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  1. Plotwords #24 Clues used: 1/10 https://plotwords.com/daily
  2. Burn. Anyhow, enjoyed the list however Rainbow Islands is conspicuous by its absence.
  3. Yes. There is a clear distinction between the games released in 84 to those released is say 1990. Compare Rainbow Islands or Robocop to the Galactic Plague or Roland in the Caves
  4. Framed #112 https://framed.wtf
  5. Framed #107 https://framed.wtf that was easy
  6. The ending of a Spaghetti Western called The Great Silence. Tarantino was clearly a fan as he pays homage in both the Westerns he made. The ending was about as bleak as they come, I remember being in disbelief and absolutely loathing what had just transpired. I was about 13 when I’d seen it though and completely unprepared.
  7. So this one is essentially Days of Thunder : Maverick? Cole Trickle?
  8. I watched the Mad Max films in completely the wrong order as a kid. First one I saw was Thunderdome and that was only because a friend had it on video, I then saw Mad Max 2 when it was shown on TV on Moviedrome and then a while after I finally saw Mad Max after it was also shown on TV. I’m pretty sure the sequel premiered 1st. Got to admit, I was so disappointed with Mad Max, especially in comparison with 2. The impact of it was completely lost on me because I’d seen the far superior sequel first.
  9. Most shocking thing I've seen is from an episode of Tales of the Unexpected called The Flypaper. It's quite a simple story brilliantly executed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqa0abn9Tb4&t=134s
  10. looks great, would have loved to have seen this back in the day. The Megadrive would have been a better fit for this game over the SNES.
  11. Finished the 7 episodes and now I'm stuck for something to watch ...
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