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  1. It wasn't meant to be arbitrary, i was just using Wikipedia's matches played over seasons figures and starting from Kane's proper Spurs seasons gave the same number of games to compare. I don't know a site where you can just put in a certain amount of games and it will give goals scored by that point.. Lewandowski was in a new country and club but it's not that unfair given I'm comparing him from 22 years old to from 20 years old for Kane. No because Bayern completely dominate the bundesliga. Pundits sometimes say; well Lewandowski was scoring lots in their poor periods, but they've still been dominant and won the league every season for 9 years, including before he arrived. I just don't think Lewandowski gets the same numbers as Kane has at Spurs, whereas i think Kane is getting similar at Bayern. Kane scores so many 25 yard strikes with either foot out of nothing. Kane's intentional goal per game record is better too. Okay another comparison..Kane's 462 games in his career, all comps including 4 loan spells and international games. 275 goals. Lewandowski's first 450 games, club and country...239 goals. Including his first season at Bayern. You say it's all matter of opinion and i won't try to convince anyone who thinks Lewandowski is better, but because of his last 2 seasons there are plenty of football fans who absolutely state it.
  2. I enjoyed reading that. I've never been on the front row at a football match, even maybe 10 back i feel like I'm close but not close enough to see how fast they react. There's a few videos on YouTube that are good showing that, i like the first clip from this one with Coutinho: I never doubt how good top professionals are in terms of quick thinking, celebrities on soccer aid will always say the ex pros were 3 steps ahead. There used to be a Man United site that had gifs of all the little moments of skill in games, unless you never blinked you'd never catch them all, sublime skills throughout games and this during the worst nothing football of Moyes and Van Gaal's reign. Another thing which I've said before about Phil Jones is that we hold players to the standard of greats but players just think of themselves as still little boys who dreamed of being a professional footballer. Even Messi, his first and only thought was to be a professional footballer, not a Barcelona legend. Players see enough talent among their age group get let go that even as professionals playing for the biggest clubs in the world will remember the struggle to get there and remain humble. It's come up again with Son who knows he's one of the attacking players in the world (probably looked at the Guardian top 100 players in the world list or something) but that's not the same as expecting another big club to be willing to spend many millions acquiring you. I just think he's being paid a lot and is happy in London and gets to play. I never doubt how technically good players are, that's why i get so annoyed when they don’t look down the line to see if they're offside or not. I think it's fair to say that in itself is not hard. The receiving the ball in midfield and manoeuvring away under pressure as players do dozens of times a match..always impressive. But not looking down the line..your one job in that moment of making a run that renders everything subsequently void...lazy. Higuain in the world cup final scored a goal and celebrated wildly, he was a yard offside. He's crap in finals and the occassion might get to you but when you're a player who is so good you beat the serie A goal record it's a bit puzzling how something so fundamental to a forward's game leaves you. Werner last season genuinely came across like someone who has never heard of the offside rule even though with his pace so much of his game is running in behind. The other one is the blast over the bar from a cross where the commentators will just say 'oh it bounced up before'. It's like every player has just agreed; yeah we're all going to miss those, not even gonna bother, just accept those are impossible.
  3. There are those on reddit who will simply not have it if you suggest Kane is better than Lewandowski... It's those long range strikes of Kane i like so much. Lewandowski is sharper in the box though. I think Kane is getting close to Lewandowski's numbers if he plays for Bayern but i don't think Lewandowski is getting close to Kane's if he played for Spurs. I don’t know how comparable people would say Spurs and Dortmund were in terms of first 11, their position in the league, challenging for the league if you compare Lewandowski's 187 games for them with Kane's first 187 games for Spurs. Dortmund were winning the league twice while Tim Sherwood was managing Spurs and Pochettino spent years trying to change the club's mentality so..fair to say Lewandowski had better conditions, better players feeding him chances than Kane at Spurs. 103 in 187 for Lewandowski, Kane's 187 games from the 2014-2019/20 (so not first, ignoring 6, 1, 19 apps) seasons where he first established himself...135.
  4. Apparently a darker version of Up with molestation and cannibalism. i'm making this fucking up .
  5. I'm going to play this again after about 7 years not playing it. I stopped when i was spending too much time at work trying to figure out how to fit in 3 essential players after 12 gameweeks and sitting at place 2 million in the table. I was thinking there are more productive ways to waste time at work than this. I usually buy a 6.5 priced player with low ownership who did well in the championship and will certainly replicate his goal creating form for a new team in a higher league...Buendia there taunting me. I also usually turn away from obvious star picks with reasons like 'they're knackered, half injured, some other player will be the star this time'...Sancho is another mine if that's a way these picks can be described while Fernandes has to be chosen. When i read about fantasy football, the level of detail people go into is insane. I don’t really think if i avoid top scoring players who are owned by 50% of people that I'll be left behind if they gain points even though that's true. Havertz is one where he ticks a lot of boxes of promise. Second season, more settled, can go out more and see London. Was picked for the CL final, was good in euros, so much potential and will surely do better. But priced at 1 more than Mount, 0.5 more than Grealish, and bad fixtures. I think a really overlooked thing this season will be Liverpool's fullbacks reaching high numbers again. I didn't think Liverpool's form would truly come back until Anfield is full of fans again, 7.5 and 7 is expensive but i might just go with both. Raphinha or Bamford, or both. To Welbeck or not Welbeck. How is Foden still in a protective boot. I'm almost tempted to do triple captain gw1 purely to get ahead. Totally worth it when Salah returns with 6 points. I always think of Michu free scoring in gw1 as though it always works like that with new players. I refused to buy him as i think he started at 6.5 and through 7.5 i still didn't then by 8 it was too late. At the moment I'm on Martinez (Guaita) TAA Robertson White (Sanchez Coady Manquillo) Fernandes Salah Buendia Foden Raphinha Welbeck Toney
  6. I watched highlights of that 5-0 because it's a scoreline that asks; what happened there then? Not that surprising i guess it has a lot to do with kamikaze defending where their positioning is more vertical than horizontal and they're outnumbered and hopelessly committing. A few ex defender pro pundits would have an aneurisim over this: 'The players need to take a long hard look at themselves' suggests lack of effort, but i love the commitment of the second to last defender who knows there's a striker making a run behind him and sees the ball carrying opposition player running into acres of space but thinks; i can close him down, i've got this! Only for the player to predictably slip the ball through to the striker as the defender swings his arms dramatically and does a little skip like; i used the last of my energy up to give my all to prevent that godammit. All the while the other defender has spent the last 4 seconds pointlessly jogging, neither following the run or closing down, doing that knackered defender thing of looking like they're passively observing the game even though their job is to nullify the action happening. Whenever a manager goes on these high conceding losing streaking it's a blunt reminder that's how any of us would do as a manager isn't it though. also watching those highlights at one point the commentator says 'and there's Higuaín'...i didn't know he played for Inter Miami, is it another Higuaín because the guy running looks like Tim Howard. just that weird thing of finding out a player you've watched for what seems like several lifetimes is in fact somehow younger than you but has visually aged 20 years in 18 months.
  7. Not the same kid who did a 1080 on a mega ramp? Imagine being 12 years old and you land a trick that's never been achieved before on a mega ramp that is so big it would terrify grown adults. A trick that is one rotation more than what the greatest most legendary vert skater had achieved in his life at the age of 31. Imagine 9 years later being 21 years old and another 12 year old kid does what you did but on a vert ramp. I know being small and more flexible allows for quicker rotations, Tony Hawk doesn't spin with anywhere near the same ease, but still. Tony Hawk's 900 has character as well though, like he's not merely rotating by executing the technique required perfectly but forcing it through sheer will, you can sense the amount of falls it took to nail it. He always looks like he just about makes it, his feet absorbing the landing, his hand trailing. That he covers so much of the vert and doesn't do it straight, it's all so aesthetically pleasing. here he is at 48 not even happy about landing it! (also i know the ages above aren't accurate, Gui Khary did the 1080 on a vert at 11 last year etc)
  8. 'What was the combined transfer cost of Sigurdson, Maguire and Ben White?' is a sports pub quiz question in 2035.
  9. Arsenal kit if it's not been put up yet Spent more time looking at Aubameyang's arm tattoo. This explains it: ...
  10. I just watched the Tony Hawk Pro Skater documentary Pretending I'm a Superman which doesn't really delve into the game's creation but is fun to watch. A lot of it is just different people saying 'this game changed my life'. The most interesting thing is the suggestion that because the game allowed you to do impossible tricks it gave young new skater kids the impression they were possible, expanding the possibilities. Tony Hawk says something like 'I'm sorry but people weren't doing 360 flips into crooked grinds, they just weren't'. I'm sure he said that but that doesn't seem that difficult a trick to me. Obviously i never really skateboarded. I had a skateboard and occasionally stood and rolled on it. Jamie Thomas is the most thoughtful skater in the documentary (other than Rodney Mullen as always), he considers every word he says, which was surprising to me, i always imagined him as unhinged. He's the guy with the skinhead and hoodie making outrageous leaps, barely making them. Also the most elusive, could never find interviews with him or profiles. And he would need to consider every word when he's saying that he initially thought Tony Hawk was too wholesome and mainstream and so thought a skateboard game would be cheesy and so didn't want to be in it, then when everyone else agreed he felt he needed to. I found some young technical trick prodigy on instagram probably 5 years ago and can't remember his name. He wasn't connecting tricks like Rodney Mullen, something like a 360 flip into darkslide into varial flip is peak amazement to me, but was doing single flip tricks I'd not seen before. I want to find some more now. I like this trick walk-through from Tony Hawk, ordered based on his opinion on the increased difficulty of each trick.
  11. I saw this No Doubt video on tv not knowing who they were and thought the singer was the most attractive person I'd ever seen. Or since Cameron Diaz in the Mask.
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