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  1. After a boring start, I've become somewhat more invested. Connor with the teeth will be raging after last night's recoupling and I can see him embarrassing himself on Sunday's episode. Sophie winding him up has been one of the few highlights of the first week. As for the twins, that whole angle was a non-starter - they're just not pretty enough to turn any of the boys. Nas will probably be the first guy to go, as he offers very little. Shannise, Paige, Callum and Mike are probably my favourites right now. (As an added bonus for me, the 'villa' where this is shot is in Constantia, a
  2. Scenes! Anna is gone. Pity we had to sacrifice Chris and Jordan.
  3. So I'm guessing (hoping?) Michael/Joanna & Anna/Jordan are put in danger tomorrow night and then one of each has to leave. Please can we get rid of Anna.
  4. Lovely bit of drama on last night's episode. Can't stand Maura's attention seeking shoutiness, so well chuffed Francesca stole Curtis from under her. How's everyone feeling about the rest of the islanders? Still liking all the boys, except maybe new guy, Chris. Ovie's cool as fuck, Jordan and Anton make me laugh. The girls are mostly boring, though I do like the new one. Amber's gone back up in my estimation after her awfulness a week ago. Anna's still annoying me and even though I'm warming to Molly, I'd still like to see someone come in and have a go at Tommy. Marvin
  5. #TeamCurtis. He's done nothing wrong and yeah, they should probably reassess Amy's health, as she looks fragile as fuck. Still, it's a dating show and they must all have known what they were signing up for. Still waiting for Michael to have a go at Anna for her hypocrisy.
  6. Who's still watching this then? Last night's was a bit good and the promo for tonight's is pure fire. Glad Michael got shot of Amber, but Lucie's new guy looks a bore.
  7. I was probably 8 or 9 when my mum arranged a weekend sleepover with my on/off mate from down the road. He was a freckled ginger, a look I associated with being sick. But he liked games more than the other kids, so I could tolerate him up to a point, after which I just wanted to play with my normal mates again. 2 nights were always going to be troublesome... Friday and Saturday went incident free, playing and beating some Turtles game my mum had bought us for the weekend. Sunday morning we got up at 6 to watch cartoons and then booted the NES again. Contra, brilliant as it was, had this idiotic
  8. Jens Voigt attempting a new hour record at the moment. Live streaming on Youtube which is pretty exciting.
  9. Let's just enjoy this moment, however brief it may be.
  10. Is anyone else finding the menu interface to be terribly shit? It's slow, ugly (WinForms-like) and not very well organised. I shouldn't have to scroll through 5 different 'blades' to get to the damn map! The only good thing about it is the Facebook screen - some genuine lols on there (oh Randy!). The rest of it's been decent up to now. About 4 hours in and while lacking in actual gameplay, the homages to the show are great. You just can't help but smile at some of the crap you find around town (especially in Cartman's mom's room...) Just wish I had started on Hard, as Normal is serving up zero
  11. Are we trying to wipe out City's goal difference in one game? This is incredible!
  12. Pikkewyn

    The Weeknd

    So Tears in the Rain might be my favourite new track this year. I haven't yet decided whether Kiss Land is as good as House of Balloons or Thursday, but it's better than Echoes of Silence, and that's still a brilliant record. This guy... fucking immense talent.
  13. I kept this thread open throughout yesterday, clicking that little play button whenever I realised my headphones were silent. Countless listens later and I'm still not sick of it. Much for bringing this to my attention, noob.
  14. Scott, you fucking liar! You promised they would deliver.
  15. Haha, that was entertaining for all the wrong reasons.
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