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  1. just tried getting a pair of the MM adidas Superstars. were all gone before any sizes could even be displayed on the page.
  2. VIC-20 x Gridrunner was my first. I remember getting a used VIC-20 with a box of games for Christmas as a nipper - Gridrunner was the first to be chosen.
  3. Nah this thing's going to run until Easter I reckon
  4. I got through the wait and they were all gone
  5. Thanks - though that's a bit much for me lol. Will try and learn it for the future
  6. amazon spain all gone - went in a flash
  7. all good, treat them like Amazon UK really (for better or worse lol)
  8. various restocks on Amazon today. Amazon Spain about to go live I think
  9. Triple A


    Never heard that before, that’s a great phrase!
  10. Triple A


    I beg to differ - volume pricing wouldn't work for what is a comparatively niche proposition.
  11. Triple A


    Yeah but why do that when they can release them individually? I’d personally pay for a rerelease that was standalone, especially if it corrects some of the niggles of the earlier version.
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