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  1. stoofle

    Pokemon Go

    It was released early by accident. Anyone who started it (or finished it!) will have their progress reset, so you'll get to to do it again with the boosted shiny rate on Sunday. I did a few groups of tasks first thing today, but suspected that the shiny rate wasn't going to be boosted as it should have been. Edit -
  2. https://synthmata.com/volca-fm/ is fantastic if you can connect your Volca fm to your PC. Much easier to edit stuff, and you can make random patches and tweak them. I was considering selling my Volcas the other week purely for space reasons but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. The fm would definitely be the last to go though.
  3. 01 - Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher 02 - Taylor Swift - Folklore 03 - Waxahatchee - St Cloud 04 - Emily A Sprague - Hill, Flower, Fog 05 - Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green 06 - Mia Gargaret - Gia Margaret 07 - Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner 08 - Taylor Swift - Evermore 09 - Bright Eyes - Down in the Weeds, Where the World Once Was 10 - Frances Quinlan - Likewise
  4. Can I pop across to sell, @Mike S?
  5. Thanks again @Mr Do 71, tip outside your house
  6. 536 on Nocoshima this afternoon, I can open up if anyone needs to sell.
  7. Yep, still open on the same code.
  8. 391 bells per turnip in my daughter's town, if anyone wants to cash out early this week. H0RG0
  9. Closed the gates now as the price has dropped to 168. Hope everyone managed to sell who wanted to! Thank you all for the tips.
  10. Thanks for the tips all, much appreciated! Still open, should be until 12. @Yiggy thanks! A lot of it is still in progress, but it's getting there
  11. 617 bells in Nocoshima this morning. Will try and stay open as much as I can. 4Q6VV
  12. I would love to come and sell some turnips if @Number 28 is opening up again
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