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  1. Yeah she is fucking rotten. Like it actually disgusts me to be watching her, rather than just finding her unnattractive or ugly.
  2. If this happens I want a show on it. It would be a mix of Hip Hop, 80s shit and some other random crap. It sounds amazing in my head.
  3. I already said why I didn't like it. It just doesn't look as good as a Jet Set Radio character as the textures are very poor and the skateboard looks out of place.
  4. How does prociutto work? How does it not go off? How long can you leave it for before it does actually go mouldy?
  5. Nah I find it quite interesting to read about really. Its just the thought of having "Parma Ham ( sliced off myself from the ham hanging in my cellar) Artichoke and Goats cheese on a ciabatta ( baked myself)" is like a different world.
  6. You're a very "foody" person aren't you?
  7. Its a good effort I suppose but it still looks pretty crap. The crappy textures and non cel-shaded board make it look bad. And I do like the visual style of Jet Set Radio.
  8. ... Why do all this years contestants have genuine mental problems? Most of them need serious help.
  9. Its in Japanese, yes. But its not really a problem. Look at a translation guide, then very soon you'll remember what all the menu options do.
  10. Looks incredible. The reason its not released over here is probably just because it wouldn't sell. Or at least theres a good chance it wouldn't, and its a risk. Its a real pity but not likely to change in the near future.
  11. Thing is though, i've always been a big wrestling fan, before I ever played Fire Pro. So I can't really look at the game from the perspective of someone who's not into wrestling. Yeah, I think anyone could enjoy it, but I don't know how much a love of wrestling helps the enjoyment.
  12. Yeah, I love the bit where the guy does a move and then when he stands up he like adjusts his trunks. Animation is brill.
  13. Just watched this vid of Fire Pro R footage. Looks amazing: http://og-fpd.fireproclub.com/Misc/final_f...oves_medium.wmv Check it out.
  14. Sonic.Mirrorz, no offence, but do you have some "problems"?
  15. OH MY GAWD THE MASTERPIECE!!!!! WWE really are scraping the barrel when they use an "Elevated Full Nelson" for a finishing move. Also, yeah it sucks how Fire Pro never gets released in the UK. Apart from the GBA versions for some reason.
  16. Eggscuse me, but this could be an eggsellent niche game, i'm eggscited about a new ICO or Rez type game for eggsample, which both had eggsemplary critical acclaim. ... EGGZ.
  17. What hard about pressing a button just as you lock up with your opponent? Nothing! Man, i'd have you beat in 5 minutes... UMMMMMMMMDEGA!
  18. Yeah, over the years i've learnt never to lend shit to my friends unless i'm 100% certain i'll get it back. I always have got stuff back, but sometimes its a fucking bother to remind the lazy bastards to give it me back after like a month.
  19. Why are you all fawning over this? It looks like a Commodore 64 compilation of "8 new family favourites!" or something.
  20. Don't know exactly who you are on about, as I didn't play the GBA versions much. But whenever using big guys like Kane or Hulk Hogan etc you have to use the breathe button loads else you will be knackered quickly. You can just do it after you've chucked them on the floor, thats what I do.
  21. What a fucking shark! Dude just bit R Kellys style like nobody has bitten anything before! Seriously some pathetic shit.
  22. What happens? I thought about doing it, but i'm too scared.
  23. It just feels much more like a wrestling match. Its very deep, and requires skill. If you tried to play this by button bashing, you wouldn't win. And I mean that, you would lose HORRIBLY to anyone who had played it like once before if you button bashed. Its still accesible though, after a few matches you'll have it down. It really is very good.
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