture of Hollywood thriller and Korean [melo]drama, i really think Goose will like a lot i do as well because they're just genre films produced with such sincerity that aren't aiming to give more colour to cinema or be abstract with the medium. I love The Tunnel for instance and Sea Fog. Others like The Client, Montage, Intruders, The Whistleblower, The Tower, Confession of Murder are very decent. No Mercy is the bleakest film I've seen. I mean of anything.
  2. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    I..just can't believe it. All this time? ALLLLLL this time? I've put up like a 1000 photos. What a waste of time, for fucks sake. Why not stop me at photo 726. Heh mate, we've all agreed the concept of excitement doesn't exist. I don't know what you're trying to do here, but we died a long time ago. Why did people think I was putting them up? Through some misguided delusion? Did people think I just accidentally portrayed every subject with a coolness and aching timeless beauty? No! Did you just sit back and snigger; he he, he's put in too much black again, totally swallowed the uneventful building behind that lost soul staring into the void. Like, I thought yeah okay the photos are harsh but the occasional excellence will override any issues with taste. Or limited the upload amount. Frankly I reached a point where I thought..waitasecond am I put on ignore. hello. helllllloooooo oppressive dystopia coming through. I might as well have shown them to my brother whose favourite film is Hitch and whose idea of a nightmare is sat trapped in a car as The National Anthem by Radiohead plays loud. I even teased with concepts of jealousy. I know! I know. well you know, the young free spirit being bold as fuck, who has the balls to do candid street. I should have fired off a machine gun amount of cunts and got banned ages ago, godammit. Permabanned: won't stop saying calling everyone a cunt, ruining the Dog Thread. I'm being serious, someone should have said. This total rejection given the investment has been distressing. The thought of chasing excitement not allowed unthinkable. I don't mind petty snideness, but you have to reveal it earlier, so I can conclude I'm wasted on youse and go elsewhere where things make sense. It's fine you know? Like oh right yeah I get it. Well okay it's a bit weird lol..really! Endless shots of cars preferable? No no no that's fine, it's okay. jeez, loik is talking this badly. It's almost like he lives and breathes art. You could never tell! Okay I think that will do. Goodbye photography thread, we had some great times, we had some bad times, actually no we didn't nothing whatsoever occurred. Goodbye photography thread, what might have been. Final photo is Gail Platt. Great. Bye rllmuk bye bye you have to leave at some point you know, you can't just keep including more. I know I know. Well obviously you don't. I do. I do.
  3. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    We're on a new page though. There isn't another 110 photos to upload. Your data is safe. The notion of fearing to enter a thread lest you waste as little as 300kb of data for a photo is so perfect, thank you. I love the complete elimination of the all-consuming desire to seek the one in a million photo, the reduction of themes to large amounts of black. I love the outpouring of words reduced to loosely formed rants, I love the assertion passionate colourful language isn't fun for anyone. I love the obliviousness of the obvious point being made. I like the notion of 'not getting it' as though there is something to 'get'. It's not a new one, that's a standard response from anyone not awake to a yearning desire inside them to submerge their being in absolute overwhelming cacophony. It's not new but is revealing in its simplicity. I'm collecting these examples to relay to an audience in 40 years time. I can't promise I'll remember people's names, I'll likely just say 'some guy', but the kids will love it. Why didn't anyone tell me before? For years I'm all excited throwing in visual attempts at searing soul-piercing futuristic alien dystopia amongst the hum drum normality getting too much of a mischievous kick out of it to consider the invisible artistic wall that's put up that shall not be breached. Any attempts to chase excitement via violently piercing that wall is not comprehended. We are 42 years old and have seen it all, you young punk. With your naivety at thinking you can express yourself through this medium. Get the fuck outta 'ere. No. NO. Grab your fucking tripod and catch perfectionism like the pros do in plastic magazines. Capture pointless empty objects pointlessly emptily. Share nothing of your soul. What the fuck do you think this is? Fun? Personal expression?! This is attainment. Look, mate, we've all spent thousands on our hobby, don't undermine it. Don't you dare try to crack the conservatism of our being. We're happy. No, no, we are. Shut up. Heh, I'll give you some advice, you probably need to learn what to keep and hat to throw away, try to pick just the best three and put those up. What? You want a series so the white and black bleed into the photo below, and the overall effect is heightened. You're being interesting again and costing me an extra 2mb of data, be careful now. Why aren't people in touch with their inner depressive dead inside fatalism. I could have put more stuff on a music forum where they like alien films and alien music and see alien photography and think; fuck yeah that's cool. Lurkers, I'm disappointed in you. You won't be included in the stories.
  4. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    he's right, a flower in the hair? you can't ignore that.
  5. Ocarina for the dungeons, filled with booby traps and mysteries. The benefit of being a simpleton, i love all those by-the-numbers puzzles.
  6. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Yeah that made my day/week/month/year/life/afterlife I don't have much else. zoomed in horror shots, chubby bride stood in front of milan cathedral while veil of dress blows a ring like a bubble, bulldog sat on a king's chair prior to man saying 'one euro for one photo', one photo titled 'if Georgie was left alone by It and grew up to sell comics', man with a certain schizophrenic blur it looks like he's being vacuumed by a dozen invisible vacuum cleaners, i have 'man waiting for death or to cross the road', pigeon flying in front of person's face holding food, man with clown's face paint smoking prior to him doing his old man as baby in cot squeaky voice act, i have 'biker mice from mars in florence'...which is a moped i think actually, homeless man smoking on floor while foot of T-1000 appears behind him, i have 'adults in suits talking lets smother them quick', i have a model using the photographer's camera as a mirror to check her hair as an old man is sort of just stood in the middle, i have 'lego brick man will smash in ed sheeran's face for a cig', and lots of average shots of people melting in front of a wall, that's about it for today's uploads. But I'm making them sound better than they are, they are largely the same. More psyched by the one above, titled 'how does david cameron sleep at night', which I'm glad i didn't use the remaining characters to include 'the cunt' because I just showed my mum recent photos and she read it and laughed. I got a shot of someone who looks like the spit of Gail Platt? A doppelganger that is hanging around milan.
  7. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    SO. FUCKING.AWESOME. Hang on, should that be awesome bolded in italics instead, so fucking awesome. fucking, fucking, so. And hang on, there might be one with the lines reaching the top. will.report.back.
  8. Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman - Feb 2018

    i want to know how many 5's out of 10 you'll give it wait what is your rating system again
  9. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Unveiling my latest creation, i call this one Piranha Pigeon
  10. System Shock remake

    I love the wording of that update, as though they're scientists in space discovering a new alien life form and through over experimenting it begins metamorphosis and being a little excited they stupidly decide to poke it and it swallows their ship whole. 'Maybe we lost our focus'. Yeah, either you're committed to a remaster or you're not. Either you appreciate and respect the faith and trust people have put into your project, or you don't. 'it has become clear to me' 'I let things get out of control'. 'I can tell you that I did it for all the right reasons'
  11. Brawl in Cell Block 99 - Vince Vaughn breaks bones

    My favourite bit was when Vince's pregnant wife is in the kitchen cutting vegetables with a knife and he awkwardly walks in, says she might faint and lose the baby so tells her to not cook anymore, slaps her arse, picks her up and carries her to their bedroom, comments on the interior design, drops her on to the bed, and receives a call to do drug running cos he's a good american guy who lost his job and can't catch a break and then does things that make no sense involving diving and climbing and then snaps guards limbs because he's a cunt. powerful film
  12. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    That's supposed to be funny! I like beaches! anyway, i'm nearly ok, i'm still a bit scarred. I still think I'm wasted on here and can't quite accept it i'll be honest, it's hard to get over. Like in that episode of Red Dwarf where Rimmer's self esteem is so low it has materialized into a monster that is literally dragging Starbug down with him, and the rest of the crew have to pretend to care for him deeply, so they all do a big man hug and yell 'we love you big man, we love you Rimmer!' It's like that, i need to know the quite obvious consistent, year on year brilliance of my stuff is penetrating the souls of rllmuk. recently i've had 3 'brilliant!'s, one 'amazing', I got: 'I have to say, your work is a bit hard to get into at first glance. But taking it in and really looking at it, your body of work is quite good and captivating unique. You have have very unique perspective, way of seeing, and interest in specific visual forms.' got: 'hi, i just read your comment about comments - i´m seldom at dA now due to mainly playing and recording music - i downloaded and faved quite a few of your pictures, and everytime they appear in my faves slideshow, i realize, that they are really special - most of your street shots of people are simply awesome - i mean it and i just wanted to let you know...' i got: 'I'd go see that movie.' I got: 'Seeing your photos were a massive inspiration for me to step up from just shooting with my mobile phone, to getting something semi-serious. Your work is full of atmosphere and mood, and it has a rawness and grit to it that really speaks to me. Your photos are also amongst the most beautiful B&W work I've seen yet'. and: 'that last pic, the woman on the bus? That is a fucking beautiful moment. I don't have the balls to take a photo like that yet, maybe someday I can capture something half as beautiful.' ..which helped a little bit. Like, oh right yeah there is people alive and awake, they somewhat reflect the effect they should have. But...still, you guys. yuguyz milko's post was nice but a bit uncommitted. I need more unabashed declarations of love. Like, I dunno, 'aw! i saw that photo of yours one time and flipped out'. ok loik is gonna go sleep now he's tired bye loik byeeeeeeee
  13. A movie watchers blog

    Kerraig, do you ever think about what fresh new horror idea for a film made on a low budget could make you millions, because I'm not even a producer and I often think about that.
  14. A movie watchers blog

    *prepares cornbeef hash*

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