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  1. Triple A


    Been playing Cotton Reboot today, it’s good! They did a terrific job on the arrange mode
  2. Am thinking of sacking off Netflix for a while - the last month or so hasn’t seen much at all of note. Haven’t had Apple TV+ or Disney+, so might sign up to one of those for a bit, rinse, then go back to Netflix later in the year
  3. Slow down and you’ll be fine, blocking is OP so do it in advance
  4. Sometimes you just have to block, it’s not an action RPG in the usual sense and I-frames are much less of a thing here
  5. Triple A


    Yeah Natsuki is great. And it's 'tah teh' without any vowel elongation/tarr tayy nonsense.
  6. I just read the wikipedia entry for Super Locomotive - unreal how few they made, and that they were never shipped to EU or the US! I remember going on a family holiday to Morecambe when I was a lad, I dare say I went into that arcade though I didn't see or play the game as I would have remembered it. I do remember going into some Aladdin's cave of an arcade when on a family holiday, where I played Robocop and Road Blasters. I think they had 4 player X-Men etc. too.
  7. Triple A


    natsuki's great, well worth the ~£15 top whack they're asking currently
  8. Yeah, a dungeon master type role, similar to that in the Resident Evil Resistance MP mode. I could get behind that (then stab it in the back).
  9. Not bad for a... first look Show me everything
  10. Triple A


    ah, 3rd March, must have missed that bit my apologies - thanks
  11. Triple A


    still can't see Cotton Reboot on (PS5 version of) Japanese PS Store... have gone specifically into the PS4 games section and no dice. ?
  12. Triple A


    nice! I have the original teacup (a pickup from ECTS many moons ago), but alas without the box.
  13. Triple A


    It is amazing. And that Sakimoto OST! Not far out of my top 5 shmups. Ahead of its time visually, a HD port would do it wonders.
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