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  1. Just started this (PC). New music is awesome and I like the voice acting too. I don't like the way the music volume dips when dialogue comes in though. Sprites suck quite a bit - the filtered look is bad and I wish they had put that bit more into the budget to make new & decent sprites. Is just about bearable in zoomed out mode, but I want to mod as a matter of urgency. The rotatable camera is a nice touch too and nod to FFT. Really nice remake overall.
  2. PC version for sprite related mods, for me.
  3. Spent some more time on this last night am partway thru the second area, where the visual quality of the environment has picked up nicely. It no longer feels quite like GOW: Disc 2, and more like a PS5 game, though there is still all the legacy character model and animation stuff in there of course.
  4. Two hours into this now. Loving it, but I wanted more. Probably the best overpriced expansion ever.
  5. Conflicted on this one - Sure, it's not especially artistically driven. But it's an effective piece of marketing work, doing its job as a cover image.
  6. I'm enjoying the Rose DLC (Shadows of Rose iirc?). It's kinda like a remixed greatest hits EP of the original game, at least so far, with a few neat surprises and touches thrown in. The
  7. Teen Spirit A straightforward story about a shy smalltown girl who enters a reality show singing contest, that's well told and with a lean, no-nonsense running time. Beautiful lighting and camera work, solid casting and more, give the movie a grounded fairytale feel. Elle Fanning is quite the triple threat! This was pretty good and a welcome surprise! 3.5
  8. Arise! Nice Unity demo here - my 3090/5950X PC runs this at between 20 and 30fps, at 4K res (DLSS: Quality) and everything at max. So, it looks like this demo will have a bit of a lifespan. Download: https://unity.com/demos/enemies Video:
  9. I would love to know if this is any good! 25 squids seems too good to be true but then I'm a cynical sort
  10. On the 'upside', inflation will make it cost the equivalent of about a fiver, by the time you receive the goods.
  11. Ah that's really sad. Fantastic legacy. I will raise a toast while playing the mini 2, arriving today. There's a credit to her in the menu/frontend of the device, I read elsewhere - I think it's a fitting tribute and way to inform people of her passing - keep it pure, through a product, that she heavily influenced.
  12. Even the last week or so has been great - Uncharted PC, Triangle Strategy PC, Persona 5 Royal PC, CoDMW2 early access, Neo TWEWY Steam, more I’ve forgotten. Finally the drought is lifting. Don’t sleep on Triangle Strategy!
  13. Just finished it this evening. Yeah was ok and worth a watch, but was nowt special. Other half hadn’t known the detail of the real-life version of the story, so was good that this dramatisation could get the message out a bit more widely.
  14. OMG I checked out that channel and it's like a greatest hits of many of my favourite video game tracks. This performance is incredible:
  15. Playing the PC version of this and it's wonderful. Get involved! The dialogue goes on a bit, but the story is alright actually if you still pick up the main beats, and you do get quite attached to your little sprite characters. Gameplay in the battles is tremendous, with a good dose of both variety in options and tactical depth. Being able to explore levels to pick up items and tips is a nice touch, as is the added dimension & variety offered by the democracy system which also affects your path through the story. Visuals are really pretty on PC - 4K (+120fps +HDR if you mod the ini file) yum - levels like the one from the Switch demo where you can burn the houses down, and the one with the waterfall, of those I have seen for now at least, are beautiful. Various music tracks are decent if not genre-defining, with some melodies that sneak into your memory banks nicely. Recommended - best JSRPG for me since, what, FF Tactics - omg that's a long time.
  16. Sorry to learn of your condition. One tactic (!) I often use in these games, is to have as many of my units as possible, gang up on only one of the opposing enemies at a time. Generally speaking this thins the herd quicker and cumulatively reduces their number of attacks per round.
  17. Came here to post on this movie after just getting out, and this hits the nail on the head for me. Shout out for the audio as well which was great, but not enough to affect the score out of five.
  18. NES https://github.com/agg23/openfpga-NES/releases/ Supports 4 players via the Dock, saves, most mappers, expansion audio, video settings, and more. Save states coming soon. And for a more complete picture on cores: https://joshcampbell191.github.io/openfpga-cores-inventory/analogue-pocket.html
  19. Great thank you, reckoned that would be the place
  20. Does anyone know where in London is the best place to see the new remaster, in terms of image tech? I ideally want the full monty of HFR and HDR and 3D if possible. HFR is the priority (I know I know... though I hear good things about it, like it's in VRR - some scenes in HFR others not), followed by 3D, then HDR. It's not that easy to find out who is showing the film, with what tech. So far it looks like Odeon West End may be the ticket. (BFI IMAX isn't showing this in HFR, presumably as they're on a film-based projector right now.) Thanks very much.
  21. Yeah but why is what I said funny/amusing? #CasinoJoePesci
  22. Men Had something to say and featured the best sound design since, funnily enough, Annihilation. But this wasn’t half as smart as it thought it was and actually felt a bit amateurish at times. Worth a watch but disappointing. 3/5 Elvis Really liked this, more than I thought I might, as Baz Luhrmann movies are hit or miss with me, mostly miss. This is definitely one of his hits - a great story, extremely well and smoothly told. It was very touching at times and Austin Butler was electric! A must see for anyone that has put themselves up in front of others, had an unscrupulous manager, shown off to a girl, enjoyed black music and/or Elvis’s music, has generally experienced or is interested in any of the aspects of Elvis’s story, however small in comparison those experiences might be. 4/5
  23. So much this. The game is much smarter than many give it credit for
  24. Saw this last night and am on the fence as to whether I liked it or not. Very on the nose I thought and some of the effects work cheapened the experience, but it was creepy, had something to say at least and a special shout out to the sound design which was incredible. Would have been better had Alex Garland handed his vision to a better screenwriter, but otherwise yeah worth a watch.
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