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  1. Some films we watched recently All the classic Herbie films Lots of the Ray Haryhausen films (Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, Land that time forgot etc) Police Squad/Airplane/Naked Gun series (the risque parts go over their heads) Last Starfighter Goonies Tron
  2. I got confused by that at various times. I had to scroll back through the ep to figure it out. This other, rather similar-looking, bridge-crew member with black hair seems to have appeared in the last couple of episodes. But the blonde one one (google tells me she's called Lt. Nilsson) is still there too. Does anyone know the name of the one with dark hair?
  3. Hey, I think you're looking for a different thread. This is the Discovery Hate-Watch thread
  4. Watched it all now and rather enjoyed it. Unsubtle political allegory, but a good 'wartime resistance' movie.
  5. It was a bit dark, murky yellow for me. I switched to the non-HDR version. But my cheap Sammy is a bit rubbish for some HDR.
  6. This is out on Netflix now (in Sweden at least). Enjoyable first 10 minutes so far. The fact the UK cinematic release was cancelled doesn't fill me with hope though.
  7. Over Xmas I unboxed my old dvd collection that we haven't looked at since we moved here six years ago. Loving going through some old classics and, surprisingly, finding it much easier to choose something to watch than we do on streaming services. And the upscaled DVDs look better on our TV than I expected then to!
  8. I definitely get some Idris Elba vibes from him, in looks and intensity. It's not just the Black British guy in sci-fi thing. He's nothing like, I dunno, John Boyega or Noel Clarke for example. Maybe a bit Paterson Joseph though, from when he was in Survivors.... Not so much from Peep Show though
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