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  1. Vivarium Heavy handed and on the nose, but still pretty damn good. 3.5
  2. We binged and finished this last night. Amazing telly! Loved every minute.
  3. Triple A


    Wash your mouth out Mushi stage 3 is awesome!
  4. +1 yes this is 100% correct.
  5. do you know how to input those kanji symbols into Store using a controller?
  6. Getting tempted to have this on while working from home now! Amazing stuff.
  7. Love that this game has a dedicated thread! One of my all-timer shmups, I prefer it to Futari (music, environment art direction, some mechanics). Switch players - get on it!
  8. absolutely ridonkulous skill level! no way I'll ever get close - disheartening to know but still cool to watch
  9. Triple A


    which one, specifically? want to be sure i'm getting one that allows tate orientation
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