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  1. Absolutely! Am completely baffled by largely positive feedback I've read about his character, the grade-A fuckboi douchenugget.
  2. I don’t think the market would have accepted Santa Barbara and the ending being DLC.
  3. And done. An amazing technical and storytelling achievement that outstayed its welcome and that I found lacking in gameplay. I got a ton of enjoyment from it but can’t see myself replaying it either. I feel vindicated in my earlier opinion when this got announced, that ND should have come up with a new IP instead of this. I also find myself somewhat agreeing with the recent comments of Shawn Layden - this is definitely a product of excess - would love to see how they figured out the project’s P&L.
  4. Yeah but holy art budget Batman!
  5. Just got to the bit where
  6. one peeve - the colourways are just too saturated; grey sky shouldn't equal bright green grass and red bricks.
  7. I'm enjoying this, but I feel vindicated in my desire for a new IP from ND, after TLOU1 came out and they said they had a new project in the oven. It's not even part 2, it's part 1.5.
  8. Me playing this with GF next to me on the sofa - Dina: makes another horse-related joke GF: these horse jokes are lame Me: did you mean to do that? GF: no? Me: oh.
  9. I was in like Flynn, day 1, for this when it came out. They gave me a third disc too with music tracks mixed together gapless/DJ style - it’s awesome
  10. Underwater This sort of movie feels a bit of a rarity these days, and I quite liked Life, so I thought to give this a go. Good: - Creature design was alright - good performance from Kristen Stewart - nice HDR lighting and visual direction in places, esp toward the end - suit designs were nice Struggling for air: - despite the short running time, felt slow and dull in what was a flabby middle c.60mins - partly a function of; - dull characters - too much of the premise being setup off camera cool 2/5
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