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  1. l£350 is a killer price. This is afterall a proper PC, you could install Windows on it connect it up to a keyboard and mouse and do your work on it. Or you could install something like batocera on a sd card and you'd have thousands of games available on the move.
  2. Probably a good thing. I saw The Omen when I was about 8 or 9 and it scared the absolute shit out of me.
  3. I heard he stirred it.....
  4. I didn't think the 1st series was that bad, it wasn't great.... And no, I wasn't including series 1 when praising it. But that doesn't change the fact that series 2 -4 are some of the greatest pieces of television ever made. And Curtis was co-wrote the scripts for those. Unless we're implying it was all Ben Elton's handywork.
  5. He made the films that were my childhood. Superman, The Omen, The Goonies and Lethal Weapon.
  6. That looks fantastic. If I were to nitpick, I'd say why race around in old Volvos and Saabs in Scandinavia. When you could race around in convertible Ferraris in the winding hills of Italy? The setting seems a bit mundane in comparison.
  7. It looks like a new version of StreetFighter is being made for the CPC. I like that they've got the 'chibi' route , like the Pocket Neo Geo games and Mighty Final Fight. There was an excellent homebrew of that on the Spectrum. This looks kinda sweet, I'm guessing there won't be scrolling to keep the speed up. The characters are small enough for the screen to not feel cramped. Maybe they should have gone for Mode 1 instead of Mode 0. But then you'd lose the colour for detail.
  8. that looks lush. I would say it looks more like a SNES game however.
  9. Holy shit, out of all those I distinctly remember watching Superman 2 and The Last Days of Pompeii.
  10. I was trying to find out when Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered on British TV. I think it was in 1986 based on this copy of the TV Times. Back when you had to buy two magazines to get the full TV listings. Radio Times for BBC1 and BBC2 and TV Times for ITV and C4. Of course the only time we'd ever buy it in our house was at Christmas. You'd then spend the next couple of days pouring over the listings deciding what you were going to record and whether you had enough VHS tapes or what to record over. First things to go in our house were my mum's Come Dancing tapes.
  11. They should be showing this in the cinemas. I know it's being shown in the US. Would love to see it on a big screen. First time I saw it was on ITV back in the days when they used to start showing a film at 9pm and then at 10pm you'd have to sit through News at 10 and then the regional news before it continued. Remember that?
  12. You might not like his work, but he definitely isn't in any way shape or form a hack. Creator and co-writer of arguably the greatest sitcom Britain has ever produced. And writer and director of some of the most successful and well loved British films ever. As for the Yesterday, it was enjoyable. There were one or two cute gags in there. When Jack googles Oasis and it returns a palm tree in the desert and a soft drink.
  13. I bought Burning Rangers on day 1. The Saturn which is pretty much dead in the UK at time but I was a Saturn die hard and wanted to support it. I played it once or twice, absolutely loathed it. It's just so janky. The graphics even back then were an eye sore. I sold it for a pittance soon after. In retrospect I wish I'd kept it. Who knew Saturn games would be worth a fortune in 2021?
  14. Bad Lieutenant (1992) I saw this on the Pluto app which is free. Most of the stuff they show is crap, but there are some gems. This is one of them. Man, this is a tough watch. Harvey Keitel is probably the 'bravest' performer in Hollywood. No, that doesn't mean he gets his cock out in films, well he does in this one but that's not what I mean. He literally bares his soul in this one, there's a scene where he's stoned, blubbing like a baby, prancing around with his, er, cock out. Some depraved shit goes down in this one. The Bad Lieutenant really is BAD guy. It's not for the feint hearted but oddly enough it's one of the most spiritual films I've seen. For all the bad stuff he does the lieutenant achieves a kind of redemption at the end although not the sort you'd get in a conventional Hollywood film. Harvey Keitel should have won the oscar for this, it's a crime his performance wasn't even recognised. Then again, this isn't the sort of film that would be recognised by the Academy. 4/5 not the sort of film you enjoy, but you have to admire Keitel's dedication to his craft.
  15. yeah i get that too, it's like they're following s routine which goes out of sync and then the cars jump back to where they're supposed to be. from the videos ive seen other people have the same issue. looks like a timing issue, i suspect it's exacerbated by super fast machines. Seeing as how the emulator is quite old, ive got some old machines at home so i'll give it a bash on my 10 year old Phenom based machine.
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