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  1. Not sure I can justify paying full whack for this when I'm likely not going to have the time to play it for a little while, but I'm getting serious FOMO. Is anyone loving it who didn't really get on with Samus Returns?
  2. RIP to a real one* *bigot
  3. This tallies with my experience. I probably wouldn't do guide writing again for all the reasons stated ("gruelling" is the right word) but the actual writing part is a great deal easier than reviews/previews/features etc. Having done both, I have a lot of respect for guide writers. Even if you love the game in question it's very time-consuming, often tedious work.
  4. Started off as a core team of two, but in the later stages there were between six and ten people working on it at any given time. Exclude all the external stuff a game needs in terms of publishing/marketing etc (and not counting contributions to map/UI programming and logo design), it's 13 people on the main development team. Still a small group, but more than two.
  5. I mean, I imagine their target market for premium posts is a relatively small subsection of their regular audience – the kind that wants to support writers they like – as opposed, say, to catering to people who are snarky about them on forums. (It's not the first premium article either.)
  6. Not since March 2018. Had a dark chuckle at the title of this one: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-03-14-serf-and-turf-a-week-in-stardew-valley
  7. It doesn't say that at all. The three-hit comment is specifically about bosses, which do have significant range in their attacks. As for the collectibles criticism, a lot of collectibles in other games have tangible gameplay benefits; here, they're just cosmetic. Malindy evidently didn't feel like the game made it worth her while.
  8. I don't think it's quite right to say Malindy didn't like any of those games, she just didn't think they were good enough to give them the Recommended badge (or bad enough for an Avoid).
  9. It's not entirely accurate to say it's a plucky little indie studio. It's an experienced CG animation house with a small core dev team, helped by an absolute ton of external contractors. Not nearly as many as worked on, say, Rift Apart, but they've got more resources than your average indie, that's for sure. Performance mode is definitely the way to go.
  10. Yep. Even the bosses are easy in Story mode.
  11. Subs copies were held back to retail date to comply with an embargo, but it seems there's been a delay with the distributor. Most are getting theirs today, it seems, so the rest should hopefully arrive on Monday. Let me know if not and I'll investigate.
  12. Probably just because it was due yesterday. I don't think anyone's had their subscriber copies yet - mine hasn't shown up either. I've raised it internally.
  13. So this is basically the story of a man Utter nonsense, absolutely riddled with clichés and plot holes, but I was rarely *bored*. Creature design was decent, I thought, and a couple of the set-pieces were competently handled. I will likely have forgotten everything about it by Monday, but there are definitely worse ways to spend a couple of hours.
  14. I think Fable 3 *feels* shorter because the final act largely amounts to a succession of either/or choices, and it definitely feels like they had to scope that whole part back because they ran out of time (I'd love to do a Making Of on that game someday). The idea of being king is brilliant, but it doesn't quite come off. There are a few other moments in the game where it pulls back from doing something properly daring - there's that bit in the desert where it seems like you're going to have to trek for ages and ages and then it just goes 'nah, you're alright'. And some of its design choices are bold but misguided attempts to streamline RPG mechanics for a mainstream audience. I also think the more industrialised setting is less pleasant to spend time in, so you're maybe more likely to get through the story quicker. I know I spent longer in Fable II simply pottering about because that version of Albion was such a delightful place to just exist in.
  15. Yeah, I still enjoyed it, I think I just had slightly higher hopes after the reviews pegged it as an improvement over 1994. You've probably seen Ziggy as Max in Stranger Things.
  16. Fear Street 1978 was fine, though I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected to after 1994, which felt the more effective pastiche of the two (albeit more lax in its attention to period detail). Outside one or two well-staged kills, this felt like a relatively tame version of classic '70s summer camp horrors, and Sadie Sink apart, I found the characters relatively unappealing. Still very watchable, though, and I'm interested enough in the overarching story that I'll probably watch the third chapter as soon as it's available.
  17. The initial concept has been kicking around since 2007, but development started after Superbrothers released Sword & Sworcery, around a decade ago.
  18. Yeah, they shifted focus when NMS was announced towards a more structured, story-led approach.
  19. I'm not angry, just disappointed. If you just want to play a round of regular golf, it's *fine* if entirely uninspired. Only six courses, though, and they're pretty bland.
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