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  1. Hereditary was my film of the year and I loved the Wicker Man growing up so this should be right up my street. It's an 18 cert as well!
  2. Ditto. I always thought of Flintoff as being quite affable, but he comes across as an utter cunt. Who in the BBC thought this was funny?
  3. I think you've misunderstood what I was trying to say. I know that sandy bridge and ivybridge CPUs will work on the same MB. But if that mb was issued before the ivybridge CPU came out and has never had its BIOS updated there's a good chance the CPU won't be recognised. I've been in the situation myself and in my case a cheap CPU was sent to me so I could flash the board
  4. I'd be a bit wary of getting a later gen chip, unless you're 100% sure the motherboard has the correct BIOS revision to support it.
  5. Sounds like its either the mb or CPU. Both need to be tested individually. If you've got the means to return the box, I'd try and do that first. If not you could probably pick up a cheap socket 1155 CPU for peanuts. I don't think the PSU has popped but it makes sense to test that on a working system too
  6. To be fair, I think Treble got a really good deal there. I’ve been looking around for socket 1155 motherboards on EBay and I can’t find anything decent for under 30 quid, socket 1155 is what Treble’s pc is based on.
  7. You can reinstall Windows 10. You don't need the key, it will activate on Microsoft's servers. There's a command you can use to interrogate the wmic if you wish to know the key, its Wmic path SoftwarelicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey From a dos window. Run as Administrator
  8. Yeah, I've heard that too. Never knew if it was one of those urban myths. The developers Tantalus did a credible version of Wipeout 2097 so it's probably true. Such a shame, as I loved HOTD in the arcades. I bought the Jap version with the black gun back in the day.
  9. House of the Dead was terrible. I bought the jap version on release and was massively disappointed. It's textures are easily a candidate for worst on Saturn.
  10. I'm shocked I remembered this shit, since I probably haven't seen it since it originally aired. I remember the song too. ( without googling)
  11. Didn't they all die at the end? Apart from the girl Lamia who turned out to be some sort of messianic type saviour?
  12. Really irritates me, these dumpster dives. Was watching one the other day where someone 'found' an i7 iMac
  13. Zombie Revenge was far too hard for its own good, wasn’t a patch on the Die Hard Arcade games. It should have been stellar, Hotd meets Dynamite Cop, but something went wrong in the translation.
  14. Looks better than many Amiga titles. I’ll believe it when I see it. And no way is that 64k.
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