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  1. Ah, thank Christ. Just need Kevvy to quote a single score with a laughing emoji beneath and jonamok to point out how far the mag's fallen since Nate's departure and I'll know normal service has been resumed.
  2. Subs copies should be arriving today/tomorrow. Sorry, folks.
  3. Yeah, we're looking into this. Believe me, no one is more annoyed by this than I am.
  4. Yeah, we're not exactly awash with alternatives this year - we've seen a few really decent indies but nothing that really broke out like, say, Hades. There's not been a Stardew Valley or an Among Us-level phenomenon. The likes of Valheim and Splitgate are maybe the closest, and those are still in Early Access. It feels enough of a breakthrough in the sense that a lot of people won't have been aware of Housemarque before this - and after Nex Machina sold very poorly, few would have bet on them coming back with a full-price triple-A PS5 exclusive, let alone a really good one.
  5. "I call it Tap Water" Yep, absolutely brilliant this week.
  6. There's an option that lets you turn that off so you can put stuff wherever you like
  7. You might just be getting a bad draw, which can happen, and screw you over. It does give you ways to make things easier, though. Make sure you're getting up from the table and looking at the various items around the room. And try to save some of the objects you collect along the way for that battle - they can make all the difference.
  8. There is an unlockable 'Zen mode', but I think that's only in the finished game. No idea what it involves, but there's a possible glimmer of hope.
  9. Yeah, there are a few fleeting moments of fun here, but this is a crushing disappointment after Steep - it's like they've leaned into that game's worst elements and took all the best stuff out. Maybe it'll improve once you're past the first couple of hours and it shuts up and lets you get on with finding your own fun, but the dialogue (even more so than Steep) is peak "how do you do, fellow kids". Beyond apparently being designed for players with the attention span of a gnat, it just *feels* wrong. On the face of things it's very simple and accessible but with just enough of a hint of realism that means it lacks the gleeful purity of a proper arcade game.
  10. Not sure I can justify paying full whack for this when I'm likely not going to have the time to play it for a little while, but I'm getting serious FOMO. Is anyone loving it who didn't really get on with Samus Returns?
  11. This tallies with my experience. I probably wouldn't do guide writing again for all the reasons stated ("gruelling" is the right word) but the actual writing part is a great deal easier than reviews/previews/features etc. Having done both, I have a lot of respect for guide writers. Even if you love the game in question it's very time-consuming, often tedious work.
  12. Started off as a core team of two, but in the later stages there were between six and ten people working on it at any given time. Exclude all the external stuff a game needs in terms of publishing/marketing etc (and not counting contributions to map/UI programming and logo design), it's 13 people on the main development team. Still a small group, but more than two.
  13. I mean, I imagine their target market for premium posts is a relatively small subsection of their regular audience – the kind that wants to support writers they like – as opposed, say, to catering to people who are snarky about them on forums. (It's not the first premium article either.)
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