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  1. It's *very* trial and error, and after a while it starts spreading the checkpoints farther apart. I found it easier when I switched to M+K because there are a few extremely fussy sequences which just don't seem built for a controller.
  2. Easily death defiance, but max it out as soon as you can. With a certain keepsake you can effectively make it four.
  3. https://www.magazinesdirect.com/az-magazines/6936449/edge-magazine-subscription.thtml Or you could get a Readly subscription if you want the digital version and you read a few other mags.
  4. 20 years and the jokes never change.
  5. He doesn't always say something, but you'll also hear a chiming sound when you clear a room sometimes. Just look around the rivers for a glowing spot.
  6. It was (a bit) better in the original with more accurate pointer controls.
  7. Focus on the minotaur first, while making sure you dodge Theseus' arrows when he sets his sights on you. Dash to avoid incoming attacks when you need to, and use your cast and call where possible; otherwise just focus on using whichever does the most damage out of your attack, dash-attack and special. If you've met Patroclus on the way, pick the jerky because it gives you +60% damage. I don't know how many runs you've attempted, but you might find it a little easier once you've got a few more mirror upgrades. Don't worry about Titan Blood yet, though you should already have some if
  8. I've rarely felt more confident in recommending a game than with this.
  9. That's absolutely it. There are so many Early Access titles coming out, and a lot of publications just don't have the resources to keep up with everything on top of regular releases. It'll get a lot more attention when review codes for 1.0 go out, I'm sure.
  10. It's been a long while since I unlocked them tbh, been playing since Early Access launch. I'm sure you just go up to them in the sparring room and press the shoulder button and it'll give you the options? Basically, select the weapon and then select it again.
  11. You need to unlock all the different weapons with Cthonic Keys first. Once you've done that, you can unlock different aspects of each with Titan Blood. There's a hidden aspect for each one, too, for which you'll need a passphrase from a certain character.
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