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  1. AV Forums is pretty good. Some swear by Blu-ray.com as well, though just the one site + its forum is generally enough for me. Some recommendations are earlier in the thread - if you're going for image quality then The Revenant is perhaps the number one. Other great discs include 2001, The Shining, In The Line Of Duty, Passengers, Apocalypse Now, The Thing, Blade Runner 2049, Pacific Rim, BBC Nature Documentaries. Your mileage may vary - sometimes an older movie that's smartly mastered and keeps its grain and thus detail etc., is good, or you might prefer more modern movies shot on digital cameras. The 60fps Ang Lee movies (Gemini Man, Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk) are terrific showcases for the technology, but look weird and are pretty poor movies anyway - worth a watch if you're curious about the tech though.
  2. Awesome arrangement! Must try and find that on YouTube. I just picked up the MU2000EX and CM-64 MIDI modules for bolstering old system emulation, though I think that arrangement is cooler than what those modules put out for the game. I’m totally hooked on this track lately:
  3. I put a lot of this on MercurySteam - they were never very good at stealth gameplay (the stealth bits in CLOS2 stopped me playing the game any more), this said I'm alright with the EMMIs overall.
  4. Booked for Thursday afternoon - looking forward to this albeit with some trepidation.
  5. Yeah I agree with that too. There's room for each style. And personally speaking, Williams over Zimmer any day
  6. While I love a hummable melody for sure, yeah I agree with this - it's a conscious decision I feel that dare I say comes across a bit more grown up. Similar was done with the soundtrack for Castlevania Lords of Shadow (another MercurySteam-developed game), which dialled down 'Vania's earlier anthemic stylings and positioned more towards a film score-like mood-setter - and scooped a ton of awards for it.
  7. We finished this and really liked it. Themes, visual direction, storytelling and some characters were great.
  8. Secret of Mana’s wheel system
  9. OK I did some more poking around - confirming/clarifying the route as; - make sure you've signed in - go to eShop - go to Account Information - go to Redownload The game/s then show/s in the list, if you didn't already redownload via another route.
  10. While I knew about stuff like Garou/Robert Miles and Bare Knuckle/Technotronic/The Shamen, I didn't know about the Nintendo/city pop&jazz stuff. Shameless! These game music inspos might be new thread-worthy I reckon?
  11. Ah so you select your Mii - that's the bit I struggled with. OK thanks will give it a go
  12. So I downloaded this on original release. Got OLED Switch, sold original Switch, and redownloaded all my old games, except this one which I can no longer find. Is there an eShop related workaround?
  13. Godzilla vs. Kong OK fight scenes (but not great), pretty CGI, even prettier neon and UV-lit scenes when in Dolby Vision. Boring plot, dismal script and terrible performances. A predictable 2
  14. Nah you’re thinking of The Ascent there
  15. Yeah all of this - nice one
  16. Another one from me - Tactics Ogre, particularly the PSP version. Just quality, quality, quality presentation and usability. The director of PSP Tactics Ogre (and art director on the original Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics, FF12 and Vagrant Story), Hiroshi Minagawa, also designed the UI for FFXIV. And the opening of the game where you answer questions etc., still gives goosebumps today:
  17. FF13's is great. Quick to get into the menu without loads, for usability, with super-slick looking fonts and chrome etc. look & feel. Sound effects are high quality, crisp and add to the premium feel. The little character video snippets you get when you check character status, elevates it to near Ridge 4 levels of coolness (I'll replace the vid if I find one that cycles through all characters, so you can get a fuller effect):
  18. The best UIs I've experienced in games have been in Japanese games, by some margin.
  19. Someone at MOBA Network gonna get fired, when those fronting the money realise that everyone just buggered off and/or started something else.
  20. Started this last night and saw the first two eps. Yeah we're in. Nice and smooth storytelling so far.
  21. Map screen highlighting secrets + question marks for blocks you don't have the required gear for, on the map screen + the make this a non-issue. The trolling-for-clicks prick has shot his design credentials into the sun!
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