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  1. saw this tonight and really liked it. don't think it should get best picture though. gorgeous film to look at, great lighting especially. i wasn’t 100% convinced by the pair’s chemistry or performances, but they were very good and better than the two in la la land.
  2. Triple A

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    Not feeling this so far (1 episode only mind). Just want them to get on with it. The X-Men/Kick-Ass/Wes Anderson etc. mashup feels a little trite as well. May give it another go soon, perhaps I wasn't in the right frame of mind at the time.
  3. Battlefield obvs (I know it's in the works). The clue's in the name - they should have been there first!
  4. this is on at the Dolby Cinema on Leicester Square this week, so i read. quite fancy it again in ultimate quality!
  5. Triple A

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Bought on PC and backed right away. Nothing to do with the Steam thing which doesn't bother me. The game is not ready. HDR + DLSS = extremely washed out image (DX12). Switching to DX11 and restarting, the game doesn't even get past the opening splash screens & video. Reading Dave White's post there appears to be a litany of compatibility-related issues - I suspect caused by a cheapskate Deep Silver not wanting to pay for the necessary compat testing + bugfixing. Now the pressure will be on them, I suspect they'll fix it eventually - but I'm not waiting for that potential commitment and would rather get my money back in the meantime - then maybe buy again at a lower price when fixed given the market will have moved on.
  6. Triple A

    Games Industry Dead Pool

    Interesting details. It wasn't that long ago really & I remember what I was playing + doing etc., also, is interesting that Kotick became the longest-serving CEO of any public technology company after Larry Ellison stepped down as CEO of Oracle. That big 'public' companies with 000's of employees can still operate like personal fiefdoms, is really terrifying.
  7. It worked on mobile for me yesterday - in fact the site layout/width is mobile optimised. The hype has got to me now - just went for it - Leicester Square Dolby Cinema on opening night. Ouch my wallet. This better be good!
  8. Triple A

    Russian Doll - Netflix Groundhog Party

    Ditto. Really like this, don’t sleep folks.
  9. Triple A

    Your gaming regrets

    Oh yeah that, but for the Neo-Geo
  10. Triple A

    Your gaming regrets

    WISE FROM YOUR GWAVE From top of head, back then paying through the nose for Soukaigi on import PS1 broke my heart a little. C-C-C-Combo Breaker in a string of amazing Square games.
  11. Triple A

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Finally cleared Leon A last night. Just under 9 hours lol although I did mop up most secrets etc. The lab looked especially good I thought, helped by the HDR lighting. Reminiscent of that old Fox Engine demo, a nice clean look to it.
  12. Triple A

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    +1 for not liking the Bundy show. Also found it drawn out and dull.
  13. Triple A

    Edge #329 | Anthem

    6 quid! Took one look in Smiths and noped it out of there.
  14. Does this work for series? "Modern" Tekken (i.e.; Tekken games post-Tekken 3). The various new mechanics and changes didn't do it for me. Street Fighter IV got lots of playtime in the last gen, but when SFV came around I was turned off quite quickly (call me superficial - I was put off by the production quality mainly) - as I wanted a fighting game in my gaming rotation though I tried Tekken 7. Now I can't get enough Tekken - I'm still not that good, but I've progressed a lot and am having a blast with it.

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