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  1. Has anyone delt with mymagazine subs, the website says it was delivered on 20th and I've not got it yet, my first issue of my sub so not a good start.
  2. Feels wrong playing this on my 65 inch tv, needs to be played on a handheld this.
  3. Gotta say ms had one of there better e3showings, shame we won’t see the first party investment pay off till the next Xbox but at least they are finally sorting that out.
  4. Only £31 now on thegamecollection, a must buy at that price like.
  5. I'm almost scared to start this, after 80 hours of mass effect I don't know if I'm ready for another monster game.
  6. I'll get one but fuck me phil needs to break out the wallet to get some games on Xbox, I've not turned mine on this year with the amount of games out on ps4 and Zelda on switch.
  7. It was, i made a thread on gaf about it many people couldnt sign in for the best part of three hours both here and in the us, seemed a bit like the psn thing where people signed in were ok but those trying were fucked for three hours. Ive not had issues with psn tbh, they dont have as robust servers as ms does which is expected tbh they are still playing catch up to live, but for party chat and online gaming ive not had any issues and my downloads have tapped my full speed out which is nice.
  8. Im not the one who defined it, he said there wasnt anything next gen on ps4 so i dont know what he defines as next gen. Id say shineys is for me what say next gen. I just wasnt wowed by forza tbh, and dead rising pre scaler patch was gross.
  9. Theres nothing for either really, mutli plat games is about it.
  10. Ive got both, not exactly next gen though are they, although still good games.
  11. What games say next gen on xboxone atm, the only titles im playing on mine are titanfalla and pvz, both can be had on last gen and one is coming to ps4. I think your having a bit of grass is greener on the other side moment, if titanfall is enough to swing you away from better multi plats and future sony first party then as above im sure youll cover a bone price by selling your ps4.
  12. Yes get it bought, gafers with infamous are almost cumming in there pants at how amazing looking the world is. Worth getting just for infamous, theres a metal gear demo out next week as well haha.
  13. Im sorry like but while it would be nice of them to offer you a refund im not surprised they havent. The trick is not to leave you ps4 on mate, i did the same the other week, it was at checkout not that it wouldve mattered as ive got no card attached. User error, it synched to ps4 via bt and ps3 by usb its not even officially supported either on ps3.
  14. Kinect fucking sucks, the only use i have had for it since launch is saying xbox record that. I couldve done that with the mic i wear at nearly all times while playing.
  15. So just how much are they going to try and charge us on the console itself? fancy getting this digital as ill never sell it and dont have to get off my arse to change disc. More than likely a fiver premium like normal £54.99?.
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