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  1. Saw this last night, was very disappointed. Nyong’o’s performance however was absolutely incredible.
  2. New and obvious ones - Killing Eve, the moment when Line of Duty, the moment when
  3. So I got this on the JP Switch eShop and it is everything I wanted - lovely stuff! Search Ninja Warriors hashtag on Twitter for some clips of mad skillz (none of mine ofc)
  4. Triple A


    It really is special innit. I’ve just got to Tokyo and might hit the Eva store today
  5. MUBI website has some good essays by Willow Maclay that I’m working through, although I didn’t read anything on the sexual politics of the show yet; https://mubi.com/notebook/posts/neon-genesis-evangelion-episodes-1-4-the-trauma-of-shinji-ikari
  6. I forgot, they included a new Dolby Atmos audio track as well. AV Forums has a good review of the disc
  7. I was one of those who got this on 4K bloo. Better than I originally expected. I get that they got away with a 12 rating, ref much of the violence being against robots/cyborgs - but one bit in particular blimey!
  8. From what I have played, resting recharges certain weapons. There might be more effects that get opened up over time idk
  9. The 4K disc is a reference disc for sure. A 4K master in Dolby Vision, and they got the original DoP involved in regrading it like the original theatrical release. Suspect the new cinema run would be based off of that master.
  10. A la Dark Souls, you can press a button on the character stats pages to get a pop up description of the area being highlighted
  11. Get my evenings back. For one thing, mid-week movies will return!
  12. This game’s special. Really, really good.
  13. Both equestrian (excellent?!) suggestions!
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