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  1. Finished all 100 levels a few days ago, I loved it! I was about 25 levels in when I persuaded my wife to buy it too. She doesn't play many games, but was totally hooked and finished it before I did!
  2. No problems with 45, but 47 has been a challenge!
  3. SA done their homework. Pace off, England frustrated ball not coming on. SA favourites.
  4. I haven't played Halo since it's release on the original xbox launch, but having recently signed up to gamepass and yesterday being rainy I thought I'd see if I can get my 10 year old son interested. It was initially hard to drag him away from fortnite, but we are now having an absolute blast playing through in co-op. It's the most gaming fun I've had in years!
  5. Heat, Silence of the lambs, Seven, LA Confidential are ones I can remember that I don't think have been mentioned. The 90's we're my most prolific cinema going decade.
  6. Ha! I'm a 46 year old listener of mainly mor music. Simon and Jon have got me listening to and getting excited about hip hop. Could be mid-life crisis I suppose.
  7. Enjoyed what I played, but app crashed at end of first video ad (android).
  8. That looks like a great idea, would like to give it a try before Christmas day though. Midweek parsnips it is then.
  9. I watched the first 2 episodes of this last night. Very good, was too tired to carry on watching but can't wait to continue. Similar themes to Mindhunter but very different in style.
  10. Did you notice the scurrying beast outside from the lamp? Might help you get to +9. I found the easiest way to deal with the three hunters was to aggro them, then run all the way back to the lamp room. They will follow, but usually only 1 will enter the lamp room and quite often won't enter at all. That way you can easily pick them off one at a time.
  11. Sounds like James Taylor and Michael Slater to me. Very repetitive dialog, the same commentary was used in two consecutive deliveries! I don't know how the run out bug could have been missed in testing. Hopefully it will be patched quickly.
  12. Agreed. I used nothing else on my first run.
  13. Thanks for the replies! I find that I'm already leaving the DSLR at home because I don't want to lug it around with me all day - and then regretting not having something better than a camera phone with me. I want something that I will carry with me all the time and will easily fit in a coat pocket. I'm attracted to the G7X and the the RX100 because they are very small and compact cameras, but also offer some of the flexibility and qualities of a DSLR.
  14. Are there any G7 X II owners in here? I'm looking for something more portable and convenient than my DSLR. I'm split between the RX100 Mk3 and the Canon. My heart says Sony, my head says Canon. If anyone has one, I'd love to hear some feedback.
  15. Yep, Fred's bowling was very ordinary to begin with, not much pace either. He changed his action and became a lot quicker and deadly. Totally different bowler to how he started.
  16. Forecast for tomorrow and Monday looks good too. Didn't know Stokes was a kiwi. Don't think you can compare him to Freddie just yet. He's a batting all rounder. Fred was a fantastic bowler with batting being the weaker part of his game.
  17. Late wicket from Jimmy tipped it in England's favour I think. Good days cricket.
  18. Never been much of a fan of Murray but that was a phenomenal 4th set.
  19. That looks great, going to try and make that with my daughter. She's 10 and been vegetarian for just over a year (none of the rest of the family are). Does anyone have any good suggestions for kids meals. She''s a fussy eater but loves pasta. I think the key is to get her involved in the kitchen. However I am a control freak when it comes to cooking, and don't find it easy to let her join in, although she is very keen. Please tell me I'm an idiot for worrying about a 10 year old with a sharp knife and that I should let her crack on!
  20. Was there today. Fantastic the way the crowd got behind England for the last over. Particularly satisfying as there were a couple of very confident and vocal South African fans in front and behind where I was sat.
  21. Thanks for that. Playing the campaign now and listening to happy Mondays, takes me back!
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