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  1. lilliputty


    I have one and pretty much use it every day. It's a high powered blender which also chops, grinds, whips, kneads, steams and cooks. As Sng said, it can make almost anything (except for roasting). We use it to make fresh juices, baby food, mayonnaise, pesto, custard, ice cream, soups, pasta sauces, risotto, mashed potato, steamed Veg, eggs, cake mix, bread dough, mince meat, cocktails... you name it! I absolutely love the thing.
  2. lilliputty

    Vegetarian / Vegan recipes

    You guys might want to check out these blogs for vegetarian & vegan recipes: http://www.mynewroots.org/ Plant based, mostly vegan but also vegetarian recipes. Her 'Life changing loaf of Bread' is incredible. http://www.peasoupeats.comGreat vegan food and lifestyle blog, whose writer is our very own forum member Cheeko's wife. She also has 2 published cookbooks.
  3. lilliputty

    Artichoke Incompetence Confession

    You can actually eat the leaves surrounding the heart. In Italy we steam the artichoke with garlic, salt and chili, then tear off the leaves and dip them in olive oil and eat the fleshy bit at the end of the leaf (not the tip if the leaf, the other side), then discard the rest. Does that make any sense? That said, I much prefer eating the ready prepared artichoke hearts too
  4. lilliputty


    Beef tongue is one of my favourites. Sliced with some chooped parsley, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice mmmmm. Also love heart and liver.
  5. lilliputty

    My Turkey's too big...suggestions.

    On a Xmas episode of superscrimpers they showed various recipes you can do with leftover Turkey, like coronation Turkey, Turkey risotto and Turkey and broccoli bake. Recipes are here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/superscrimpers/articles/all/turkey-masterclass-recipes
  6. lilliputty

    Best Dark Chocolate

    Booja Booja is delicious and doesn't have stuff like soja lecithin in it. you can find it it most health food stores . Willie's Cacao is great too. But if you're looking for a nice gift box then I second Smitty's suggestion of Artisan due Chocolat for a luxurious treat.
  7. lilliputty

    The Low Carb/Paleo recipe thread

    Not £5 a cup nice. I've tried it at home before and it's OK, but I agree that cream is nicer. I think the whole point of bulletproof coffee is the fact that it can be drunk whilst intermittent fasting. I can't stand Dave Asprey though, he's such a money grabbing asshole.
  8. lilliputty

    The Low Carb/Paleo recipe thread

    They sell that bulletproof coffee in a coffee chain in London (can't rember the name), it costs something like £5 for a regular cup. Fucking madness.
  9. lilliputty

    The Snowboarding/Skiing Thread

    Three weeks till we're off snowboarding in La Plagne and to say I'm beyond excited is quite an understatement.
  10. lilliputty


    Oh cool, might give that a whirl tonight!
  11. lilliputty


    Ooo the Kamikaze sounds good! what's a dirty mojito?
  12. lilliputty


    Ok rllmuk cocktail experts - what delights can I conjure up with the following? Vodka Cointreau Sailor Jerry's Rum Brandy Sour Apple Schnaps lemons limes frozen fruits (berries, mango) coca cola juice I put all these ingredients in a cocktail app yesterday and the only two results I got were Cuba Libra and a Screwdriver Edit: Going to try the Sidecar recipe above to start with
  13. lilliputty


    That looks amazing Davros, thanks!
  14. lilliputty


    Dude if you are anywhere near Bondi you HAVE to go and have ribs here. https://hurricanesgrill.com.au/ The restaurant is always jam packed but they also have a little takeaway booth right next to the restaurant. Their ribs are UH-MAZING, as are their garlic mushrooms.
  15. lilliputty


    This year we've decided to roast a whole duck for xmas. I've only ever made Chinese 5 spice duck legs for duck and pancakes so no idea how to cook a whole duck - any suggestions? Also, any ideas for stuffing that doesn't include breadcrumbs?

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