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  1. Ooh, j just got the quickshaw on the pipe too. That's 2/3 now, no real spends
  2. Ooh, I just got Kimono Peach in a pipe tug. That was a nice surprise Last day of the 2 week trial of gold pass for me today. Just sent the cancellation for that. I don't know if it's just my memory playing tricks but I felt the gold pass gave better rewards (new drivers and karts) in the New York tour.
  3. I ended up 7th after I was overtaken during the night so I just missed out on those sweet, sweet rubies
  4. Anyone seen this PowKiddy X18 (wow, what a name!) It seems like a slightly lower specced GPD XD but a bit cheaper at about £99 (compared to £150 of the GPD XD) Personally I cant get over the "xtreme-gaming PC" red-highlights of the physical case but it may suit some people I'm just a snob! Slightly larger screen than the GPD XD is nice!
  5. Quote

    Shilling for nordvpn (and fitbits in other threads)

    If I say something that I like I am shilling  instantly? Jesus Christ, I just shared my opinion, experience and shared a useful link that someone might find helpful. I have also mentioned samoyed dogs, so I am shilling for samoeyds  as well? 

  6. Monk's full season was quite an enjoyable ride I thought! Highest ever league position! But, yeah, the football took a nose dive after Laudrup left.
  7. Swansea fan here, and I'm starting to get done optimism for the season. That'll be the kiss of death then!
  8. I've been a big fan of The Greatest Generation podcast over the last few years. Their next gen reviews have been really entertaining. But hearing them gush over Discovery has made me question whether to continue listening to them. I really don't understand the genuine enthusiasm.
  9. Yes and no. I mean a shotgun isn't going to penetrate metal armour on a robot in the same way a high calibre rifle will. Whereas a closeup shotgun to flesh is gonna cause way more damage than a single rifle bullet. Either way, my guess is that it's just a design decision to stop players from just pimping up one single Weapon and using that throughout the whole game. I made my way through new colossus just using the armour piercing upgrade on the battle rifle. It was all you needed.
  10. Polygon has a guide about it today https://www.polygon.com/2019/7/26/8911065/beginners-match-weapon-barriers-shields-upgrades-modifications-crush-power-melee-pep-signals
  11. Yep. In your weapon-wheel, each of your guns have the same corresponding icon next to them as you see on the enemy armour bars.
  12. Re: the 'bullet sponge' stuff. I don't think the game does a great job explaining that the different enemies have one of two types of armour. The shape of "white blobs" on the enemy health bars show which kind each enemy type is. You need to use the right gun for the right enemy or the armour can take ages to wear down.
  13. Some more reviews https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2019/7/25/20726542/wolfenstein-youngblood-review-pc-switch-ps4-xbox-one https://www.gameinformer.com/review/wolfenstein-youngblood/pivoting-in-the-right-direction https://www.pcgamer.com/wolfenstein-youngblood-review/ 77 on metacritic so far https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/wolfenstein-youngblood/critic-reviews
  14. Not feeling terribly optimistic as a Swansea fan. New manager just hired with no senior-team management experience, offloading almost the last of our premier league players, little to no chance of any major signings. I think we'll just about survive in the middle of the bottom half of the table but I think there's little to no chance of a promotion. Not too much to get excited by!
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