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  1. It’s in pretty safe hands I think. they do miss the mark a bit with art direction imo but they make up for it in other ways especially tech.
  2. News of up to 6 player online now doing the rounds - should make pvp real interesting!
  3. The Running Man Been a long time indeed since seeing this last. This was my first 18 rated movie as a kid! I was grinning like a loon throughout and could remember so many of the lines and even the intonation of how the lines were said. I’m sure that says something about me lol. Like so many 80s movies of this ilk - tight editing, strong characterisation, social and technological commentary, etc., and more influential on wider entertainment particularly games than I think gets acknowledged. The guy who plays Killian did an amazing job! Iconic. 4 maybe 5
  4. Microsoft and Dolby just announced that Xbox Series devices will support DV for games (that use DV ofc). Not sure about movie discs though and definitely not sure about PS5 for games or movie discs. As Sony is using proprietary codecs for 3D audio (partly I guess as they won't then have to pay Dolby a license fee), I wouldn't be surprised if Sony and Dolby have fallen out and that DV won't be in PS5 for any media.
  5. re carry over - I would have thought so, certainly when both PS5 system and PS4 digital purchases are of the same region. A big question for me though is whether a UK-bought PS5 will run the PS4 games that I bought from the Japanese PS Store. I don't suppose we'll get the answer for that until PS5 is released and folks have tested this. re run better - some PS4 games will run in PS5 boost mode whatever that is, not sure if is same as PS4 Pro or better
  6. Shenmue II coming soon on Data Discs; https://data-discs.com/collections/records/products/shenmue2
  7. Galaxy is still glorious, am having a whale of a time with the game again. The music on it!!
  8. That Mario moves and controls so similarly even as far forward from 64 as Odyssey is, shows how bloody amazing the work on 64 was
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