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  1. Would anyone recommend the first Syberia? Looks like something short and adventurey that'd be a good come-down from Xenoblade. Is anyone here playing it for the first time?
  2. Plot question from Chapter 5 which might well be cleared up later:
  3. I've been reading the first Game of Thrones book over the last week - is there a suitable place to talk about how I'm finding the experience of reading this first book, its different strengths and weaknesses over Season One, without encountering talk of later books or finding any spoilers at all for material beyond where the show has got to, or annoying people who don't want to read anything about the books at all?
  4. I rewatched the infamous scene again, and unless I'm mishearing something and sorry to put it bluntly, she seems to be saying 'don't don't' at the very end literally as he's thrusting into her.
  5. At least Ser Pounce has had more screen time this season than Osha, Yara, Rickon or Gendry.
  6. Woohoo, finished this last night! Where the story goes and how the characters work together is truly original and really interesting. I went straight onto the PS3 Store and downloaded the Beyond the Wall add-on. It's a pity that this wasn't released in some territories, due to the game's negative reception. I honestly think this is the biggest disconnect between what I've read about a game, and how I've experienced it, pretty much ever. But please don't blame me if you buy it and hate it!
  7. Massive bump for this thread, as the game was going for 6.99 in the Easter sale on the PS3 store and I couldn't help myself. And, I love it! It does have rough production values, but the ambition is definitely way beyond that of a cheap cash-in. The story is long and involved and the characters interesting. There are a few side-quests, which are pretty long and involved themselves. It skilfully works itself around the continuity of the first book. There's quite a bit of choice in dialogue options and in terms of how to deal with the main missions, and the outcomes you select are sometimes mentioned influentially several chapters later. And the battles are really engaging. I've got a bit annoyed with reviews that say something like 'you can pick the same moves over and over again. except for some hard bits where you have to turn the difficulty down'. The hard bits are perfectly doable if you look through all the options you have and think hard about what moves to do, to whom, in what order. It actually presents some difficult battles where you have to properly strategize and I was surprised at how well the game system facilitates you doing so. So yeah, if there's anything wrong with this game, it's that the resources don't allow the developers to do the best possible realisation of their vision. But particularly for 6.99 it's great, and I'm so happy I gave it a chance. It's one of those games I'm thinking about playing when I'm not playing it. (oh and sorry if I was meant to start a new thread rather than bump the old one!)
  8. Tomb is often criticised for being racist - see what you think!
  9. Episode 2 of The Underwater Menance is the most recently recovered episode, found in 2011! Out on DVD in some form next year, I think. And here's 30 seconds of surviving material from The Macra Terror: There's quite a few little clips like this from across the missing black and white stories. The Australian censors were wusses so when they bought copies of these stories, they edited out anything remotely scarey. A few years ago, the results of their edits were found, giving us a rather bizarre collection of isolated fragments of people screaming and being brutally murdered. The Macra also return in the Tenth Doctor episode, Tennant was amused by the idea of challenging RTD to bring back a rubbish forgotten monster instead of the Daleks or Cybermen, and that was the rather good result.
  10. Tha's more than is IN the original
  11. Sorry if this has been gone over loads before, but is there a relatively simple way of transferring downloaded games from a 3DS to a 3DS XL?
  12. Hartnell and sometimes one of the other characters going on holiday for a week becomes quite noticeable throughout his run
  13. Please keep posting your impressions The Beginning DVD boxset includes the first three complete stories and a 30 minute reconstruction of Marco Polo that works pretty well, so yes it can be compressed! While the cavemen episodes are mostly pretty dull, Hartnell's Doctor is great in how he just wants to get away. And you can see one of the moments where he's "humanised" when Ian stops him killing a caveman in cold blood. And the moment when he apologises to Barbara for being a bastard at the end of Edge of Destruction. Some fans think Hartnell's fluffs are sort of a character thing he did deliberately. Some of the time, at least! There's a moment in a later 1st Doctor story where he plays two parts, which I've only heard on audio the once ages and ages ago, when apparently he doesn't do any at all.
  14. Glad you're enjoying it, I absolutely love the first set of episodes with William Hartnell. The pace of TV was simply much, much slower then. And it was filmed "as live"almost like pointing the camera at a theatre play. The first season was filmed in a studio that was nortoriously tiny and out dated even in 1963, so some of the sets and effects they pull off are a miracle. And the slow-pace is probably less evident to someone who watched it one 25 minute episode a week. But yes, unfortunately the first regeneration episode is missing. Though the actual 5-10 second sequence of the regeneration itself survived somehow. It's from Episode 4 of "The Tenth Planet". Episodes 1-3 of this exist in their entirety and are the first appearance of an important enemy! Also, going through it one story at a time might destroy you. There is some utter crap ahead If you liked The Daleks, you should check out their second story, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. Another important first in that story too. That third story, on the TARDIS, was a last minute script when their initial commission was made 13 episodes and they realised there would be 2 left over after the first 4 part and second 7 part story. It's nortorious for having the most ridiculous resolution to anything, ever.
  15. I've played through this twice now, once with puzzles on Normal. which took about 6 hours, and again with puzzles on Easy to get the 'complete it in 300 minutes' trophy, which took about 3 hours. It really is much easier with the puzzles set to Easy! Because there's lots of bits where you solve puzzles as the Doctor, then have to fend enemies off as River for as long as it took for you to solve the puzzle as the Doctor. So quick puzzles equals far fewer enemies to fight too. Still think it's a pretty great game! There's two sections with the Silence, in particular, which use them really well. One of them
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