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  1. o/\o Yo. Good plan. Be nice to get some games against non GR folk, and add some more people to the friends list, seeing as it's only half full now.
  2. 4 team neutral flag is great fun, 4 team CTF Classic and Netral Bomb are less so... Gulch wars sounds good, plasma wars sounds shitbone awful.
  3. Could be, but one of the extras can be heard saying that the noise the 'thing' is making sounds familiar, and when she's asked where she lives she says the Bronx. Unless those were two different conversations overlapping obviously. Also, about the UFO swooping down and hitting the engine before it explodes; surely a person being sucked into the engine would be enough to blow it up, and it seems a bit of a coincidence that the UFO would strike the engine at exactly the same time.
  4. Updated ^^ Does it need to be coloured? I can't really be bothered but I might if I've not got anything better to do. It does look unfinished as it is. Could they not be transparent?
  5. I prefer the second pacman, mainly because of the different eyes, but the teeth look better too I think. Keep the thicker outlines of the original though.
  6. It is worn skillfully! WIP? Who knowscares?!
  7. Koji Morimoto Anime guy who's done a lot of work with Katsuhiro Otomo. He designed and directed the Haunted House bit on the Animatrix DVD, but I don't think much of his other stuff has really made it to the west, which is a shame. You can download some of his stuff here: http://www.catsuka.com/interf/bideo/morimoto.htm Check out Noiseman Sound Insect. Kozyndan Freelance illustrators based in LA, husband and wife. Kozy's Japanese and Dan's American (I think) so there's a mix of Eastern and Western influences in their work, which is mostly drawn in pencil and then digitally painted. Website here: http://www.kozyndan.com/main.php
  8. I did a colour version too but it was a bit shit. I bet the feet are wrong.
  9. I thought I fixed the fucking shoe?! Maybe I have shit eyes, but the shoe looks pretty fixed to me! Let's just say one of his legs is longer than the other yeah?
  10. MS Paint and a mouse. A day and a half. Really pleased with that, not sure about the T shirt though...
  11. Cheers! I noticed that shoe was wrong when I was drawing it actually, but I left it in anyway, probably because I was a bit bored with it by that point. I'll fix it in the original sketch though, and the MS Paint version I'm working on...
  12. EDIT It's all gone Pete Fowler. Better colour it in now I suppose.
  13. I can finally read Backchat on my PC! Woo!
  14. Very rarely, as I only play team games in matchmaking with people on my friends list. Then one of them decided to use hacks in matchmaking, which is a shame really as they were damn good without them. Don't play with them anymore. And if I was matched with modders, I'd betray them till they booted me. Then leave feedback.
  15. A thing, in pen. Your Lovecraftian stuff is brilliant Albert, but why can't I get your DA page to work? -EDIT- Got it now. Some great work on there!
  16. I thought that said cunt cereal... It is a Halo 2 thing, but what can you do besides leave feedback, and hope others are doing the same.
  17. Nick Fury: Agent of Shield featuring David Hasselhoff, the props and sets left over from Power Rangers and the worst German accent ever. The one with Ron Perlman on the island full of mutant baboons....Primal Force. And 28 Days Later.
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