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  1. NEG maybe in future you should only offer your thoughts/opinions on topics you know the first thing about. I realise if you were to do that you'd never post anything, ever, but that's a consequence I think we're all willing to deal with.
  2. Is there a rllmuk discord server set up for this?
  3. I've played about 90 hours on PC and I've only seen a couple of instances of cheating. I understand it gets more common the higher you climb in the ranks though.
  4. I think it's early enough days that this is probably what's happening. We're all still learning the maps and the metagame. I just think it's a bit soon to be making definitive statements about what is or isn't OP and what needs nerfing.
  5. This just sounds like you went up against a well co-ordinated team with a bunch of randoms, rather than Bastion being particularly OP.
  6. Just realised you can use Junkrat's mine to boost your jump and you don't take splash or falling damage from it. Pretty handy!
  7. When you're playing as the roller skating healer guy, what does the number in the centre of your screen mean? Is it the number of people being affected by your passive ability? I was having a hard time last night working out the range on it.
  8. I'll be suprised and delighted if they can make Tachanka actually worth picking. He's the only operator I haven't unlocked, because why would I.
  9. Loop the Loop by Bullion is my album of the year so far. This one's an early contender for my 2016 summertime jam: This is lovely too:
  10. I've got that Godmachine Blade Runner print, in a tube under my bed, where it's been since I bought it five years ago. Gonna get it framed this year though I swear.
  11. Mondo are releasing a new series of Star Wars prints. First one goes on sale tomorrow at 5pm for 72 hours. http://mondotees.com/collections/posters
  12. What problems has this patch introduced? I haven't had any issues on PC.
  13. I need more of you guys on my Devil Daggers leaderboard! I'm mega_drive_ii
  14. Testing out NVIDIA shadowplay, attack and defence on Oregon with randoms.
  15. I unlocked Frost a couple of days ago and she's become my favourite defender. I never bothered with shotguns but hers is actually viable. I've been saving renown for so long that I still haven't unlocked Smoke, Pulse, Twitch, Montagne (used him in the beta and he seemed fairly redundant), IQ or Tachanka (neither of whom seem great). Am I missing out? I might just save up for Buck.
  16. Carnival of Souls? Actually nah. Pitfall? Agree on the japanese new wave thing. Looks familiar.
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