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  1. I thought this week's was pretty decent, actually - for once, we got an extended action set-piece that didn't just feel like a remix of one they've done several times before. It's all relative, obviously, but as someone who's stuck with TWD mostly out of habit, I found it gripping and even genuinely suspenseful in parts. I dare say I'm quite enjoying the fish-out-of-water stuff with Negan, too.
  2. Yeah, that was brilliant - beautifully constructed.
  3. Probably not, but it's still well worth watching the rest. I think Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room (season 4, IIRC) isn't too far off it, and the cryptic-crossword one that @kittygotwet alluded to is incredibly clever; likewise the reverse-chronology episode in season 4. The live episode was brilliant at the time, but doesn't have the same impact on a rewatch. And The Devil of Christmas has probably one of the most disturbing endings to a half-hour of TV I've ever seen.
  4. Blimey, Only Yesterday sneaks up on you, doesn't it? Was enjoying its bucolic ambience and wistful tone without feeling too emotionally invested, and then the last 10 minutes pretty much ruined me.
  5. I thought that was wonderful.
  6. Is everyone watching the subbed versions of these, or has anyone braved the dubs? I heard Only Yesterday's was a good one?
  7. Rudderless

    Edge #342

    Sure, but prepare for a lawsuit threat from Tim Langdell.
  8. Two for two so far. Several big laughs in both episodes. Let's hope they keep up this standard.
  9. Each episode is no more than a couple of hours, and some are a bit shorter. Throw in the interludes and you're maybe looking at around 10 hours tops? It's worth savouring, though.
  10. Rudderless

    Edge #342

    Well, half of the games end up on Switch six months later. Or, in the case of this issue's lead review, at the same time for once.
  11. Would definitely recommend doing so, that's what I did.
  12. Came here to say something similar, but you put it better than I ever could. There are plenty of games that *are* pretentious. KR0 is anything but.
  13. It was pitched in the marketing as an 'anti-hate satire', which seems to have thrown people. Waititi himself described it as a 'weird art comedy' which is a bit closer, but it's very much in keeping with the tone of his previous work - just inevitably a little darker because of the historical context.
  14. The problem with using Hux is that TLJ too clearly established him as a kind of comic relief, the dude who bears the brunt of Kylo's rage (and Gleeson leans a bit too close to pantomime villain to take seriously). There needed to be a moment of proper nastiness to suggest he could take over as the main villain. It's a pity they didn't bring in Richard E Grant a film or two earlier, because while his characterisation was thin, Grant's performance as Pryde gave him more of an edge than Hux.
  15. As per my post earlier in the thread, I still quite liked TROS for all its obvious flaws, but this was just the most glaring open goal ever. You can naturally assume that getting the word out in TLJ led to the million ships here, but the arrival of the cavalry didn't feel earned because it never bothered to even *hint* at a growing resistance elsewhere. It was just "nobody's out there...oh, wait, fuck - yes they are!"
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