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  1. Yeah I love Gynoug as well! Awesome game - I think I preferred it to Hellfire at the time, but Hellfire has aged better imo
  2. Not so sure about that. Yeah Bobby might go soon but so may a lot of other staff. I can see MSFT centralising a lot of publishing services in Redmond.
  3. Sony wouldn't want Tomb Raider though with them already having Uncharted. Sony will wait for MS to buy SQEX Western studios then swoop in for the Japanese side of the company.
  4. It's still terrific but it is definitely one of those movies that benefits from the big screen experience - the audio in particular.
  5. Cor wouldn't it be great if they got Bobby out for cause after the integration has completed. I wouldn't be surprised if that was part of the plan, they'd get a shitload of good PR off the back of it.
  6. Bungie now self-publish after getting out from Activision
  7. I loved Invader From Space! And Astro Wars. They’re probs still in my folks’ loft
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