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  1. Here's a snippet of a very early go before I'd done any of the tutorials. It is *marginally* easier to parse while you're playing. https://hyprd.mn/clip/3212010489 Looking forward to diving back in once we're off deadline and I'm slightly less frazzled.
  2. Ghostwire: Tokyo. One of my favourite 7/10s in ages, a delightfully awkward collision of east and west in its design, with a really distinctive (if limited) approach to firstperson combat and a memorable setting filled with too much open-world cruft. It never fully hangs together, but I enjoyed pretty much every minute of it.
  3. The length of the rllmuk thread being, of course, the most accurate barometer for determining a videogame's quality.
  4. The layoffs are terrible news, obviously, but I don't want anybody to be misled by that story's appearance here - no print publications have been affected.
  5. tbh the "mostly" makes it seem more likely
  6. I imagine if you're coming back to Splatoon after a long time away it feels more difficult because there are fewer genuine newcomers. After the initial settling-in period for Splatoon 2, which brought *a lot* of new players to the series, Turf War gradually got tougher, albeit never so much as the ranked modes which obviously a lot of the more skilful players gravitated towards. As a lot of Splatoon veterans start qualifying for Anarchy Battles (it takes a little while to reach Lv 10, after all) you'll see the challenge level off a little.
  7. What self-congratulatory, supercilious claptrap.
  8. I mean, that's kind of what Immortality is, tbh (I know what you mean, though)
  9. Click on your profile name in the top-right, select 'Ignored Users' and type 'CrichStand' into the box.
  10. 9am UK time tomorrow.
  11. I think that's the trade-off for hitting a stroke with more power. You can shift the camera a bit (which I didn't realise at first) but you've got to try and gauge it from before the shot when you can zoom out and move it around. It's a bit more like real golf in that respect - you can aim it roughly but won't always know exactly where it'll land. And spin can make a big difference as long as you land it on solid ground.
  12. Sorry to hear that. DM me your subscription number and I'll investigate it on Monday.
  13. Yeah, I think that was a common criticism of TL. You can skip to the start/end of clips almost instantly this time.
  14. Hmm, I had a similar thing but I got a very clear warning.
  15. Yeah, I'm in total agreement with this. Nine Lives Kat was probably the weakest for me, but still a clever premise with some interesting moments. Not sure any would *quite* break into my all-time top five, though I really liked the last three – Kid/Nap was one of the most purely entertaining ones they've done in a while (the "Stockport syndrome" line was brilliant) and I thought Jessica Hynes was terrific in A Random Act Of Kindness. A real return to form after the slightly underwhelming Series 6. Roll on 8 and 9!
  16. The Innocents - 5/5 The most unsettling (and upsetting) film I've seen in a long time: a slow-burn blend of social drama and supernatural horror that is almost unbearably tense in places and chillingly nasty in others. Incredibly bleak and brilliantly made, with the best child performances this side of Laura Wandel's Playground. (Advance warning that there's an early scene depicting an act of cruelty involving an animal, which I know is a deal-breaker for some people.)
  17. Yeah, I love this but there's a real risk of dragging it out too much across five seasons. That said, I'm already missing it - it's certainly not without flaws, but I've not felt quite such a strong attachment to a show in some time. And yeah, after The Matrix Resurrections it's nice to see Christina Ricci getting more than a minute of screen time - and making the absolute most of it.
  18. Ah, thank Christ. Just need Kevvy to quote a single score with a laughing emoji beneath and jonamok to point out how far the mag's fallen since Nate's departure and I'll know normal service has been resumed.
  19. Subs copies should be arriving today/tomorrow. Sorry, folks.
  20. Yeah, we're looking into this. Believe me, no one is more annoyed by this than I am.
  21. Yeah, we're not exactly awash with alternatives this year - we've seen a few really decent indies but nothing that really broke out like, say, Hades. There's not been a Stardew Valley or an Among Us-level phenomenon. The likes of Valheim and Splitgate are maybe the closest, and those are still in Early Access. It feels enough of a breakthrough in the sense that a lot of people won't have been aware of Housemarque before this - and after Nex Machina sold very poorly, few would have bet on them coming back with a full-price triple-A PS5 exclusive, let alone a really good one.
  22. "I call it Tap Water" Yep, absolutely brilliant this week.
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