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  1. Argh. I tried everything up to 29 times, and then gave up assuming there was nothing hidden there. So close!
  2. Err, I dunno - I'm just making shit up. Narrow it down a bit then. Would KoF be realistic? Would anyone care? The original Atari Star Wars arcade franchise would be nice. Ooh no. I've got it. Mr Do! That would be great
  3. Seems I'm not the only one I keep just picking a place on the other side of the map and driving there. Every now and then, I stop to pick up a hitch-hiker. Invariably, they want to be dropped off somewhere in the opposite direction to which I'm driving, so I just take them for a spin in the trees until they get the message that as far as I'm concerned, they can take the fucking bus. gamertag: togad
  4. Genius, the game; and genius, your post. Up there with the best game-related posts I've ever read anywhere. This is my problem with the game - I'm just not accomplishing anything. I think I've driven about 800 miles so far, just driving around the island for the sheer hell of it.
  5. Biggest laugh of the month. I thank you.
  6. She lost interest in you, yes. She didn't lose interest though. Not at all.
  7. My wife expressed interest when she learned that the controller "rumbled".
  8. I've watched the video. The level of control on the Gyration mouse is an order of magnitude finer than that.
  9. I don't see the relevance. The point is rather simple. It is very difficult to press a button on a controller and maintain the on-screen location of the pointer whilst that controller is sensing movement in three dimensional space. Probably the basis of the game for all I care.
  10. Waving a mouse in the air and clicking on stuff accurately is very difficult to do. When you click, you move the mouse, hence the reason for having a way to say "stop moving the damn cursor even if I wave my arms around like a loon" - as Gyration have done it, or "no worries - we'll make the damn buttons so big you won't miss them" approach taken by Nintendo.
  11. For "mouse mode", they really should have followed the way the Gyration mice work - you hold in a "trigger" button on the underside with your index finger whilst you want the cursor to move, then release it when you want the cursor to stay where it is.
  12. Another one! Is this the "care in the community" thread?
  13. It's becoming clear that Talk Show Host has taken this Wii thing a little too seriously and started to drink his own.
  14. Definitely Woolies. They have a proper multi-channel supply chain set-up (order in store, deliver to home etc) that can handle pre-orders. Processes and systems in place and proven to work.
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