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  1. Came in here to say this. Absolutely THE BEST Disney short that has been made. Don't pass it by.
  2. Had anyone said GTA V on Switch yet?
  3. Ouendan Remake / Sequel for Switch
  4. You've sent me down a rabbit hole of trying to get Droplitz on my phone now. Thanks.
  5. Felt the finale was a bit of a mixed bag. Not really sure if I'll be there if there's a season 2.
  6. They should bring back the Mario 128 tech as a Fall Guys-esque game.
  7. I cannot remember what to do with this but please please please stick with Moss. It would be such a shame if the story wasn't continued.
  8. A PS4 lifecycle's worth of free PS+ games would be enormous. Surely they should also offer a 10TB edition?
  9. I was exactly the same and ended up being more invested in it than my wife. We're both making our way through the book now.
  10. I ended up playing Rez VR and just saving Area X for about a year. It was worth the wait.
  11. Thanks to all who took part! We both loved visiting other islands and discussing the benefits of each island, a very well deserved win for Mrs Skittles too! Thanks Jamie for organising it all too
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