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  1. Most definitely yes! It’s brilliant
  2. SONIC CD is now available to pre-order on Data Discs! And they're releasing none other than RADIANT SILVERGUN later this year too!
  3. Tons. Most recent being the Ridge Racer Type 4 20th Anniversary CDs + bonus disc. Amazing arrangements and the remastered OST is great too.
  4. that planet of the apes one (on the steps) is brilliant!
  5. Just do it, I promise you won’t regret it!
  6. You wanna shift gear on the first green block in the rev counter iirc? I was ace at the arcade and Saturn versions of this - went downhill from there. Agree that the 3DS version is the best one, for that amazing 3D effect. Galaxy Force II is even better!
  7. Revenge of Shinobi with some optional new arrangements by Koshiro, is a particular dream I have for this
  8. Yeah ready player one and John wick 2, even though they’re 2K DIs, are stunning
  9. Triple A


    a bit gutted that i missed the LE for this, i was busy and when i remembered a couple of minutes after they went live, were all gone. still have the japanese LE though which shares most of the components. shan't bother with the standard.
  10. Triple A


    if you must choose one, Darius. raiden V didn't click that much with me personally
  11. Having got in and looked at the shelf, some more; The Revenant - downsampled to a 4K Digital Intermediate from 6k and 6.5k camera sources. Insane quality and my personal favourite for image quality. Passengers - a 6.5k master source for this one I think, downsampled to a 4K DI again. Logan Deadpool The Matrix - another amazing scanning & grading job from film, by Warner and the movie team look out for discs that use 2k DIs not 4K ones - blu-Ray.com and avforums can help with info here. With the ‘fake 4k’ DIs, you’ll tend to rely on HDR or Dolby Vision for the uptick in picture quality over normal blu-Ray. There are still some great discs around though
  12. oh and how could I forget, 2001! The benchmark of 4K mastering/grading etc.
  13. Fury Road is nice but arguably oversaturated in colour. Adding to the above; Sicario is really well done. Original Blade Runner. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to repeat, Aquaman The IMAX bits in each of the last Mission Impossible, Nolan Bats trilogy, Interstellar, Inception
  14. I watched that one last night funnily enough - it nearly scorched my eyeballs off. Really amazing visuals (although a bit of ropiness in places too) - the next Avatar has some work to do!
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