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  1. It's on Steam! Jaggies be gone! Load times be gone! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1122720/Sayonara_Wild_Hearts/
  2. Ooh Pan's Labyrinth! Might have to have a lil shufty on the US seller sites. What are the best places to go to these days?
  3. Triple A


    That looks great. I was just about to pack my XB1X away to enable my dropping a shelf of my hi-fi rack - looks like the shelf is staying there now.
  4. Also really looking forward to ESP Ra.De. Awesome game. Also excited for FF7 Remake, RE3, Last of Us pt.2 and the new Flight Sim. They’re the ones at the top of my list. There will no doubt be others that I pick up too!
  5. Definitely that or perhaps Luigi’s 3 - though I reckon Astral Chain pips it.
  6. Thank you. Yes. The intro to Vagrant Story is an absolute masterwork of not only technical prowess but also artistic direction.
  7. IGN’s GOTY 2019
  8. used the Super FX chip. Megadrive: Alien Soldier SNES: Treasure of the Rudras / Seiken Densetsu 3 / Bahamut Lagoon idk which PS1: Vagrant Story? PS2: Final Fantasy XII PS3: Snake Eater XB360: Halo 4 Dreamcast: Ikaruga was a tiny ROM size iirc at something like 19MB?!
  9. Slow going this download. Can't just be down to their servers getting a battering from the demand.
  10. Triple A


    Watch End Of Eva. You can ignore the other one.
  11. Despite wanting to wait for this following the news of a PC version - getting a free code plus some of the comments on here, tipped me over the edge into trying it on PS4. Bit special this so far, after just three hours or so. Am playing it to rinse it, picking up extra stuff and taking it all the way back to Capital City for those extra likes etc. It’s been a long time! A unique-feeling AAA game.
  12. No bugs for me apart from the opening day launcher issue. The game itself has been just fine
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