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  1. they always do that iirc. doesn't mean you'll get it earlier than the 10th though
  2. Play original if only to make a save - then play Royal. You will get some bonus stuff
  3. Oh wow looks cool! Didn't know this was by ex-Capcom guys. Will wait a bit for PC version and jump in later in the year whether it materialises on PC or not.
  4. DLSS 2.0 with the PC version of this, is awesome
  5. Is this any good then? I bloody love Panzer Dragoon but I should really wait for the PC version. If this is great I may get the Switch version though.
  6. Getting 1.08mbps with HD now - quality looks like it has taken a fairly big hit. I don’t remember the pre-Covid bitrate?
  7. Rank systems aka dynamic difficulty, in some shmups
  8. No question in my mind that she was the basis for the art direction of the character (even if they may have cast a lookalike in the end for photogrammetry purposes, idk). Yeah I think they've sorted out the overly bright look of dark spaces as appeared in RE2. Taken on the feedback nicely.
  9. Phwoar indeed! This looks amazing on PC. @sdmilne the demo is on Steam already - Go! This said, I find the Nemesis too bloomin' stressful atm.
  10. It's just so hype-inducing. Awesome creative direction. There are variations on the attract mode sequence too should you leave the game on loop, with the variations having differences in the announcer shoutouts etc. (Most Capcom arcade games from that era had attract mode variations - there was one from one of their D&D games that was especially cool I recall - with the dwarf character performing an awesome dodge roll then dragon punch-type attack)
  11. My impression of what happened today is that the power struggle between Sony Europe and Sony America of last year, has created a vacuum that has led to Sony Japan further asserting themselves as the real decision makers all along. They didn’t come across as confident and harmonious as they could have (note that this isn’t a knock against the product itself). Jim Ryan appeared a bit uncomfortable and unnatural doing his intro. The method of presentation felt very conservative and Japanese style. And it’s notable that the follow up blog post was credited to somebody at Sony Japan.
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