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  1. That's a fair point. It was never going to feel as special as Feel Better, which captured a moment in time in a way that was impossible to recreate. There is a unifying theme, as the edintro explains, and we've fleshed out several entries with developer quotes and more to add a bit of substance. As the contribs list should make clear, this was an issue made in...let's say unusual circumstances. Normal service will be resumed next month.
  2. I've flagged this up already, but will be emailing again tomorrow with a link to this thread. Totally unacceptable.
  3. There was a slight disconnect with the voiceover at times, which it felt like Brooker had written for himself. But otherwise I thought this was really good. They absolutely struck the right tone for the BLM section, for which it felt like Jackson and Jones stepped out of character a bit. And I thought Hugh Grant was great. I think I probably prefer the regular Wipe format, but as a stab at a different approach designed for a global audience it worked really well.
  4. Mag dates are always a month in advance, it's only technically two if you pick it up on release day.
  5. I mean, I'm still working in print in 2020, so I'm well accustomed to making bad choices.
  6. I mean, it's pretty commonly used in both contexts. Per Know Your Meme: ""Why Don't We Have Both?" is a reaction image that is used in response to various problems that involve choosing between two options or solutions."
  7. 3D All-Stars was a compilation of three bare-bones HD remasters. Demon's Souls is not just an expensive overhaul of a hugely influential game but one of the most significant launch titles on a new console that happens to feature on the cover. It'd be weirder if it wasn't reviewed.
  8. It's the joint-highest score a Yakuza game has received from Edge, alongside 0 (and, if memory serves, the first two).
  9. Best suggestion I've heard so far, will suggest this when we're off deadline.
  10. It's not about impact or influence, the Games Of The Decade feature not so long ago focused on those.
  11. It's worse when you're 35 hours in and you're told that it's going to be two pages rather than four.
  12. Because there's an awful lot of reader demand for launch-day reviews. In an ideal world, publications only review games when they feel good and ready, but each day past launch is 24 hours of people shouting "why haven't you reviewed [x]?" and sometimes worse. Obviously less of a problem in print, but late reviews is one of several reasons mag sales have dropped so much in recent years.
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